Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

The New Family Federation

Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Major Church leaders from around the world attended three days of training and reports following the recent Children's Day celebration. The following unofficial notes give an insight into the latest developments in the providence.

This is a new organization for the mainstream of God's dispensation, and it was announced on May 3 of this year. Three weeks ago, I asked Father for the official name. Father decided on "The Family Federation for Unification and World Peace." Father seriously commented: "This is the last organization; now we graduate from the connection with the Christian church and are free from it."

Of course, Father will create many new organizations in the future, but this is the last one in the mainstream, that is, the Judeo- Christian line. The Old Testament Age centered on the religion of the servant. The New Testament Age centered on the religion of the adopted son. The Second Coming centers on the religion of sons. Ultimately, we must join the religion of parents.

If Adam and Eve had achieved perfection and fulfilled God's original ideal, then become true parents, then centering on True Parents a true history would have begun. Unfortunately, because of the fall, history began under Satan's dominion and man became Satan's servant.

God's providence of restoration started from that point. The first stage was to raise man from the servant of Satan to the servant of servant of God. This was the foundation for the Old Testament Age. God restored man to servant position. After Jesus, the religion of adopted son came about. If Jesus had fulfilled his mission, everything would have developed through the levels of adopted son, son and daughter, and True Parents. After the cross, Christianity began. All the effort of Christianity was to create adopted sons and daughters of God. Many religions have no concept of a religion of parents or of real sons and daughters. The Divine Principle's teaching is the only clear explanation.

There was the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age and, centering on True Father, another stage, that of HSA-UWC. 1954 to 1993 was the era of HSA-UWC.

World War Two ended in 1945. Father's original plan was based on the Christian foundation. A special seven-year course extended from 1945 to 1952. Worldwide Christianity was supposed to follow True Father. But Christianity opposed True Father, so due to this failure of Christianity Father began a new dispensational plan.

In 1953, Father began a wilderness course of forty years, which was the sung-sang level. The hyung-sang level was also needed, and it began on May 1, 1954, with the establishment of HSA-UWC as a new organization, and new base, for God's dispensation. The hyung-sang level lasted from 1954 to the end of 1993.

After the forty-year worldwide indemnity course, the Completed Testament Age began in 1993. Not only the time period itself is important, but also the conditions set up during that time. We must always think in terms of eight stages vertically (from servant of servant up through to God) and horizontally (individual level up through to the universe and God).

Father laid all the conditions so that he could proclaim the Completed Testament Age in 1993. Amazingly, now, the sung-sang level is also finished. That is why Foundation Day (May 1) this year was so meaningful.

Judaism was in the position of God's eldest son. The New Testament Age was the age of the adopted son. Why did Father begin the HSA-UWC? Because he had to inherit the mainstream (providential) lineage. If he denied it, it would have been impossible for him to fulfill.

The years 1954 to 1994 were representative of Jewish and Christian histories.

As a result of the restoration process of the Old Testament Age, man was to assume the position of God's servant. Next, through the New Testament Age, that of God's adopted son. Then, through the HSA-UWC's forty years of effort, as God's son.

According to Heavenly Father's original plan, we were not to be linked together as individuals but as families. So, from this year, after the May 1 anniversary, Father proclaimed the Family Federation for Unification and World Peace (FFUWP). Forty years plus three days.

This is a new era. The goal of FFUWP is to restore and elevate the position of parents. Judaism, Christianity and the HSA-UWC were the forerunners of the Family Federation, which is now the central organ of God's dispensation. The Family Federation is completely different from other bodies, even from the Women's Federation. We are all founding members of the FFUWP on one condition: that we fulfill the content of the Family Pledge.

Father created the Family Pledge and educated us. We Unification Church members are all unworthy. However, because True Parents fulfilled everything, we could receive the Family Pledge. We cannot use the Family Pledge casually. Before we say the Family Pledge we should check three points:

1) that our mind and body are united;

2) that husband and wife are united;

3) that parents and children are united.

We are unworthy twenty-four hours of the day. Just before we recite the Family Pledge we must check these three points. Gradually, our internal self will be elevated. Our goal is to fulfill the Family Pledge centering on the family. We should know that, up until the end of the HSA-UWC era, we were aiming to fulfill the dispensation as individuals. Now, the unit of follower/believer is the family, not the individual.

Starting from May 3 of this year, it is a completely different dispensation. I believe this day will become an historical one, more so than May 1, 1994. Until the present, amongst all religions, only True Parents began a new history.

Which is easier-to believe in an historical Messiah or a living Messiah? [Historical!] Contact with the living Messiah, the living experience, is not easy for fallen man. Also, which is more difficult- one Messiah or two Messiahs...?

