The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Symposium at the United Nations / Continental Seminars

Chung Hwan Kwak
April 25, 2001

From: European Office
Sent: April 26, 2001
Subject: Symposium at the United Nations / Continental Seminars
To: Continental Directors, National Messiahs and National Leaders
From: IIFWP Secretariat on Behalf of Rev. Kwak
Re: Symposium at the United Nations / Continental Seminars
Date: April 25, 2001

Greetings from the IIFWP Secretariat. Having completed the victorious 50-state speaking tour in the USA, True Parents have been in East Garden the past several days with the Korean National Messiahs and participants in the international fishing tournament. Father gave some important instructions, and we communicate these on behalf of Rev. Kwak:

1. International Symposium at the United Nations: On May 26, 2001 True Father will speak at the United Nations as part of an IIFWP International Symposium on A Serving the Nation and Serving the World: Establishing Peace by Renewing Families, Communities and Nations. The Symposium will begin on May 25 and conclude on May 27. A tentative schedule is attached, and an invitation letter and response form will be sent soon.
Each nation is asked to send one very high-level VVIP to participate in this historic symposium. Please submit your recommendation as soon as possible to the IIFWP Secretariat.
During this year of 2001 the United Nations celebrates the International Day of Families (May 15), the International Year of Volunteers, and the International Year of Dialogue Among Civilizations. The IIFWP International Symposium seeks to support the United Nations in its efforts to promote the family, volunteerism and dialogue.
2. Continental Seminars: Based on True Fathers instructions Rev. Kwak asks that each continental region begin preparations for an IIFWP leadership seminar. These seminars are for the purpose of raising up and educating the core IIFWP leaders in each nation who are responsible for in the following areas: IIFWP Chapter Leadership, WANGO, Academic Affairs, Interreligious Affairs, International/Political Affairs, Media Affairs. Each nation is asked to send a maximum of three core IIFWP leaders to these seminars. The schedule for the seminar in Europe is:
European/Middle East Regions Prague, Czech Republic May 19-21

A tentative program schedule for the seminars is attached. The regions are responsible to make all necessary arrangements for the seminar, including hotel, travel, ground transportation, meal arrangements, banner preparation, photography/video, audio-visual, etc.

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