Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

The Completed Testament Age and the Blessed Family

C. H. Kwak
April 18, 1993
Chungpadong, Seoul Korea

This very important piece of internal guidance was first given in Korea where it was then printed in booklet form and widely read.

I would like to begin by quoting a phrase from Father. "The Completed Testament Age for those of us living on earth is the course centered on the family and on parental love. This course advances toward the ideal world, a new world where Satan cannot invade." From the Principle point of view, the Completed Testament Age means the perfected portion of responsibility on the parental level. To achieve what God has promised, we need to fulfill our portion of responsibility. The fall involved the failure to fulfill the promise of the portion of responsibility. The Old Testament Age was the promise of the past, the New Testament Age the new promise, and the Completed Testament Age the attainment of the promise. To attain the promise means to complete the portion of responsibility.

My theme is "The Completed Testament Age and the Blessed Family." As we entered this year, Father's speeches emphasize that the Completed Testament Age is the age centered on the family. He called it the era centered on True Parents' love and said that families will take the leading role in the Completed Testament Age.

Our responsibility is crucial

The purpose of salvation is the completion of restoration, which in its fullness involves the reclamation of the lost true love, true life, and true lineage. Love, life and lineage can only be cleansed and restored to its true nature through the ideal of the blessing. In this sense, to say that the Completed Testament Age is centered on the family doesn't mean it is a paradise where each individual lives as he or she likes or where each family lives as it likes. When we say that this age is centered on the family, we are speaking of our own family. We believe that the lifestyle of the blessed family means fulfilling the ideal of the blessing; therefore, we cannot help but feel that our responsibility and our position are truly important.

Father went on to say, "The final course is headed toward a world which Satan cannot penetrate." As we all know well, our ancestors would have become perfect after passing through the three stages of formation, growth and perfection; however, they fell at the perfection level of the growth stage. This meant the loss of the first and second stages. Furthermore, until the coming of True Parents, the perfection stage remained untouched and unattainable. Not a single person could approach or enter it. The Principle teaches that God has been conducting His providence through the Old Testament stage (the formation stage) and the New Testament stage (the growth stage).

The meaning of each period (Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament)

The contents of what Father teaches us through his words are always precious and unique. Many Christians read the Old Testament and the New Testament and speak about the New Testament Age. However, nobody has spoken deeply about how the whole of human history is vertical, how the Old Testament Age was directed towards the fulfillment of God's providence, and how it unfolded through one fundamental principle. In contrast, Father has taught us through the Principle and his many speeches that "The Old Testament era was the restoration period to enable mankind to return to God. In that era the creation became an offering and was sacrificed. It was a period of restoration to open the way which the children must go." Unificationists have learned the absolute vertical history centered on God; we are truly blessed people to have received this understanding. Many Christians throughout the world do not know this viewpoint of God's vertical history. Unificationists know that the Old Testament opened up the more internal path of the children, based on the condition of offering the creation.

Heavenly Father originally created man and blessed him to take care of the creation, and in order to give that blessing, He made the creation first, as an external stage. Due to the fall, however, humankind could not exercise the proper dominion with which to rule the creation. Therefore, God had people make the external condition of taking the things of creation, dividing the offering, purifying it and placing in on the altar. Through lifting up the creation, people could approach heaven. However, the offering of creation is not the purpose itself. The Old Testament Age was the heavenly providence to open the way for mankind to be restored through the creation.

If that is so, what is the New Testament Age? It is the course that the children cultivated by the Old Testament Age must follow. Jesus could finally come on the Old Testament foundation. From his teachings, we know that Jesus did not live according to his personal desires while teaching mankind something different. As heaven's son he personally exemplified the course of the children and prayed to awaken the people to go the children's way, which is the true path. Because the Lord, God's True Son, became an offering and a sacrifice, the saints clung to him and followed his example of living the children's course. They too followed the path of sacrifice, opening the way of becoming an offering.

What did they have to do? They had to open the way for the parents' course. They had to prepare the way so the parents could come. This is the New Testament providence. That is why, even though many people have been focusing on the Bible and praying and struggling, they couldn't make the connection between God and the providence through the Old Testament and the New Testament and the subsequent two thousand years of Christian history. Father has taught us that he has completely carried out God's providence in stages, for the sake of God's goal, which is the completion of restoration.

