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World Mission Center Prayer Contents

Chung Hwan Kwak
February 1981

The following outline for the contents of prayers is being used in an ongoing prayer vigil at the World Mission Center. Perhaps some readers will find it useful as well.

1. Offer our gratitude and praise to God. We should thank Him that we were called to assist Him in His important dispensational work.

2. Offer our gratitude and praise to our True Parents. We should thank them for their hard work and fulfillment of the ideal and purpose of God's dispensation. We should offer prayer for True Parents' health and safety.

3. Offer prayer for the accomplishment of True Father's yearly motto. The motto for 1981 is "Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven." We must never forget to pray for the fulfillment of the home church providence and our own home church work.

4. Offer prayers for the hard work of our worldwide membership, especially praying for those who are tempted, suffering, persecuted or alone as they work for God.

5. Offer prayers for any special condition or upcoming event in which our church is involved, for instance, 40 day pioneering conditions, preparation for any of our major holidays, etc.

6. Offer prayers that each of us may inherit True Parents' heart and words of truth in our own main missions, praying to be able to fulfill all the duties and responsibilities of our missions.

7. Offer individual prayers. 

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