The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Passing of Mrs. Ulrike Ute Bessell to the Spirit World

Chung Hwan Kwak
September 22, 2003

In Memoriam: Ulrike Bessell

To the Bessell Family, Friends and Loved Ones on the occasion of the Seung Hwa of Mrs. Ulrike Bessell who passed to the spiritual world on September 13, 2003.

Greetings on behalf of our True Parents, who have taught us the meaning and purpose of our lives in this world and the next. At this time, brothers and sisters from around the world are gathering in New York for a central providential purpose, representing the seven providential nations related to World War II. Historically speaking, these are enemy nations, but their sons and daughters are coming together for peace and the fulfillment of God's providence. I firmly believe that it is no accident that God has called Ulrike at this time. I also know that she will be assisting from her position in the spirit world, along with Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim and other blessed members who have ascended to their home in the spiritual world.

I know the Bessell family has been a model of Abel-like and faithful responsiveness to the will of God. As a National Messiah couple, you have taken on a major responsibility, and have carried out that responsibility in Guatemala in an exemplary way. I also know that the second generation of the Bessell family are leading exemplary lives in service to God's providence.

As we know, our True Father has taught us of the three realms of life. That is, our life in the womb of our mother, our life on this earth, and our life in the spiritual world. Our cosmic home and destiny is to dwell with God in the spiritual world. God does not consider this life as our permanent dwelling place. Rather it is the school from which we are to graduate. Our mission during our time in this physical world is to develop our heart and character as people of true love, as true sons and daughters of our True Parents.

God bless you.


Rev. Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak
Chairman, Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace

Passing of Mrs. Ulrike Ute Bessell to the Spirit World
Esther Bessell
September 22, 2003

Dear Relatives and Friends of the Bessell family and all concerned with our mission in Guatemala:

It has been overwhelming and truly gratifying to receive the many expressions of compassion, understanding and love at the event of the ascension of Mrs. Ulrike Bessell. We as a family are deeply, deeply grateful for her exemplary life and your appreciation thereof. As we have entered the third day of the forty days period of entering the spirit world, we are especially grateful for your continuous strong and loving support in prayer, which is so noticeable and beautiful, and would like you to continue to do so. I and our children will try to thank each one personally as time permits and we already wish to embrace you and your families.

Ulrike has already appeared to a number of people showing the strongest signs of her continuous commitment and desire to help establish the nation of cosmic peace and unification. She ascended through the prayer of our continental leader, Rev. Kim Jung Soo, who offered a special certificate of appreciation at the Seung Hwa Ceremony in the Embassy for Peace, appointing her as the central figure in the area concerning our mission, while our world representative, our beloved Rev. Dr. Kwak, sent the attached note to commemorate Ulrike's final offering.

Many of you have offered your readiness to help additionally through financial support and other ways, which is most appreciated as we have focused on setting the national foundation before thinking of family necessities. In order to facilitate the process, please use the following accounts for your transferral. We also invite you sincerely to visit and spend time in our country and to share in our mission. We especially welcome the second generation, who through experiences of serving for peace in a third world country could gain a wealth of spiritual and practical benefit.

Let me thank you all for your precious attention at this urgent time of transition. And let us all strive to attend God and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth to the utmost degree. With love and gratitude

Gerhard Ernst Bessell and children

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