The Completed Testament Age is the course centered on the parents' position that began on the foundation of the Lord's sacrificial path and suffering course, as well as the sacrifices made by the Christians-those who bear the name of the Lord's children and cling to him. The saints of the New Testament Age should have fulfilled their responsibility, which was to thoroughly pioneer the parents' path, preparing the environment and making internal preparations to enable the parents to come and bring the victory. On the foundation of faith and in obedience to True Parents, the Completed Testament Age could have begun. In that case, the Lord and his disciples would have inevitably opened up the way for the True Parents. However, this did not happen.

True Parents came to the earth, representing the position of the Christians, and they have taken the lead in God's providence. In 1992, the path was finally prepared for True Parents to dwell on this earth.

Looking at the whole of vertical history, the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age are connected, with the Old Testament Age ending at the coming of Jesus. Likewise, the New Testament Age ended and the Completed Testament Age began with the coming of True Parents. At this turning point, all responsibilities and missions were fully accomplished, and True Parents laid the foundation for the course of history that was never before attainable.

1993-The first year of the Completed Testament Age

The age of the Completed Testament providence is an extension of the New Testament Age. True Parents established the parents' way through a course of sacrifice. They did this not from the position of True Parents but from the position of children, representing mankind. The True Parents' age began with the first year of the Completed Testament Age.

True Parents are alive, and they have become the absolute center. What do we have to do as a result of this? The Completed Testament Age is the age for finding God and making Him alive in front of the creation, the universe, and mankind. The exact center of the perfect expression of God is the blessed family. I hope you will understand this point above all other points covered under the theme "The Completed Testament Age and the Blessed Family."

Therefore, where does God live, where do True Parents' course and tradition manifest themselves, and where do we grab onto this historic course of True Parents, the course that we have longed for so much? Each and every blessed couple must focus on True Parents' family as their model, their basis, and their example. Therefore, the blessed family is the place where God dwells, and each family must establish their foundation to follow True Parents' course.

The three types of grace granted to tribal messiahs

At one point, as Father was sharing with the blessed families about the glory and preciousness of tribal messiahs, he mentioned three kinds of grace that we can receive as we do tribal messiah activity. First, our direct ancestors will gain liberation. Second, our hometown will be restored and liberated. Third, God will be liberated and His realm of liberation will be expanded.

What does this mean? If the blessed family does tribal messiah activity, the four great realms of heart (parent, spouse, sibling and child) are liberated, and historic problems in these realms are resolved. Because tribal messiahs play the role of intact, complete parents, the parents' position is established through them, and their ancestors receive benefit and are liberated for the first time in history. Furthermore, even God is liberated and restored. I understood through these words by Father that if one does tribal messiah activity, God can operate in that person's whole sphere of activity and bring about liberation.

Therefore, the Completed Testament Age is the period in which we can find the invisible God in our daily life. However, even though the Completed Testament Age comes and we look for God, He will not take up a special form and appear to us twenty-four hours a day. Who does God want to manifest Himself through? He wants to dwell in and appear through us, the blessed families, and through all perfected people.

From that standpoint, in our quest for God we don't just go to some riverbank or a marketplace to find Him; we don't look for Him to manifest Himself in miracles. Where, then, do we look for Him? As we all know, miracles happen outside of the realm of normal time and space. Father said that miracles are examples of God reducing time and space in order to operate some extraordinary sovereignty, according to the fundamental necessities of God's unique providence. Therefore, time and space are not normally shortened to meet special needs. Only in unusual times, due to the demands of a specific providence, does God appear in a miracle. For Him to manifest Himself through miracles is not natural. He wants to appear to mankind through the daily life of our blessed families, through the couples who received the blessing in the four realms of heart and the three realms of kingship. God reveals Himself through the ideal of blessed family life because He is that kind of God.

The Completed Testament Age is the era of the living God

We cannot manifest God through our children or through anybody else until we fulfill our responsibility to manifest God through our blessed couple. In reality, as we raise our children, we can discover God through their features and through dreams and spiritual instructions. However, our first generation blessed couples must first demonstrate the reality of God through our daily life, before we can see those precious images in our children.