Furthermore, it is my interpretation that all blessed couples have to attend the True Family. Not just True Father and Mother, but also the True Children. From 1994, there has come about a big change in the dispensation, though ordinary people do not know this: new familyism, centered on true love, on the Messiah's family. Then we can understand the Principle's conclusion: we have to graduate from our life of faith and from religious experience, and live together with God free from religion.

Father waited before giving the title FFUWP. If we had reached perfection we would have joined the Heavenly Kingdom directly. But we joined under another title-HSA-UWC. We still need HSA-UWC because the world's people need restoration. Mainly blessed couples will belong to the new Family Federation. Currently we belong to two major organizations, since we are in a transitional period.

We are all elevated another stage under True Parents' grace, and we join the new and final historical organization. It is not a simple task to adapt to a new era of organization. HSA-UWC membership centers on the individual. But the FFUWP is centered on the family. It is our task to solve this.

The Messiah holds the skipping rope (jump-rope). We must adapt to the height and speed. We Unification members have two ropes to jump: one in True Father's hand and one in True Mother's. So we have to be careful. We have to be more focused-absolutely! And we are not alone: we are jumping together with our spouse and children, too. In my case that means eight people jumping in time with the rope together. Also, the True Children are each holding a new rope. I am not joking! The age of our children is not important. We must all jump together.

Up until now, there have been four main organizations for the sake of world peace: the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP), the Federation for World Peace (FWP), the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP), and the Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP). IRFWP is in the position of the mind, or Abel. FWP is in the position of the body, or Cain.

From a dispensational perspective, in front of the Messiah the bride organization must be prepared on earth. Originally Christianity was in that position. Then, due to the failure of Christianity, HSA-UWC took over that position. Next, representing Mother, WFWP was set up in the parent position.

IRFWP: inaugurated August 27, 1991

FWP: inaugurated August 28, 1991

WFWP: founded April 10, 1992

YFWP: founded July 26, 1994

These main organizations are in a Four Position Foundation relationship. Why did it take so long for the Youth Federation to appear after the "parents" organization was established? It was because the North Korean youth had to be included.

This year, in February, a conference for students and professors was held in Moscow [organized through CARP]. But only professors, not students, could come from North Korea at that time. But in June, at a similar conference held in Beijing, students from North Korea attended from two major North Korean universities. Father urged them to join YFWP. On that foundation, Father could establish the Youth Federation (YFWP).

These four organizations should become new United Nations organizations. These four organizations stand on HSA-UWC as their base and foundation organization. Now the HSA-UWC is giving way to FFUWP. So these four organizations should gradually adapt. Father has already taught and emphasized the family base.

Accordingly, after 1994 the spirit world is working on a different level. True Father already laid the indemnity conditions. So the spirit world is working with and supporting True Father. This is the mainstream of the providence.

HSA-UWC and FFUWP are related

The FFUWP (Family Federation) is in the position of Abel, and HSA-UWC (the Church) is in that of Cain; thus the Church should attend and support the Family Federation. The Family Federation is the nervous system, and is invisible. The Church is the flesh, the physical aspect. In the body, nerve cells have a different function from flesh cells. Blessed couples are nerve cells.

Because of this, we received an amazing title, that of Tribal Messiah. There are many leadership positions, but each blessed couple-as part of the nerve system-is directly linked with God and True Parents, as a tribal messiah. This is a direct link. It is different from Church (HSA-UWC) membership.

FFUWP is like the root; HSA-UWC is like the tree. The mission of the two organizations is different. Here is an overview of their respective responsibilities:

FFUWP-The Family Federation

1. Educate and guide blessed couples in heavenly tradition and the ideal of blessed family. This is the nervous system, with direct connections.

2. Education in tribal messiahship: law, duty, activities, goals. Every unit of the Family Federation fulfills its tribal messiah work- then all families are linked together.

3. Guide family meetings: every month, on the first and the fifteenth (twice a month), evening family meetings should be held. Each blessed couple should invite their tribe and relatives and hold a service. Divine Principle and Father's words should be read.

The Family Federation leader should visit each family home-thus, they will need to hold their own family meetings on a different day-say, the second and sixteenth of each month.

HSA-UWC-the Church

1. General Church mission.

2. Services, spiritual guidance, various seminars and education for outside people.

3. Publications, PR and various conferences and rallies (the more external activities).

Often, new organizations begin and then struggle with the old organizations. In pioneer nations, if membership and leadership is not enough to fully implement the new federation, make a gradual changeover.

However, the main nations should begin completely. Japan is creating a completely separate organization. In Korea, as there is not enough leadership, the two organizations will cooperate: one leader will have two missions, temporarily, until next August perhaps. Certainly the two will separate by the end of next year.

The minimum base to fulfill true love is the family. HSA-UWC will educate blessing candidates, and then after the Blessing, pass them to the Family Federation. This is a very important new organization.

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