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The Meaning of Bringing 7,000 Ministers to the ICC

Chung Hwan Kwak
December 6, 1987
To the staff of the 25th ICC
Seoul, Korea

Father's Desire to invite 7,000 American ministers to Korea is a very critical step in current providential history; therefore, it is important for us to understand the historical meaning of this dispensation.

It was while Father was in Danbury that he first asked American members to focus on educating 70,000 ministers, and on that foundation to send 7,000 ministers to the ICC in Japan and Korea. What is important about this number 7? It is connected to the time of Elijah when God needed 7,000 righteous representatives in the Cain position to unite with Elijah, as Abel, to make a foundation to receive the Messiah.

In the Old Testament era, the Israelites' lack of faith and their ignorance of God's will led to their failure to unite with Moses. Thus, their goal of establishing a God-centered nation was never reached. Because the Israelites, in the position of Cain, could not completely unite with Moses as their Abel, Israel became divided between Israel (the Cain side) and Judah (the Abel side).

In God's dispensation, division does not occur arbitrarily. God's hope is for each side to lay the proper indemnity conditions so that unity between Cain and Abel can be successfully accomplished.

When Ahab was king of Israel, the prophet Elijah, in the position of Abel, condemned the lack of faith among the Israelites, who were worshipping the false God, Baal [see 1 Kings 17-191. Elijah destroyed the prophets of Baal, but Ahab's evil wife, Jezebel, threatened to kill Elijah, so he fled from Israel. Elijah felt worthless and dejected, but God comforted Elijah, saying, "Don't be disappointed. Throughout Israel I have prepared 7,000 people who never bowed down to Baal" These 7,000 righteous people represented the entire nation of Israel.

Later, who inherited the position of Elijah? John the Baptist. As the Abel figure, John the Baptist was to find 7,000 righteous believers among the whole of Israel to work with Jesus. Unfortunately he failed to do this; therefore, the dispensation had to be prolonged to the time of the Second Coming. Jesus focused primarily on restoring the nation, but True Parents had to lay the foundation on a worldwide level. The 40-year period from 1945 to 1985, culminating with Father's term in Danbury prison, was indeed True Father's worldwide victory condition.

America, as the representative country of the free world, put Father in prison, though he was completely innocent. This is exactly parallel to what happened to Jesus -- the only difference being that in the democratic legal system of America today, there is no death penalty for the crime Father was accused of. However, the courts threatened and persecuted Father to an extreme, unprecedented degree and mobilized all kinds of authorities to "prove" his "guilt:" Father's going to Danbury was truly the 20th-century cross.

Jesus, as he was hanging on the cross and being accused by Satan, completely forgave his accusers. This is the foundation of Jesus' resurrection and the true foundation of Christianity. Likewise, Father's enduring through his term in Danbury, ending in his release on August 20, 1985, can truly be called a resurrection, because under such severe circumstances Father's internal heart, like Jesus', never wavered. He forgave his accusers -- the American people -- and he loved them with an unchanging love. It wasn't only an internal attitude; out of true love Father initiated many far-reaching projects for the sake of America while he was in prison, such as The World and I magazine and the International Security Council.

With the success of the Danbury condition, Father's worldwide 40-year wilderness period ended victoriously. However, in order for this worldwide victory to bear fruit, within the three years following 1985 Cain and Abel must unite. The fruit must be harvested in the nation of Korea, the Fatherland. To accomplish this within the years of 1986, 1987, and 1988, Father has been working to create unity on many different levels.






7,000 Korean leaders of society

7,000 Korean blessed wives

ABEL (Korea)


7,000 American ministers

7,000 International blessed members

CAIN (rest of the world)





America, representing the world in the Cain position, must unite with Korea, the Fatherland in the Abel position. Established Christianity, in the Cain position, must unite with the Unification Church, in the Abel position. The American Christian ministers' coming to Korea represents these two levels of unity.