From this viewpoint, the Completed Testament Age is the age of steady progress centered on the family. It is the era when God can live centered on True Parents. We shouldn't think of God and True Parents as separate entities from us, but rather we should think about how to connect our lives to True Parents twenty-four hours a day. We should focus on what we can do to make the entire lifestyle of our blessed family reflect God. That is the essence of the Completed Testament Age and must be our primary concern, the focus of our actions and the core of our lifestyle as blessed families.

I already mentioned this, but from the Divine Principle viewpoint, the Completed Testament Age is the age when the responsibility of parenthood is completely fulfilled. We should reflect on this one sentence over and over. The fulfillment of our portion of responsibility is the Completed Testament Age. I already mentioned that until now no one completed the three stages of formation, growth and perfection.

The Completed Testament Age is the age of parents

Therefore, what is the Completed Testament Age? It is the age where our blessed families receive the blessing at the perfection level of the growth stage, make conditions of indemnity, and then graduate and enter into the perfection stage as a family. After becoming perfect by passing through the formation, growth, and perfection stages, we enter the parents' age, which is the direct dominion of God. In this stage of the entire providence, this last step must be completed. We are still imperfect, but we are free from any condition of accusation by Satan, due to the grace given us by God and True Parents.

As I said before, we entered a new world, one in which Satan cannot accuse us. Where is that world? It does not mean the appearance of a literal new earth, nor is it a world with boundary lines. It is formless and spiritual, yet it is truly wonderful. For the first time, our blessed couples entered the realm of perfection, a realm which Satan cannot penetrate. Through our utmost efforts, we can leave the stages of formation and growth, the stages in which Satan can accuse and dominate us. This realm has never been achieved before.

This is a special realm which we have entered, the realm of perfection. We become perfected parents only after we pass through the top of the completion stage. In this new world, our blessed couples can claim the title of parents only when we have children. In other words, we are standing in front of God's special dominion with the title of parents.

What is the perfection stage? It is parenthood. If the formation stage is the realm of creation, the growth stage is the realm of children, and the perfection stage is the realm of parenthood. According to this definition, parents are true parents. With the grace of the declaration of the Completed Testament Age, all our blessed families can inherit True Parents' will and substance. We can have the authority of tribal messiahs and carry out our mission. In this position of tribal messiah, we inherit parenthood, and with the title of parents, we leave the true realm of Satan's invasion. We are now walking through the perfection stage and carrying it out. We can consider this the victorious Completed Testament Age.

The ultimate hope of all faiths

I mentioned that the promise of the Completed Testament Age is the portion of responsibility. This is our turning point, crossing point, point of distinction between established faiths and our Unification faith.

Why have believers in general experienced hope by waiting for the Lord, a new heaven and earth and a new providence, until today? Because there is incredible joy in the expectation of entering the beautiful, final world, the heaven that God promised. The believers' hearts are filled with the desire to meet the Lord. Just meeting the Lord makes everything worthwhile. If they meet the Lord, all things are resolved; all the complicated circumstances and sins are solved at one time and he becomes the center of the new heaven and earth. This is the ultimate hope of all faiths.

Therefore, this world is a false world and reality is meaningless. Mankind has longed for the connecting point, the connection to the world of eternal glory, and that comes about through the Second Coming.

In the Old Testament Age, we were justified by actions, in the New Testament Age we are justified by faith-so what about the Completed Testament Age? It is the magnificent time where all that God promised is fulfilled, where the Completed Testament saints attend God and True Parents and accomplish the purpose of creation. At the core of our Unification belief there is a feeling of excitement and joy that, "It is being accomplished! Wonderful!"

Value of the portion of responsibility

However, according to Father, "What is the promise of the Completed Testament Age? It is the fulfillment of the portion of responsibility." The portion of responsibility emerges. The foundation of our faith is our portion of responsibility. When we think of responsibility we usually first think of bad, heavy, burdensome things, like they are our mission.

However, what is the principled meaning of principle of responsibility? It is the condition for total perfection that distinguishes us from animals, that makes it possible to directly meet God. Isn't the portion of responsibility an amazingly good thing? Until now we have learned Principle, and even as we lecture we know our own faults and always analyze them in our daily life. We have somewhat felt that the portion of responsibility is already burdensome, irritating, and our hearts cannot be free.

