The Words The Kwak Family Before 2005

 Table of Contents

The Words of the Kwak Family Table of Contents

Principle Seminar for Students in Responsible Posts (Chung Hwan Kwak - September 26, 1971)

Seventh Divine Principle Seminar for Prominent and Well-known People (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 26, 1972 pdf)

Mission to Mauritania: Unbroken Horizons of Sand (A 1975 Unification Church Missionary - August 1975 pdf)

I've tried to explain the way it feels in Mauritania, but it is very difficult to grasp (A 1975 Unification Church Missionary - September 1975 pdf)

My First Seven Months as a Unification Church Missionary in Mauritania (A 1975 Unification Church Missionary - December 1975 pdf)

The Tranquilizing Desert of Mauritania (A 1975 Unification Church Missionary - December 31, 1975 pdf)

We Are Definitely at Home in Mauritania (A 1975 Unification Church Missionary - January 1976 pdf)

God's Original Love (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 1980 pdf)

Our Life of Faith (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 1980)

The Value and General Meaning of Our Unification Church Blessing (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 1980 pdf)

Blessed are the Meek (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 1980)

Ideal Family (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 9, 1980 pdf)

Faith (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 1980 pdf)

Commemoration of Washington Monument Rally (Chung Hwan Kwak - September 18, 1980)

Conditions of our Faith (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1980)

The Spirit of Tuna (Chun Hwan Kwak - November 1980)

Professors World Peace Academy: Address to Participants (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1980)

Guidance to National Leaders (Chung Hwan Kwak - 1981)

The History and Practice of Our Church Traditions: Part III: Holy Salt (Compiled by Nancy Neiland from speeches given by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak - 1981 pdf)

Conditions of Our Faith - Part II (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 1981)

World Mission Center Prayer Contents (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 1981)

Reverend Sun Myung Moon: The Man and the Myth (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 1981)

WRFF Medical Team Visits Zaire (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 1981)

Unification Theology Seminars (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 1981)

Rev. Kwak's Family Arrives in America (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 21, 1981 pdf)

Who Are We? (Chung Hwan Kwak - May 1981)

Leaders Attend 120-Day Training at the World Mission Center (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 1981 pdf)

Further Legal Developments - NY Deprogramming Bill Vetoed (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 21, 1981)

The Age of Our Responsibility (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 1981)

Father's Activities in Europe (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 1981)

True Children's Situation (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 1981)

Let Us Inherit His Tradition (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1981)

The Meaning of the Children's Pledge (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1981)

Education To Love God, Country And Mankind (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1981)

Our Families in Service to the World: Talks Given to International Missionaries (Chung Hwan Kwak - 1982 pdf)

A Birthday Tribute To True Parents (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 1982)

God and Creation in Unification Theology (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 1982)

Why Father Holds Conferences (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 1982)

Education in Central Africa -- Loving God, People and Country (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 1982)

The Formula Course and Blessed Couples' Tradition (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 1982)

Introduction to Reverend Sun Myung Moon (Chung Hwan Kwak - September 1982)

You Are Horizontal Messiahs (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1982)

Excel In Serving God And True Parents In 1983 (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 1983)

God: The Contemporary Discussion II (Jack Kiburz and Chung Hwan Kwak - February 1983)

Rev. Kwak Visits African Churches (April 1983)

World Missions from the stage of proclaiming God's word to national level restoration (Chung Hwan Kwak - May 1983)

Our Resources (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 1983)

Restoring Heartle (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 1983)

Traditions: Shim-Jung Holy Candles (Nancy Nieland Barton from Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak's instructions - 1984 pdf)

God: The Contemporary Discussion, Closing Remarks (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 4, 1984)

Prayer at Heung Jin Moon's Seunghwa Ceremony (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 8, 1984)

Tang Gam -- The Real Meaning of "Indemnity" (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 11, 1984)

1954 -- 1984 -- A Meaningful 30 Years -- Reflections on the Anniversary of our Movement (Chung Hwan Kwak - May 1984)