Within the Unification Church there also must be unity between the Korean members (internal Abel), represented by the 7,000 blessed wives who have been mobilized since June 1, 1987, and the 7,000 international blessed members (internal Cain) who will be coming to assist in the work for the unification of Korea.

Unity must also be made within South Korea itself as the Abel nation. At the end of 1987, Unification Church elders toured all over Korea, educating the leaders of society about the topic of Godism and the need for uniting North and South Korea. These people were given the opportunity to sign a pledge saying they would dedicate themselves to the unity of North and South Korea. Seven thousand signed the pledge. When these Korean leaders of society (national level Cain) can unite with the Korean blessed wives (national level Abel), unity within South Korea can come about. Indeed, in South Korea, the 7,000 blessed wives on the Abel side and the 7,000 leaders on the Cain side have already begun to create the foundation for the unity of the Fatherland.

However, although this foundation has been established in South Korea, Father does not yet have a foundation in Satan's nation, North Korea. So God has to work through the next higher level -- the world level. Since America represents the world, the 7,000 American ministers represent the Cain group on the world level. When a total of 7,000 American ministers have gone to Korea with the ICC, and the 7,000 international blessed members, representing the Abel group on the world level, are mobilized to Korea, a victorious foundation will be created on a world level, encompassing both God's nation and Satan's nation, which will allow Father to begin the process of uniting North and South Korea. Then Kim II Sung will not have any condition to attack Father, because Satan will not be able to block the fulfillment of the unification of Korea any longer.

An Incredible Goal

It is clear that this is True Parents' main goal right now, because Father's motto for 1988 is still the same as in 1987: "The Unification of the Fatherland." Once again we should recognize that we are not involved in a simple project. The Unification Church blessed couples are being mobilized not only to unite the Fatherland; these couples are to be citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom. Those who are involved with accomplishing this goal are truly fortunate to be engaged in Heavenly Father's mainstream dispensation. Please pray and focus on this incredible dispensational goal.

Those of you who have been inviting American ministers to the ICC have seen that some of them want to come to Korea only to enjoy the sights and have an interesting vacation; and some of them do not agree with the Unification Church and Father at all. But nonetheless they are in a very crucial position, representing world Christianity. As we have seen, Father needs the 7,000 representatives of world Christianity for a very important providential reason.

So what is your responsibility? Actually, most of the ministers who attend the ICC are very interested in True Parents but have no chance to meet them directly. Attending the ICC now is an extremely important historical opportunity for their eternal lives, but it will never come again. What will they do if they want to meet Father but cannot? Your mission is to be second selves of True Parents. You represent True Parents -- in the way you guide the ministers, discuss with them, love them, and serve them. Don't forget your valuable position. Be serious and always approach them with prayer. Believe that your hand is not simply your hand; it is an extension of Father's hand. Your face, your mouth -- everything -- represents True Father or True Mother. Only inasmuch as the ministers can respect your attitude and your lifestyle can they respect True Parents. This is very important.

I have attended many kinds of conferences over the years, and the participants invariably tell me, "Oh, your staff was wonderful! How diligent and bright they are! They're very different from ordinary people: Expressing the internal joy you feel in serving True Parents and the ministers is very important. Also, in your appointments with ministers, always be reliable and punctual. Your attitude and standard can affect their eternal lives.

Always Be Confident

Another point: When the ministers ask deep questions about the Principle or our church traditions, be honest and open-minded. With the difficult questions, admit your limitations and tell them, "I cannot answer that question right now, but I'll ask the lecturer and bring the answer back to you." An incorrect answer may damage their spirit. It is not a shame if you cannot answer fully.

Remember: The ICC providence is crucial. The spirit world now completely wants to support you. Jesus is assisting you, and Heung Jin Nim is assisting you. Without your foundation, Heavenly Father and the spirit world cannot work to support you. Therefore, always be confident. If you correctly understand these points and dedicate yourselves to fulfilling the goal of bringing 7,000 ministers, humbly determining yourselves to be second selves of True Parents, you can do it. Don't think about yourselves. This is no ordinary time. 

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