On the road of faith we have been saying, "Responsibility! Responsibility!" but in fact we lost the qualification to fulfill the portion of responsibility in the fall. In the original qualification position, fulfilling the portion of responsibility doesn't mean within Satan's realm of accusation. In the Garden of Eden that God created, growing through formation, growth, and perfection stages doesn't include Satan's accusation. The portion of responsibility isn't something that occurs when Satan and the angelic world unite, and everything becomes chaotic and they assert their dominion. Although in the indirect dominion, in the original Garden of Eden, there would have been only God's fundamental grace and love. Satan would not be there.

From the position of Satan's accusation and assertion of dominion, there is no proper, principled portion of responsibility. In place of that, a transformed (modified) portion of responsibility came into being. Fallen men lost the chance to fulfill the natural portion of responsibility and instead have to fulfill a changed portion of responsibility, which is an indemnity condition. Therefore, it is a tremendous blessing in itself that we are able to accomplish our portion of responsibility in front of God and True Parents; it is an extremely blessed position to be in.

In this aspect, the Completed Testament Age is the parenthood of complete responsibility. Father told us this precious, core, central truth. Our blessed families are able to fulfill this portion of responsibility representing all mankind, in the perfection stage, which nobody could approach since man fell. So this corresponds to the Children's Age.

Children's Age is the age of attendance to parents

What is the Children's Age? "It is the age of attending parents, where the children take all the responsibility. In the age of attendance, the leaders of action and lifestyle are children. We have entered the period where we can attend True Parents and heaven as children, with our proper natural responsibility, for the first time in human history." That is the Completed Testament Age.

From this viewpoint, we truly have an inspiring life. In this age, we can horizontally fulfill responsibility in our family. We make the creation and the children conditions, and parents are the center just as the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age follow vertically one after another. As we live we must complete our responsibility horizontally in the Completed Testament Age. If we think this way once again, our blessed family is truly precious. In this family we must think differently than before about the creation and materials we use.

Therefore, attendance is where you offer the creation as a condition and receive confirmation that it is ours. That is the Completed Testament Age. In our families, we must make the connection that we offer the clothes we wear, the house we live in, the things that we are connected to and receive them back again, as they are the things that represent offering the creation in the Old Testament Age.

Next, what about our children? Because they are really representing the Completed Testament Age we must take care of, embrace, and educate them. The blessed couple is in the actual position of representing God and True Parents to them.

Actions and faith are included in attendance

When Father speaks of the four realms of heart and the three kingships, he says that, "As the children grow and are in a position to receive the blessing, the parents take the grandparents' position as the king of the household, and they represent God and the past. The blessed couple is king/ queen representing the present and mankind, and children are the king representing the future. The three kingships and four realms of heart mean that the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament are completed in their life." Since it is the age of attendance, even if there is no action or faith it is okay. This is not the case. Since the Completed Testament Age comes after the Old Testament Age, and the Old Testament and New Testament Ages are vertically completed, absolutely there are actions and faith in the Completed Testament Age of attendance. If you think about it, where is there any attendance without mention of faith? In front of True Parents and heaven, how can there be perfect attendance without action or faith? Attendance itself is ultimately based on justification through faith and action. In this light we must think of the Completed Testament Age and our responsibility.

If that is so, how is God revealed through us? I believe that for we blessed couples who are presently living in the Completed Testament Age, this exact point is the basic goal, task, and path we must fundamentally follow. I feel our blessed couples must live by the underlying principle of asking ourselves how we can each represent God's nature and make Him manifest, how we can show God through our thoughts, words, action and lifestyle and how we can show True Parents.

So upon examination of the blessed family's responsibility, completion and perfection of our family is centered on True Parents' love. What is that perfection of the family? It is precisely the completion of the four realms of heart.

The great educational theory of Unification Thought

Now I will talk about basic children's education and conclude today's talk. I went to the Ukraine and met the leaders engaged in the field of education. As I was lecturing, I watched their reactions and once again felt, "True Parents' words are so precious! Even looking at just one of the education theories of Unification Thought, the fundamental principles of life centered on Father's Principle words, it is so incredible!" Through such a long history so many people have studied about educational theory and philosophy and were involved at the forefront of education. The basic thought and ideological system of the education theory, centered on the three great blessings of the Principle, is remarkable. Centered on the family, our blessed couples must educate our children by the ideology of that education philosophy as well as practice those principles.