Not At All Unusual -- Spiritual Experiences in Perspective (Chung Hwan Kwak - May 28, 1984)

Ae Chun Cho -- Love Of God Candles (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 1984)

We Are In Spiritual Prison (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 5, 1984)

The Year 1985 (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 1985)

Father came to us in person on God's Day (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 1985)

Liberalism and pragmatism in Western culture (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 1985)

God created all things to exist in order and harmony (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 1985)

Farewell Remarks at the Advanced Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 10, 1985)

My gratitude to God and True Parents and to all of our missionaries (Chung Hwan Kwak - May 1985)

Heavenly Father and True Father established the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 1985)

The Unification Basis for Human Rights and World Peace (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 30, 1985)

Even in Danbury Prison Father Never Complains (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 1985)

To Liberate Our Hearts (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 1985)

The motivation behind the activities of Rev. Sun Myung Moon (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 3, 1985)

Father's Foundation of Victory (Chung Hwan Kwak - September 1985)

Father's condition of sacrifice (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1985)

Introduction of Father at the Assembly of the World's Religions Farewell Banquet (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 20, 1985)

The meaning of the year 1985 (Chung Hwan Kwak - December 1985)

True Parents In Korea -- A first-hand account of True Parents' activities and Father's guidance during December and January 1986 (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 31, 1986)

1985 Marks the End of Father's 40-Year Wilderness Course (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 1986)

Father knows how difficult our CAUSA work is (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 1986)

Report on True Parents' activities in Korea (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 26, 1986)

36 Couples of the Second Generation Testimony (Sung Sook Kwak - April 12, 1986)

Prayer at the Holy Wedding of the 36 Couples of the Second Generation (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 12, 1986)

Father's achievements in Korea (Chung Hwan Kwak - May 1986)

ICUS Planning Board Meeting (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 1, 1986)

Father is free to go anywhere, anytime (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 1986)

Growing Our Faith (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 1986)

The ultimate goal of all Unification Church Members (Chung Hwan Kwak - September 1986)

Father's Impressive Vision (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 1986)

The smallest unit of the Heavenly Kingdom is the family (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1986)

Highlights of PWPA 1986 (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1986)

The Meaning of Children's Day (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 2, 1986)

My Testimony (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 1987)

Looking Back At the Year 1986 (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 1987)

The Unification of the Fatherland (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 1987)

The Importance of Weekly Sermons (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 1987)

Regaining Our Responsibility -- Part 1 (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 8, 1987)

The Life-Giving Word (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 16, 1987)

Father's blessing to all of us (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 1987)

About our eternal life (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 1987)

Unification Korean Campus Speaking Tour (Chung Hwan Kwak - May 1, 1987)

About the Speech Given to the ICUS Planning Board (Chung Hwan Kwak - May 31, 1987)

The necessity of laying indemnity conditions (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 1987)

Blessed Wives Pioneer the Provinces of Korea (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 1, 1987)

Living Faith (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 28, 1987)

Establishing the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 1987)

Youth and Service to the World (Chun, Hwan Kwak - July 16, 1987)

Questions and Answers on Our Life of Faith (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 1987)

Members are experiencing Heung Jin Nim's guidance (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 1987)

Father's Providence with Professors (Chung Hwan Kwak - September 1987)

Father wants to solve every problem (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 1987)

The First 40-day American Leadership Training Program Graduation Address (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 8, 1987)

Meeting (Black) Heung Jin Nim in Africa (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1987)

Guidance from Chung Hwan Kwak on the Conference with [Black] Heung Jin Nim (November 20, 1987)

[Black] Heung Jin Nim outlined three major types of sin we need to confess (Chung Hwan Kwak - December 1987)

The Meaning of Bringing 7,000 Ministers to the ICC (Chung Hwan Kwak - December 6, 1987)

The midpoint of the three-year providential period following the victorious completion of True Parents' 40-year wilderness course in 1985 (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 1988)

Amazing Developments Relating to the Restoration of the Fatherland (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 1988)

The movement in the Fatherland has been experiencing amazing developments (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 1988)

