The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

True Father's Instructions

Chung Hwan Kwak,
Chairman, Family House of Cosmic Peace and Unification
April 23, 2000

Dear Leaders,

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication toward accomplishing the will of Heavenly Father and True Parents. We are so fortunate to be living in this most historical time while True Parents are alive on earth.

On April 13, True Father held a special ceremony, directing the spirit world to engage in a revolutionary change. One third of the members in spirit world from each religion, under their respective founder's guidance, should receive the blessing. This includes those in hell. In this way, the spirit world will be liberated and will be available more and more to assist and guide us in our work.

Also, April 21 was the first day of the second forty-year course. The first forty-year course and the second forty-year course are very different. During the first forty-year course, through indemnity True Parents established the conditions for total victory. During the second forty-year course, blessed couples will not have to pay indemnity if they are completely united with True Parents. That condition of unity will enable us to inherit the True Parents' realm of victory and thus a realm of completed indemnity.

On April 20, leaders from Korea, Japan and North and South America gathered at East Garden to celebrate the 40th anniversary of True Parents' Holy Wedding. They also began an international fishing tournament. During this time, True Father gave the following instructions:

1. The Restoration of God's Fatherland and the Unification of North and South.

During this second forty-year course, all our worldwide movement must focus on these two points. We must pray for their realization, but not only pray; we must also provide support substantially to achieve these two goals.

2. Worldwide Pure Love Movement and Blessing.

Each nation should organize educational activities for young people centering on the ideals of Pure Love. In this way, young people can join the True Family movement and receive the blessing with a spouse from a different racial, national or cultural background. On this foundation we can build one fatherland under God.

3. Mobilization of University Graduates Worldwide.

True Father is planning to mobilize brothers and sisters from all over the world, whether blessed or not, who have completed a two or four year university course. Then, for the sake of the world, True Father is planning a special 21-day workshop in Chung Pyung for those people. After the workshop is over, they will be mobilized for missionary activities all over the world. This mobilization will begin with sisters. More detailed information will be announced later.

4. Future Economic and Financial Foundation.

All blessed couples should donate 3/10ths of their income. We have to establish a fundraising tradition. All blessed couples need training through fundraising activities to inherit and keep the spirit of fundraising.

5. Examination on Spirit World.

At the time of the next celebration of True Parents' Holy Wedding anniversary, all blessed couples will be given an examination on "Spirit World and Reality." Therefore, all blessed couples should study Dr. Sang Hun Lee's books. At this time of the Completed Testament era, we should know clearly about the spirit world, as this knowledge will affect how we live our daily lives.

6. Mobilization for Washington DC PR.

Each country should choose one PR member to come to Washington, DC. The work of this person will be to connect with their nation's ambassador and to connect that ambassador with the work of our movement.

7. True Parents Picture and Flag.

All blessed couples should have True Parents' picture inside their home and should fly a Unification Church flag outside the home. Through this sign, the spirit world will come down and your ancestors will assist you more and more. Also, from now on, we must extend the awareness of this tradition to our relatives, neighbors, friends, etc. In this way, not only blessed couples, but all people, can gain the support of their ancestors and receive heavenly fortune.

Centered on these instructions given by True Father during the course of the Holy Wedding anniversary celebration and fishing tournament, we must strive to unite with True Parents more completely through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Through this we can become closer to God and True Parents and achieve oneness with them.

May God bless you. I pray for the success of your families and your nations.

Chung Hwan Kwak

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