Many people, including our blessed couples, think of school or teachers first when they think of education. However, through Father's teaching and the education theory of Unification Thought, we think of family before school. We think of parents before teachers. Did Adam and Eve build some special school in the Garden of Eden? The foundation of education is the family, and in the family education begins.

The base of education-standard heartistic education

Many people say the word "education" but what are they thinking? Even our blessed families ask, "How much university education did you have? Bachelors? Masters? Doctorate degree? Did you graduate from high school? How much English do you know?" thinking of formal, school education.

However, enlightenment from heaven and Father's guidance through many sermons shows that this is not education. In education, the root of education is heart. Beginning with individual perfection, a person becomes a person of substance, or character, through heartistic education. This is fulfillment of the first blessing. There is no individual perfection or completion of character without heartistic education, and the first blessing will not be accomplished.

There is no one among us who doesn't know what the first blessing is. We must reflect deeply about this question-although we have listened to and learned endlessly about the first blessing, in our overall family life, how seriously have we lived, embracing our children, and made heart education the main point in order to fulfill the first blessing.

We made a department in our headquarters [in Korea] for second generation blessed families. With the birth of this department we published and distributed a book called Blessed Family, as we are concerned about our family education and overall lifestyle. If you read Blessed Family, you will discover a surprising fact. In there, there is a questionnaire investigating the consciousness of the second generation, and a question about dating comes out. At first I thought, "How could we print and send out Blessed Family with that in it?" However, the opinion of the Blessed Family Department leaders was, "This is reality. Since it is reality, we sent it out anyway. Shouldn't the parents know how serious a point it is for their children, accept reality and educate their children accordingly?" and so I approved it. Among the questions were things like, "How do you feel about having received the blessing from True Parents?" Try to imagine this for a minute. It must be difficult for the members from the pioneer days of our church to imagine our second generation blessed children doubting the blessing, avoiding receiving it from True Parents and looking around for other ways to follow.

The root of education-educational standards

So that aspect of our blessed family society came out, and the fact that this problem stands out boldly is very serious. Why is this the outcome? Of course, all blessed families are not the same. Still, basically we are in the same position as blessed families. However, it seems that the appearance of this point means our blessed couples couldn't focus on the core of our children's education. We missed the point. Father has spoken and taught that the most important part of the education principle in Unification Thought is shimjung education. The basic foundation of education has its purpose in creating perfection in second generation families. Children must come to know the norms and order in relationships with grandparents, parents and self in the family. The family is the basic unit of heaven. By establishing vertical order, they know the rules of attendance, and through horizontal order they become familiar with the sequence of subject-object relationships. They must become accustomed to this pattern of education in their lifestyle. Then that child goes out and first becomes an ideal individual, then an ideal national citizen, than an ideal world citizen. Because proper education wasn't taught in the family, this has not happened.

Our blessed families couldn't be devoted to this heartistic education, the most basic and central thing that God and True Parents have longed for; we couldn't feel and stress the importance of it. Instead, we worried about the physical, intellectual and technical education, which are concerned with the relatively minor third blessing, man's dominion over creation. This result was derived from that. Looking from one perspective, our blessed families excessively protected our children. "We have been struggling and sacrificing, but since you are children of the original nature, owners of the future heaven."" From this position we went beyond normal parents' affection, overprotecting them as the providential and principled hope for the future. We protected them undeservedly, thinking, "No matter what, you are masters of the future so you must receive more education and benefits than worldly people." We promoted this kind of greed.

Please think. There are many absurdities, educationally speaking, in our society today, particularly in Korean society. Also, our institutions have made mistakes, so many problems are festering and erupting today.

Thoroughly give shimjung education

We are competing with worldly people. We are inclined to be sick in our hearts because we still can't give to our children what others can. Of course, that's the way it is. However, we can't win in that competition. Why? Is there God's will for other people? Is there the Completed Testament Age? True Parents?

Those people make money and have status in their professions and make their children study. They are pros in this area-professionals. We are but amateurs and cannot "take on the world" with the schooling we give our children.