True Father's 40 years of sacrificial effort is becoming visible in Korea (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 1988)

Hindu Sikh Dialog in India (Chung Han Kwak and Frank Kaufmann - June 21, 1988)

Youth and the Emerging Global Culture -- RYS Opening Plenary Address (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 9, 1988)

The main topic of conversation in Korea is Unification (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 1988)

Two representatives of True Parents' family, Un Jin Nim and Hyun Jin Nim, were selected to participate in the Olympics (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 1988)

An African Missionary's Prison Testimony (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 1989)

A Missionary Prison Testimony from Africa (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 1989)

A Middle East Missionary's Prison Testimony (John Michael Bowles - July 1989)

We Cannot Deny the Truth and Depth of Father's Vision (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 1989)

PWPA and One World Family (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1989)

Fourth Religious Youth Service project in Italy (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1989)

Notes on "A Tribute to Rev. Moon on his 70th Birthday" (Chung Hwan Kwak - 2/90)

Korean response to the Unification Movement is more positive than ever (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 4-10, 1990)

"Missionary" Is Such an Honorable Title (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 10, 1990)

Introductory Seminar to the Unification Movement (ISUM) in Czechoslovakia (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 25, 1990)

An excerpt from Rev. Kwak's first Sunday service, June 14, 1992, after his appointment as the president of the Unification Church in Korea

The providential significance of True Parents' visit to Moscow in April 1990 (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 6, 1990)

The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 21, 1990 pdf)

Religious Youth Service -- A New Standard of Success (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1990)

On the Blessing and the World Culture and Sports Festival 1991 (Chung Hwan Kwak - 12/8/90)

Important Dispensational Activities in 1990 and 1991 (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 1991 pdf)

Three Kinds of Parents and Three Worlds (Chung Hwan Kwak - 9/20/92)

IRFWP - Our Concern for Minorities in Europe and the Middle East (Chung Hwan Kwak - 10/21/92)

A Commentary on the Four Great Realms of Heart and Three Kingships (Chung Hwan Kwak - 12/6/92)

New Delhi Congress (Chung Hwan Kwak – circa 1993)

CIS and Baltic Nations' Missionary Meeting (Chung Hwan Kwak - 1/14/93)

A New Spring in the Dispensation Has Started in Ukraine (Chung Hwan Kwak - 1/29/93)

Fellow Travelers on a Mission for God (Chung Hwan Kwak - 3/19/93)

Learn to Lecture the Principle (Chung Hwan Kwak - 4/4/93)

Letter to Overseas Missions (Chung Hwan Kwak - 4/12/93)

The Completed Testament Age and the Blessed Family (Chung Hwan Kwak - 4/18/93)

The Significance of True Parents' American Speech Tour (Chung Hwan Kwak - 6/13/93)

Attendance to True Family (Chung Hwan Kwak - 8/8/93)

Absolute Values, the ICF Tradition, and the Future (Chung Hwan Kwak - 5/94)

The Family Era and the Family Pledge (Chung Hwan Kwak - 5/8/94)

World Regional Itinerary Workers - World Mission Department, Seoul Office, Memo (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 6, 1994 pdf)

Remarks Delivered at Memorial Service Marking the 25th Anniversary of the Ascension of Hee-Jin Nim (Chung Hwan Kwak - 8/1/94)

My Pledge (Mrs. Sung Sook Kwak Lee – circa January 1995)

The New Family Federation (Chung Hwan Kwak - 2/95)

Comments on Love (Chung Hwan Kwak - 8/95)

President's Address at the Welcoming Plenary of the Third IRFWP Congress (Chung Hwan Kwak - 8/21/95)

True Family And I World Tour - True Parents' Ministry to the Nations (Chung Hwan Kwak - 12/95)

Biography of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak (circa 1996)

Presentation to the Plenary Session of the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Chung Hwan Kwak - Habitat II) (Chung Hwan Kwak - 6/3/96)

FFWP Instructions (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 22, 1996)

The Meaning of True God's Day (Chung Hwan Kwak - 1/1/97)

