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You Are Horizontal Messiahs

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 1982

On the foundation of our True Parents' victory in the 21-year course, members from 83 countries gathered in Korea, where the Blessing originated. Visiting the old Chungpa Dong church, they inherited the Blessing foundation of our True Parents, as well as that of the 36 and 72 couples, all of which took place in that historic site, forming the mainstream of Blessing tradition. After receiving the Blessing from True Parents, the couples have returned to their own countries with the ideal of establishing true families, spreading seeds of the heavenly kingdom throughout the whole world.

This event was so meaningful, not only in quantity -- number of countries represented or number of brides and grooms -- but also in eternal significance. Heavenly Father sent the True Parents to earth, and centering on this life-root and the victorious foundation of the 21-year course, our True Parents have now sent the blessed couples throughout the world, spreading horizontally this vertical foundation. All these blessed couples are potential True Parents. In other words, the significant meaning of this event is that Heavenly Father can now send the messiah horizontally, not only vertically -- not just singly but also plurally. This is truly a victorious foundation.

From now on, from the spiritual viewpoint, Satan's side is in difficulty, trying to defend its position. I believe that Heavenly Father's foundation of goodness will increase rapidly from now on, more quickly than in the past.

Including the countries represented in the July 1 Blessing at Madison Square Garden, members from almost 100 countries have now received the Blessing. This new generation of blessed couples will now share with all mankind a real revolution. They gathered together in one place, centering on God's love, got married for God's will -- dedicating their lives for future history and their eternal descendants. This is in marked contrast with the current standards of morality and lifestyle common among young people.

This is truly a new life movement, a true love movement and the blossoming of a new culture. 

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