We had to go witnessing according to the season-home church missions, tribal messiahship, go out for early morning prayer, and sincerely fulfill all-night prayer conditions. This is our profession. Competing with the world is devoid of meaning. We are amateurs, no matter what we do. The more we are inclined toward that direction (other people's direction) the more we will be conscience-stricken in regards to faith and will move farther away from God's will. This was my feeling.

So what about us? What are we trying to do about it? I think you must have felt this many times in your lives. We can't help but keenly feel the differences between us and the world. We must find our specialty, our field of study. There is a saying that "Kyung Sang Do [one region of Korea] is the halfway point," meaning it is not one or the other. The midway position is the most inadequate position. If we didn't know God's will, we could compete as much as worldly people. However, it doesn't work, no matter how we try. We cannot live like others, going completely crazy about education. Our circumstances don't allow it. We must find our special field. What it is? We have the thing that is truly precious to teach to our children, centered on God's will and teaching centered on the education principle in Unification Thought.

Did we thoroughly teach education of heart? Did we completely give this standard education? Did we become the example of heart and lifestyle in front of our children? Have we done this? If we had, we wouldn't have been able to offer as much intellectual, physical or technical education as others do. However, at least we wouldn't have encountered the stage where our children struggle about whether to receive the blessing or not-even if we are somewhat poor. It seems this way. This is the point that all Unification Church blessed families must deeply think about.

The Completed Testament Age is the age centered on the family

I said the title today is "Completed Testament Age and the Blessed Family." From now on, we must make all of True Parents' speeches about the path of the family our focus of attention. We must gather our attention on the responsibility of the Completed Testament Age family. This is inevitable. Since the Completed Testament Age is centered on the family, we are not to be families that observe the Completed Testament Age from a distance, like the miracles that appeared in history. Claiming the name of families, we cannot escape, we can't run away, we can't hide. Our individual families must stand as a symbol of the Completed Testament Age, feeling that "my family is the standard for all people and our descendants."

Our families are a symbol, a focal point. We must think about how, the more Father preaches centered on the family, the more our family can realize the four values of heart. Furthermore, reflecting on how to connect our children and grandchildren to the ideal of the blessed family can make our hearts either joyful or oppressed.

By all means, our blessed families must make a big conversion of lifestyle. We must deeply contemplate the original point. Our education is an education of heart and standard. "Our children only graduated from a third-rate university. My children couldn't even afford to go to college because our situation was so difficult." These are not substantial drawbacks for us. This is not an essential defect. However if problems arise due to insufficient education of heart and standards, what will happen? This is not just the children's problem; it is directly related to the parents' problems. It is not a temporary problem either, but becomes an eternal one. This will be such a critical and fundamental issue!!

Did I give you the outline of Father's words from the last Parents' Day speech? I did speak about it at the church leaders' workshop. Father stressed it very much at the Parents' Day pledge service in New York.

From now on, if you can't be the example on the family level don't even think about the role of leader in the Unification Church! Divorce or falling again cannot be an element in our church. Purification of the family is purification of blood lineage. Historically, now is the time of providential lineage purification. There must be no connection to marriage that is not the blessing in our blessed families. A blessing for 124 Couples of the second generation hasn't been decided on yet because there are situations that must be put in order in some of the second generation 36 Couples and 72 Couples. The time will come when this second generation is regarded as most precious and important. From now on, don't use the words "blessed couple" carelessly. Heaven is a world of intuition, resembling God's love in our personalities. The standard foundation is the family. There are no laws of indemnity in the spirit world. (That means that it is a blessing that things can be restored on the earth through indemnity conditions.) If the time comes when Father declares, "Indemnity is finished," the door to the spirit world will be closed. The spirit persons who went to the spirit world cannot be concerned about the earth. This is because in the spirit world, there is only one direction to head in-toward a higher dimension of love. So they have no inclination except to act for the sake of quickly moving to that world, and they set their mind in that one direction. (They cannot have any interest in the physical world.) For the sake of your children, sincerely educate them. Parents are the model for children, children resemble their parents. In the home, parents are closer to them than God is. Because of that, the parents' lifestyle, True Parents stayed up through the night to really love their Cain children. They never spent more than three hours talking with their Abel children. Father said that as True Parents always have been thinking of God, and not their Abel children or spouse, you must think of True Parents day and night.