Program for the World Culture and Sports Festival III (Chung Hwan Kwak - 10/29/97)

Preparations for the Upcoming Blessing (Chung Hwan Kwak - 11/97)

God's Day Memo (Chung Hwan Kwak - 1/1/98)

Directions Regarding Activities for the 360 Million Couples Blessing (Chung Hwan Kwak - 2/26/98)

A Victory for Religious Freedom (Chung Hwan Kwak - 4/25/98)

A Victory for Religious Freedom (Chung Hwan Kwak - 4/25/98) (Chung Hwan Kwak - with photos)

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak's Report to Heaven - June 14, 1998

The Blessing of 120 Million Couples (Chung Hwan Kwak - 6/18/98)

Introductory Address at the Vice Presidential Inauguration of Mr. Hyun Jin Moon (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 19, 1998 pdf)

Pre-Blessing Clarification (Chung Hwan Kwak - 8/28/98)

Proclamation of Sa Sa Jeol 4.4 Declaration (Chung Hwan Kwak - 9/8/98)

Invitation to Submit New Holy Songs (Chung Hwan Kwak - 10/19/98)

Japanese - Philippine Sisterhood Ceremony Address (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 19, 1998)

Urgent Direction To Japanese National Messiahs (Chung Hwan Kwak - 11/7/98)

Directions for Interfaith (Chung Hwan Kwak - 12/18/98)

Blessing and International Leaders' Meeting February 16th 1999

Blessing Directions (Chung Hwang Kwak - February 18, 1999)

Address To The Participants Of The World Conference on Preservation and Sustainable Development in the Pantanal (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 27, 1999)

Celebration of True Parents' Birthday and Special Directions (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 4, 1999)

Notes on Matching and Blessing (Chung Hwan Kwak - May, 1999)

400 Million Blessing Guidelines #2 (Chung Hwan Kwak - May 13, 1999)

The Role of Higher Education in the New Millennium-The Women's Perspective (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 27, 1999)

The Development of Heart and Love (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 31, 1999)

Cleansing the Spiritual Environment (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 1, 1999)

Sample Invitation Letter to Hoon Dok Hae Seminar (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 1999)

Don't take Sun Myung Moon's translated speeches literally (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 2, 1999)

Comments at a Press Conference (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 8, 2000)

The Role of the IIFWP (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 11, 2000)

Health and Environment: Global Partners for Global Solutions (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 17, 2000)

True Father's Instructions (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 23, 2000)

Special Blessed Wives Workshop for Registration (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 10, 2000)

The Purpose of Hyun Jin Nim's World Speaking Tour (Jin Man Kwak - July 20, 2000)

The Dispensation for Blessed Wives (Chung Hwan Kwak - September, 2000)

Worldwide IIFWP Educational Program (Chung Hwan Kwak - September 10, 2000)

Unauthorized Spiritual Group in Our Movement (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 9, 2000)

World Culture and Sports Festival 2001 (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 25, 2000)

International Public Service and a Culture of Peace (Chung Hwan Kwak - September 29, 2000)

Report of WCSF (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 11, 2001)

Hyun Jin Moon's Second Special 21 Day Workshop (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 10, 2001)

Symposium at the United Nations / Continental Seminars (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 25, 2001)

Assembly 2001 - Keynote Address (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 21, 2001)

Sun Myung Moon and the Search for Peace (Chung Hwan Kwak - December 21, 2001)

New "Holy Wine Ceremony" (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 24, 2002)

Remarks on the Occasion of the Birthday Anniversary of True Parents (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 17, 2002)

The Meaning of the 144,000 (Chung Hwan Kwak - March, 2002)

Reflections on the WCSF (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 5, 2002)

Blessing Guidance (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 12, 2002)

UTS Graduation Commencement Address (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 2002)

Political And Spiritual Constructive Partnership (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 18, 2002)

IIFWP Convocation 2002 How Our Minds Have Changed: New Considerations for Peace and Security in the Wake of 9/11 (Chung Hwan Kwak - September, 21, 2002)

