The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Rev. Kwak's Guidance at Hoon Dok Hae

Chung Hwan Kwak
October 29, 2003
New Yorker Hotel

Abel's right path was the Hoon Dok message from this morning. Jacob got the blessing from God but the final stage is that he must go back to his hometown to share this blessing with Esau.

Until now Father's course started on the individual level, family level through the cosmic level. He always got the victorious condition. He always wants to share with others. He must bring God's love to Esau and bring unity and reconciliation. Recently he guided many things to Korean leaders and members.

Heavenly Father and True Parents are expecting that the Unification movement will fulfill the owners role. We recite the main body and ownership role of pledge. We must embrace heaven and earth, spirit world and the physical world.

Shedding tears, sweat and blood. There is a certain way of sharing. Father shares a certain life from generation to generation. The way of love and life - everything is shared. In a certain sense the dispensational way is sharing.

Blessed couples must inherit True Parent's course must become my course - my tears, my sweat and my blood. Everyone must ask themselves - who am I. As representatives we should share our blood sweat and tears. As the original ideal of creation, True Love's very nature was to seek God's original object. The Son and daughters position is the representatives of the parents. So the Parents are expecting the sons and daughters as representatives to accomplish more than the parents. This is God's heart.

Now the current mission is to bring about the Peace UN. He wants to bring about this effort with his 80 years life course. Within this era we must become representative owners before God.

Last October 14th Father was the anniversary of Father's liberation from Heung Nam. Father shared his heart: Three Points:

1. He had no chance to look backward. He could only focus on the future direction of heaven and what was in front of him. He never focused on whether Heavenly Father comforted him or how he felt. If he considered these things or was concerned about himself he would perish. In Hungnam the weather was severe in the winter. They were starving. They had no energy to walk from the camp to the fertilizer factory. They walked four by four holding hands with their heads down. They were called first into the prison yard and then their names were called for 2 hours. They woke up at 4:30 am and went out to the cold. After two hours they would walk to the factory. The purpose of this camp was to kill the prisoners through a "natural" death. Most prisoners would die within 6 months. In these circumstances Father could only survive by walking toward the future mission.

2. At high noon Father stands at a perfect 90 degree angle before God and he casts no shadow. Father casts no shadow. Whenever he has difficulty Father first checks to make sure he is standing correctly before heaven and is casting no shadow. 3. Your original mind is such that you would like to stay with your parents. Because of that kind of invisible foundation is there we try to be close to True Parents. Many good ancestors are with us but in some cases it depends very much on the spiritual foundation that we have made. Spiritual world is now open and good spirits are ready to help us. Prayer is like a search light. There is no search light - everything is dark. Now more and more our spiritual foundation is important. Through the search light you can find which way to go. 4. Father mentioned about Abel UN and Peace UN. We are like a small brother in a small house, but even though the existing UN is so huge, God wants to dwell in in the small house of the Abel brother. . Eventually, though this is the baby brother there God wants to dwell there and eventually put that son in the elder son's role.

Current leadership need a revolutionary change in concept. The problem of peace has been such that has not been solved for thousands of years. Therefore Father is not an ordinary leader. We have True Parents and we have God who know the path to bring reconciliation and peace. The ultimate goal is the peace Kingdom.

The original terminology of Israel means "victor" not by internal force or intellect, but by True Love. Because of a new era, from now on everyone should be writing their own diary on a daily base concerning what you have done. Don't lose this precious time. Father took a lot of time with the 84 representatives of 7 nations. He went to Sorak mountain with them. I asked them, " Why did Father spend time with you. Because he likes you individually? No. Your personal situation is not pleasing before God. In reality there are spiritually bad smells around you.

Two Reasons Father constantly asked them to join:

1. Father must embrace all humanity regardless of their situation. Beyond their own condition. He must embrace Cain regardless of their situation.

2. Father knows that when Abel shares true love in this way in other words as True Father gives us true love - if we respond in the correct way then God's blessing will reach us. If our response is not enough then God's blessing will bring a harvest at another time. It is never lost.

Remember this one thing. Heavenly Father's practice of bringing peace is through one way - through True Love.

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