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We Cannot Deny the Truth and Depth of Father's Vision

Chung Hwan Kwak
October 1989

Recently, many of our worldwide projects have been reaping incredible fruits. The PWPA professors and ICUS scientists, although it is not easy for many of them to understand everything about Father's projects, we cannot deny the truth and depth of Father's fundamental vision, centering on absolute values and the unity of the sciences. Since the early times of his public ministry, Father never wavered from that vision. Now, after so many years, IRF and ICF projects are suddenly gaining amazing results. Soon, I may even be able to go to the Soviet Union or other Eastern Bloc countries.

So, I want to urge all Unification Church members to have more confidence, because we can see the ideal world clearly in front of us. Previously, Father's vision of the ideal world was an amazing theory, and often seemed foggy and distant. But now, it is becoming clearly visible.

According to the Principle, the nature of the First and Second World Wars was different. WWI was fought mainly about territory. WWII was not about boundaries, but about influencing and dominating people externally. As you know, after WWI finished, the victorious countries gained territory while the defeated countries lost territory. But at the end of WWII, even though Japan and Germany were defeated, the victorious countries supported them both physically and spiritually. This was because the heavenly dispensational providence was completely different for WWII.

Just after WWII, the world became divided into East and West, creating the Cold War which has continued to this day. Since that time many people have been concerned about a catastrophic third world war. But the Principle view is that it has already started. The nature of WWIII is not territorial, nor domination of people's physical bodies, but concerns people's thoughts or ideology.

The Korean Peninsula therefore is very significant, for the Korean peninsula was divided because of the ideological conflicts of the Cold War.

North and South Korea are a microcosmic model of the conflict between the Western and Eastern powers. Furthermore, the Korean peninsula is also a "hot war" area because of the Korean War. Since 1950, there have been many limited "hot wars" throughout the world, and the background of all those small "hot wars" is mainly the conflict between the Eastern and Western systems.

Because of the nature of WWIII, the conclusion of this war will be different from the first two world wars. WWI and WWII had a clear ending. But with WWIII we will not be able to announce who was defeated on any given day or on which date it ended. One thing is clear, though: that 1988 was a landmark year in this third world war.

Father made a very special worldwide victorious condition last year at the end of September. On October 3, Father proclaimed this victorious condition as the "Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World." Because of this internal condition, so many external phenomena have been occurring. Since that time, the Soviet Union, Mainland China and Eastern Europe have declined incredibly. In Mainland China an open policy emerged, and Gorbachev has been promoting perestroika and glasnost. These two changing policies are a revolution! Why did these communist leaders change so dramatically? They know that without changing their policy, they cannot survive. Think about how Poland and Hungary have changed and are continuing to change. Since 1950 the Eastern and Western regimes have conflicted worldwide, but 1988 was the peak of their challenge to each other.

However, we cannot say that 1988-89 is the complete end of WWIII. Even though communism is basically defeated, it will take at least until the end of the century for these changes to be completely implemented throughout the world. Still, future historians will easily recognize 1988 as the turning point.

You should think, though, about what is still in the communist leaders' inner minds. Did they completely give up? Never! They are still looking for opportunities to come back and overcome America and the free world. But, according to the dispensational view, they cannot recover. This is not only because of the external circumstances of their economic or social system; no, it is because of True Parents' internal worldwide victorious foundation. Although North Korea and Cuba still seem strong, they cannot survive to the end of this century with the same system or strength.

So we are now looking forward to the 21st century. It is very exciting to think that we will live in the 21st century, isn't it? The 21st Century is just 10 years from now. We need to think about its nature. It will be completely different from the 20th century and will be directly related to Father's vision. Each century has a unique character. The 20th century was the century of war. Even though war existed throughout mankind's history, the 20th century was unique. Why? Historians say that the impact and content of the world wars were different from all past wars. The nature and quantity of previous wars never compared with those in the 20th Century.

The wars of the 20th century reflect the external side of an internal condition of the 20th century. True Parents were born and thus the battle between the heavenly regime and Satan's regime commenced. Never through the long, long history of restoration has there been a more serious battle. Satan was putting his whole effort into attacking True Parents and the heavenly side. Since this historical spiritual battle was raging internally, the three world wars occurred externally.

The situation of countries in the 20th Century world was decided by external power and armaments. But in the coming century, this particular use of force will not be repeated. Worldwide national leaders (unless they are crazy) could never start a nuclear war because it would destroy the whole world. Therefore, the coming century's nature will be different. Scholars and leaders are concerned about what will be the main power of the future century. Many of them are thinking that the coming era will be centered on the economy and financial foundation of nations, rather than physical force or armaments. Partially I agree that the future world will definitely be influenced by financial power. One example is the European Economic Community which will begin in 1992. The European situation is similar to that between Japan and Korea. Korean people have suffered much pain because of Japan's past domination of Korea. European history has been full of conflicts, so they also carry many feelings toward each other. But now they must work together to survive economically.

But we have to know that the real nature of the coming era will not be based solely on economic power. The coming century will have a completely different standard. It will be a new world. People have to prepare now so they can correctly adapt to this future century.