World Summit on Leadership and Governance: Exploring the Culture, Structures and Policies of Peace for a World in Crisis (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 4, 2003)

Exploring the Culture, Structures and Policies of Peace for a World in Crisis (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 4, 2003)

Beyond Co-Existence to a New Culture of Peace (Chung Hwan Kwak - February, 27, 2003)

Middle East Peace Initiative - Beyond Co-Existence To A New Culture Of Peace (Chung Hwan Kwak - February 27, 2003)

Significance Of This Year 2003 And Our Current Position (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 4, 2003)

Notes on Rev. Kwak's Speech (Chung Hwan Kwak - April 4, 2003)

Council of Affiliated Organizations Meeting (Chung Hwan Kwak - May 24, 2003)

IIFWP Assembly 2003 model invitation letter in English, schedule of events etc. (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 19, 2003)

American Leadership Initiative - Ambassadors for Peace Awards Banquet Keynote Address (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 24, 2003)

America and the World at a Turning Point: A Time for Leadership and Good Governance for the Sake of Peace (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 24, 2003 pdf)

Guidance After the Ambassador For Peace Conference (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 25, 2003)

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak's Guidance After the Ambassador For Peace Conference (Michael Jenkins - June 25, 2003 pdf)

Hoon Dok Hae with Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang - June 29 (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 29, 2003)

Global Governance at a Turning Point (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 11, 2003)

Interview with Reverend Kwak (Chung Hwan Kwak - John Haydon - July 22 2003)

Rev. Kwak's visit to Holy Ground in New Zealand - via Dr. Walsh (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 5, 2003)

The World at a Turning Point: A Global Vision of Peace and Good Governance (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 12, 2003)

Assembly 2003, Opening Plenary: Keynote Address - Global Governance at a Turning Point: Innovative Approaches to Peace in a Changing World (Chung Hwan Kwak - August 13, 2003)

7 Nations Providence with World Peace Task Force of 120 From Each Nation (Chung Hwan Kwak - September 15, 2003)

Passing of Mrs. Ulrike Ute Bessell to the Spirit World (Chung Hwan Kwak - September 22, 2003)

IIPC Consultation: Opening Remarks (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 3, 2003)

Rev. Kwak's Guidance at Hoon Dok Hae (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 29, 2003)

Central Focus on the Middle East Peace Initiative (Chung Hwan Kwak - November, 2003)

The Meaning of the Nation of the 4th Israel (Chung Hwan Kwak - 1) (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 10, 2003)

World Wide Focus On Middle East Peace Initiative (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 14, 2003)

Our Life Has to Change Unprecedentedly (Chung Hwan Kwak - November 24, 2003)

Extension of 40 Day Prayer Condition (Chung Hwan Kwak - December 3, 2003)

37th True God's Day - Pledge Ceremony: The Prayer to Report to God by Rev. and Mrs. Kwak representing True Parents (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 1, 2004)

37th True God's Day -- Pledge Ceremony -- The Prayer to Report to God (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 1, 2004 at 7:00 a.m. pdf)

True Parents’ Birthday Anniversary Ceremony (Chung Hwan Kwak - January 27, 2004)

True Parents' Birthday Ceremony - God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom (Sun Myung Moon - January 27, 2004 pdf)

Forging a Path to Reconciliation at a Time of Global Crisis (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 22, 2004)

Notes On Rev Kwak's Guidance Regarding Crowning (Chung Hwan Kwak - March 29, 2004)

Tribal Leadership Mission (Chung Hwan Kwak - May 2004)

Reverend Kwak's Guidance To Washington Area Leaders (Chung Hwan Kwak - June 10, 2004)

Assembly 2004 First Plenary, Keynote Address - The 10th World Culture and Sports Festival (Chung Hwan Kwak - July 24, 2004 )

Leadership and Good Governance for the Global Family: Establishing a World Culture of Heart and Lasting Peace (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 3, 2004)

Chairman’s Address. World Summit on Leadership and Good Governance (Chung Hwan Kwak - December 12, 2004)

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