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The necessity of laying indemnity conditions

Chung Hwan Kwak
June 1987

While I was in Korea, father specifically asked me to guide you about the necessity of laying indemnity conditions. Without making the right kind of conditions, Satan won't give up and we will not be able to separate ourselves from him. If we don't overcome Satan, we cannot reach the heart of True Parents and God.

Therefore, we can see that the way of the Unification Church is different from that of other churches. Most Christian denominations overemphasize reliance on God's and Jesus' grace. Of course we do receive this grace, but it is limited. We fallen people are still under Satan's influence. But our True Father is able to guide us in how to liberate ourselves completely from Satan so that we can actually become God's sons and daughters.

Father feels very concerned about the Western members. He told me that he knows you work very hard and have a lot of abilities, but without laying the proper indemnity conditions, you will never achieve your desired results. Thus Father emphasized the importance of setting conditions in your daily life and mission which will automatically separate you from Satan. Heavenly Father and True Parents are waiting for that moment, because they want to completely embrace you. So don't hesitate to pay indemnity.

If you focus on doing this, then your daily lifestyle will be completely different from that of most people in the world. People generally like to pursue the easy, convenient, and comfortable way -- the way of external happiness. This is what Satan likes. But a course of indemnity means going the inconvenient, difficult, suffering road -- shedding sweat and tears for the sake of others.

Suppose our suit or dress becomes dirty. It may be very precious to us -- perhaps it was a gift from True Parents -- but still we have to put it through the dry-cleaning process. In the same way, Father is asking us to joyfully go forward on our course of indemnity in order to be cleansed. If we do, always checking ourselves, we will leap forward in our own development and also bring substantial results in this country.

Father also shared with me that before he arrived in America, he was imagining how difficult the full restoration of the United States would be. He concluded that it would be like trying to melt an entire iceberg with the heat of his tongue! And he determined that, even under such extreme difficulty, he would do it.

This statement is something I will never forget. Even though I have always known what incredible will he has, I was still amazed! This is what makes his lifestyle very different from ours. No matter how difficult or dangerous his circumstances, he is resolved to always take the entire responsibility for restoration upon his own shoulders. He never asks God for support or assistance. His attitude is, "Whether God is looking or not, whether God's blessings come to me or not, it doesn't matter. I will go forward." This is why Heavenly Father cannot forget him.

Father's absolute goal is to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, Even though he is now 67, and to anyone's mind deserving of a rest now and then, he still maintains a completely sacrificial schedule.

One time he said to me: "Oh, I feel sleepy. I have to go out!" He had no appointments, and no one was asking to see him, but still he was determined to overcome his sleepiness. Until Father reaches his goal, he will never even think of relaxing or taking the easy way. The spirit world recognizes this kind of lifestyle, and as a result, many special spiritual phenomena are happening these days -- for example, during the ministers' conferences in Korea and Japan.

We must always remind ourselves that we joined the Unification Church not for external gain but for the sake of our eternal life. Therefore, our priority must always be to think of God and True Parents -- their mission, direction, and will. If you neglect this focus, your hard work has no meaning. I have experienced that if I focus on this main point, the challenges and difficulties I face are much more easily solved.

How can we develop our hearts to be closer to True Parents? We all have the desire, but it is difficult to achieve a close relationship right away. The reason is that we need to do more than just meditate or intellectually develop external plans or methods. We must make effort to pay indemnity and fulfill our responsibility -- our five percent. Then grace from God and True Parents will come to us to complete the other 95 percent. To obtain such grace from

God and True Parents and the necessary assistance from the spirit world, we absolutely need to lay indemnity conditions. Now is a wonderful opportunity for many good spirits to help us, and they will if we sincerely adopt Father's heart and direction.

Please don't forget Father's "iceberg" determination. With that kind of will, we can do anything. 

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