The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Council of Affiliated Organizations Meeting

Chung Hwan Kwak
May 24, 2003

After Saturday morning Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents on May 24, Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo convened the Council of Affiliated Organizations with over 40 major leaders of our community at the Westchester Marriott, White Plains, NY. This initiative has been launched by True Parents to bring us into a full cooperative working relationship for the era of Cheon Il Guk. The following are notes from Rev. Kwak's keynote address and Dr. Yang's and Mr. Joo's brief welcoming remarks. This was followed by some planning meetings for future efforts to educate American leaders in all fields. (Dr. Tom Walsh reviewed and edited these notes.) -- Rev. Michael Jenkins

Good Morning. I would like to say good morning to "your excellencies," because you are truly great leaders. We will continue to have these kinds of meetings from now on. We called you due to the urgency of Fathers plans right now.

On May 4th, Father offered an historic proclamation. On May 10th he offered another providential proclamation. Since that day Father has had these read every morning at Hoon Dok Hae. We are all followers of True Parents direction and God's will, the first Israel, Second Israel and Third Israel. From May 10th to the True Day of All Things, May 31st, Father has established a 21 day condition.

Several very important events occurred during this time. There was a major summit between Korea and America. 120 Christian ministers went to Israel for an historic reconciliation. And there were other important and significant meetings. For example, the President and Speaker of the Philippines came to the United States on a state visit, right after the Korean President met President Bush. The Philippines represents the daughters position and also represents the mothers role to America. Out of this historic meeting came a most significant discussion to support God's dispensation. Soon other key leaders of from Japan , Russia and China will all meet during this month in the USA and the central topic of this discussion is North and South Korea.

The United Nations is about to celebrate its 58th birthday. The UN is important in God's providence. For that reason America had a key role as the Second Israel to initiate, protect, preserve and develop the United Nations. As you know, Father initiated his public mission in 1945 focusing on Christian leaders who were in Abel's position. These were the Christian leaders who refused to bow to the Shinto shrines and went underground.

God originally prepared them to receive True Father and then come into the position to cooperate with and help to guide the American government in Korea to receive the second coming and to prepare for the triumphal transition to America. This Korean Christian Abel group was to be helped by the Christian missionaries from America. Both the Korean Christians and the missionaries failed in their responsibility. The Cain type Christians (who compromised with the Japanese) then took the lead in setting up Korea with the American government. Unfortunately because of this a long indemnity course had to be endured by True Parents for 43 years.

Through a long indemnity course all could be restored. On the basis of True Parents victory, the establishment of the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship could take place. On that foundation Father could conduct the most historic event in relationship with the international leaders - the world peace blessing in January 2001 at WCSF in New York, at the United Nations. This was the conference in which married couples pledged their international families to achieve peace through the unity of all races, religions, cultures and nations.

The next major dispensational and comparable event that we must understand after the Coronation of God's Kingship was the Holy Wedding of True Parents Opening the Gate to the Cheon Il Guk. This was the blessing and registration of True Parents complete blessing on the third level which registered our True Parents before heaven and earth as a completed True Blessed Family. Before this all of our families were standing at the gate of the Cheon Il Guk but could not enter. The second aspect was the Coronation of True Parents as the King and Queen of all Blessed Central Families. This proclaimed True Parents' position substantially before world religious leaders, heads of state and all world officials and Blessed Central Families. On this foundation the all nations should be working and supporting God's will directly. Unfortunately there is still more work to do. Father was ready to call for an Abel-like body to be formed. Yet we have no member nations.

Then based on Father's indemnity course and the work that Hyun Jin Nim and Service for Peace did in the Philippines the hearts of the key leaders of the Philippines were very supportive and understood our worldwide peace efforts. Through the IIFWP the Speaker and many other key leaders came to understand and trust Father's work for peace and family. They are now working in a most important way to reach the top leaders of America. They are very concerned in the Philippines about fostering unity and understanding between Christianity and Islam and all world religions. They asked the top leaders of America to consider a special peace proposal regarding religious leaders and the UN. They directly testified to Father and the peace work that has been done, saying that the "spade work" has already been done. The top leaders were positive about this initiative. It was mentioned to the top leaders by the top Philippine leaders that Father's foundation of worldwide religious leaders is key to this effort. After the leaders of other nations were briefed on this.

We are so humbled and grateful to God and the spirit world, especially saints and sages for making such an incredible miracle possible. There is one condition required, the absolute faith in our mission, True Parents and the Spirit World.

Next, American leaders must understand that we are not representatives of separate organizations but that we are all one in heart and must understand how we are to work together as one. There must be a most significant educational effort to the leaders of this nation.

Father has also launched the education of all leaders in 190 nations so that they can support the world peace effort. In addition Father wants to firm up a world media network. That's why Father has asked that all UTS graduates, and those with graduate degrees that did not go to the Media seminar to attend. There is also the WCSF providence which includes that Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace blessing on July 13th while America will hold the same blessing for religious leaders on July 5th in Chicago. We also have the Interreligious Peace Sports Festival. With all these providences we can see how important it is that we work together centering on True Parents heart, thought and tradition.

Chang Shik Yang

We have to go a long way based upon Father's direction. Every morning and every night we had a special education in Israel during the Pilgrimage there. One minister, Dr. Abebe, from New Jersey testified. Jesus appeared to him at 4 am and told him to convey to the participants that they must be very serious and this mission was most crucial. The next day he had an experience with the presence of Peter and Paul (working with Pastor Barrett and Archbishop Stallings). At the sea of Galilee he testified that an Asian grandmother appeared to us at the shore of Galilee and welcomed each and every minister off of the boat. Through this we can understand how God is guiding us.

I repented when I heard these things. Many times as we are working so hard that we cannot feel and fully understand the power behind God's providence at this time. Now the time has come for this coalition to have great integrity and internal power. We are deeply grateful for Rev. Kwak who Father has chosen to lead us.

Dong Moon Joo

We recently celebrated our 21st Anniversary at the Washington Times. Now, in a sense this age means that the Times is fully matured. Father remembers that May 17th is our founding day. Father made a 3 day journey to Washington. Father gave a lot of spiritual and providential guidance at this time. Dr. Yang led the mission of 120 pastors to Israel. From Father's viewpoint this was most important. They took over Jesus' mission and went to Israel representing the Second Israel and Christianity.

At the same time the top leader of Korea came to America. Many were concerned about his ideas for Korea. It seemed that he was leaning toward more support for the North Korean way and that he was somewhat more liberal and not pro American. However, they connected very well on a personal level. They also could come to a comfortable place in terms of key policy agreements. It was much more than just a policy agreement. All of our editors felt that we had special fortune. Four days in a row, there was big news in the paper concerning the leader of Korea. It worked very well.

We advised the top leader to be open and also helped his advisors to understand how to best relate. The providential role was most important. Now Father is saying there is no longer a first, second and third Israel. They are all one.

Since the Iraqi war there has been an uncomfortable relationship with UN. Now we have hope that this can change. Father is having those with graduate degrees come for media education so that we can help support the world peace initiatives through the world media.

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