One nature of the 21st century is the concept of one world nation. Even from the viewpoint of dealing with environmental problems, all people must develop "oneness" thinking. Individualism and selfishness absolutely cannot survive in the future. Nationalism or groups seeking their own benefit will never prosper in this new world. Mankind has to overcome individualism and become aware of the whole. If some group has a strong economic foundation, but cannot change their individualistic thinking, they cannot succeed.

Please think once again about what Father has been teaching us. What are his vision, efforts, and results? Father has started projects embracing 360 degrees of human endeavor. We have missionaries in 137 countries. These are miracles. Never, since history began, has there been a saint or religious founder who accomplished this much. But I want to emphasize not only the quantity of Father's projects for the worldwide foundation, but that the main focus of his teaching has been to prepare us for the future world. Even if people deny the advent of the future world, it will still come. For example, if we denied the door in this room, how could we leave?

People on the earth may now deny or misunderstand Father, but through his gate is the only way. Our responsibility is to think about what Father taught us first: to keep a global mind while working for one world and one nation under God.

In our church, there are many nationalities, but because of our training and lifestyle it seems perfectly normal to us. However, outside people looking at us would think, "What kind of strange, abnormal group is this?" Already we have adapted to the future interracial, international and multicultural world. All of Father's activities have been directed to this point. We do not completely embody Father's ideal, for we still have many fallen natures, but our present stage is itself a miracle compared with the outside world. We can easily adapt to the future world. This has been Father's primary lesson to us. Secondly, Father has not only taught us love through his sermons, but he actually shared love by his example of comforting Heavenly Father and serving others. Our way of life produces many kinds of members who are at different stages of growth, but what sets us apart from other people is our lifestyle of serving others and sharing love. It is the exact model of the future world. In the 21st century, this will be the only way.

This time when I reported to Father about IRF, ICF, PWPA, and my activities in Korea, I also mentioned to Father, "Your vision, your dream, and the purpose of all these activities is now so dear. Detailed explanations are no longer needed." This was clearly evident when I urged the PWPA presidents to understand the Blessing and our lifestyle. I also urged them to mobilize their young people to be candidates for the Blessing, and I believe they will do it. Could you ever have imagined that this kind of time would come? It is truly amazing!

Father's sermon at Belvedere on September 3rd included mention of a Blessing for associate members. I was so amazed and delighted, because the main point of the New World Festival is the Blessing. Father told me that this Blessing would be for 30,000 couples! Until now, there have been only center members' Blessings where each participant had to have attained three years of dedication and meet many other conditions. But now, associate members can receive the Blessing. How wonderful!

I am worried that some people may ask, "Why did we join in the early time and suffer so much?" Please understand that to realize the true meaning of the Blessing is to be spiritually reborn, not to be married as man and woman. If we understand this, then we can understand the real meaning of the Blessing and the difference between a center members' Blessing and an associate members' Blessing. Even externally, people are born into different positions: some are born into a position of royalty, while others are born with a wealthy inheritance, or some as the sons of beggars? They are raised in very different surroundings as well. It is just the same with the Blessing. Before being spiritually reborn through the Holy Wine Ceremony and Blessing, the kind of conditions that were laid help determine the spiritual status of each blessed couple.

This is important. You must know what kind of conditions should be made before the Blessing. Use your spiritual common sense and please think about this point. If you received the Blessing at the same time and place as another couple, but laid different conditions, your status is not the same as the other couple.

However, we should be excited, because Heavenly Father and True Parents' Blessing will reach to associate members. After the Blessing, each associate member will naturally become a tribal messiah. With thousands of associate members as tribal messiahs, where can Satan remain spiritually or physically?

Focus on witnessing, and believe anyone who joins the church now can go to the next Messing. This New World Festival is really unique. Already we know the location and date of the Blessing. This has never happened before! We can now make preparations.

How can Father's Blessing reach out to embrace associate members? Because Father's dispensational era is now that of heavenly True Parentism. The main element of parentism is forgiveness through parental love. So the parentism era means there can be no more enemies in front of our Parents. They will embrace each other. This is exactly why the Soviets, Mainland China and many communist countries have suddenly moved closer to Father -- because internally in front of Father, communism is no longer an enemy. Father has already forgiven and embraced them. This is now manifesting in many external phenomena; the world situation is drastically changing. Since there are no enemies, Father can embrace all children of the world by giving them the Blessing with only two conditions required: (1) before the Blessing, they must recognize True Parents; (2) after attending a 40-day training session, they pledge to abide by Father's matching and make an eternal couple with an unchanging love relationship. When they vow these things, they can receive the Blessing.

So I believe Father's forgiveness and Blessing can broadly reach the whole world. Through this kind of festival, the invited VIP's and leaders will have to think about the meaning of interracial, intercultural, international and God- centered True Love as the basic cornerstone of the ideal family and the basic standard of individual personality development. Upon this foundation we can automatically see the future world.

Spiritually, Father's victorious foundation is naturally reaching all Unificationists, so once again we have to understand how lucky we are. We must have confidence and work continuously and then we will gain amazing results. Many members go through difficulties and everyone works hard, for this is not an easy way of faith. But now we know that we are becoming the model of the future world citizens. I want our members around the world to understand our modern mission as we approach the 21st century that will herald the Nation of the Unified World! 

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