As parents, let's become the example

If we think again, the Completed Testament Age is the family age, the age of blessing. In our concept of the family, it has been easy to think of "my family," instead of making the connection with "our family." However, we must feel again that now our family itself manifests God and must prove True Parents' true love; this is the center. Seen in this light, the most important issue becomes raising our children or grandchildren ideally.

True Parents' love is not a word and not something that can be explained theoretically. Because it is something experienced and felt, the most important thing is how much the parents are the example in front of the children and how concerned they are for them. Even looking scientifically, children are keenly aware of their parents. So even before they open their eyes, babies can distinguish their mother. If they drink their mother's milk, from the time they open their eyes they hold their mother, and will not hold another.

In this sense, how precisely do our children know our faith, our heart, our thinking? We are parents educating our children, but don't we know? Think of our childhood. As we grew, didn't we know how our parents thought, lived, how they didn't live-by their character? Blessed children are more keenly sensitive to this point than we were. So as you think about the position of parents leading children, how it is a position of serving and living with the most fearful and awesome masters of the future, more than before. This is now, and you give up saying, "They're all grown up." Does it have to be this way? This is something that doesn't end. You must be more definite. This has been my thinking, from the viewpoint that the family is the focal point of the Completed Testament Age.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Today, as we greet the new week, we miss our True Parents and seeing their empty chairs, we feel sad. We once again pledge to strengthen our hearts and lifestyle at this morning's pledge service.

You have granted us the grace of the historical Completed Testament Age without any condition, and we think of what a tremendous and important responsibility we have in the role of being entrusted with the Completed Testament Age. We sincerely ask you to lead us, unfolding the children's path to meet with our Father's heart as You pour down great blessings to us.

Through the long course of history, the ideal of the blessed family is what you have longed for, what True Parents have endlessly struggled for and what you have longed to bestow upon us. We come to realize the more we think about it, that the ideal is not something far away. We are the substantiation of the ideal, the leading player in the Completed Testament Age and what we hold in our hearts and lifestyle are indeed precious and important.

Heavenly Father, by all means do not just leave us as we are. At all times stimulate our original minds. We pray that You may look down upon us twenty-four hours a day if possible and always give us incentive to be close to You and True Parents in our hearts.

We have many faults and shortcomings. Please scold us once again, for even as we pledge before You, we are steeped in fallen nature and cannot be proud. It is easy for our hearts to feel the same feeling over and over again. We sincerely ask that Yours and True Parents' glory be made manifest in us, that You can appear through our families as You desire.

To our True Parents, who have lived their life overcoming adversity, prison and difficulties for the sake of the blessing ideal, we are truly sorry. Please encourage us as we are running to establish families, each being an example of the Completed Testament Age.

Father is always saying as his conclusion that even as he is so anxious about the world and nation, the fundamental key is held by Unification Church members and blessed families. As we realize that once again today our True Parents are working hard with their hearts on the front line, we pray to be able to feel our responsibility.

When we think of our Parents making such great effort in order to embrace their one peninsula and one people as their children, always concerned about this central fatherland in the Completed Testament Age, this is no end to our shame. Please send down Your spiritual blessing and stimulate this nation's top leaders in every field of politics, economics, society, culture, education and religion. Help us to perceive the tremendous struggle of heaven and to complete the will of providence through this country. We sincerely ask this. Please wake up this nation, as it can't be solved by True Parents or their grace alone, making this become a true nation. As we know that True Parents' speaking tour in America starts this month, from the twentieth we are doing a seventy-day special condition. We pray for great success according to True Parents plans and authority, even though our sincerity is often insufficient.

Help us in this week to unite our words, actions, lifestyle and thoughts and to live with the precious title of blessed family and tribal messiahs. Upon the altar of the whole world, gathered in the name of True Parents, please send down your grace and blessings and be with the whole world which adores True Parents on the alter of unification. May there be Father's love, divine protection and guidance for the missionaries who are struggling and lonely in this wide world. Fill them with the consciousness that they are people with a great mission for True Parents, and please give that same blessing to all people. I pray gratefully in True Parents' Names. Amen.

Translated by Tiffany Takao

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