The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Guidance After the Ambassador For Peace Conference

Chung Hwan Kwak
June 25, 2003
IIFWP - American Leadership Initiative
Hoon Dok Hae
(Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins)

If we clearly understand God and the spirit world there is no problem for America and the World. The world and history clearly is not moving according to power or other aspects but is actually being guided by the spiritual world.

When you join the spirit world, it may be difficult to fully follow Father. Why? Your gate of heart may be narrow compared to Father's heart. Many elder blessed members have revealed this from the spirit world. We have to understand based on our heart.

The power of the spirit world is different than any sort of power in the earthly world. The spirit world power is always linked to the origin and source and subject position of power. If you fully understand the spirit world you will understand that things are motivated completely from within the self because all are linked to the origin.

Anywhere, anytime we have a peaceful mind and a loving mind, the good side of spirit world can work. The current Unification Leaders are always working with a vast heavenly army behind you. Even if you are ignorant of this, they are there. The five saints in the spirit world are peacefully and harmoniously united as one. Someone who joins spirit world finds it is completely impossible to move by ones own idea. We must be able to adopt the fundamental principles of the spirit world and of God to progress in the spirit world. On earth it is different. They could have their own idea but in spirit world this is not so.

Father mentioned, that my teaching or word has no poison. Father taught us on so many countless occasions. Within Father's speech there is no poison. In outside secular world great politician, clergy person or journalist can give such beautiful speech, but in there many times is poison.

You received Father's scolding? Rev. Kwak grows through Father's scolding. If we don't digest Father's speech properly it can cause serious problems, however there is no poison there.

We have entered a new era of the Absolute Family, Doesn't matter what kind of politician or leader, they are all, deep in their original minds seeking for an ideal family. Don't try to use Father centering on your program or idea. We should always absolutely follow Father's plan, not our own.

If you work with your own ability or your own plan or intellect or wisdom, even your hard work, Father's mind will not move. Father will immediately recognize your heart and your internal direction. Father can see if someone has the wrong mind or motivation or direction. When Spring has come the sunshine reaches all the way to heaven. Father is now thinking about how to connect to forgive, and embrace all who betrayed him, left the church or fell away. Father wants to forgive them and connect them to this new Cosmic Spring that is dawning. Don't think in your mind about who betrayed Father or opposed him. We are talking about you. Think about the times you did not follow Father's direction. Always keep hope, Father is looking and always trying to open a door or a way for that person to be connected to God.

Dispensationaly American and the UN must come into a close relationship with God and True Parents. America and the UN must come into a harmonious working relationship. America is in the Abel position before heaven and earth. In the name of America, you cannot work effectively in all the world. But through the UN America has an historic opportunity to unify the world.

When we run into obstacles in the dispensational path don't think of it as a problem. Think it is there to be solved by you and for your training. It is there to help you remove your sin.

What is the proper attitude at this time. Don't think about how I can follow Father. The proper attitude at this time is to think that I must guide my tribe and nation and offer the fruit to Father. Father asked to several persons - How do you think - God loves Father or Father loves God more. His conclusion is that I love God more than God loves me. If he recalls the path, always God's blessing was not complete but conditional. When he received God's blessing, immediately after he would be tested in the most profound way. When Father looks at his 80 or more years of life, he realizes that if he every waived in his heart or love to God he would be destroyed.

Within, don't be tempted to record you name in Unification history. Please don't even imagine this. Father's conclusion is that Father recognizes you, then your name is recorded in history. Not by our desire or work but by Father's recognition.

Dancing, singing, sports game is loved by the secular world. The excitement and good feeling spreads easily to everyone at the event. However, that kind of excitement of feeling can never reach to God. Sacrificial life and tears, life and death lifestyle. This kind of serious heart and development can reach to God.

I am deeply grateful to all of you for your bringing congressman and leaders - your success was due your hard work and sacrifice.

Did you like the event last night. (Yes). What did you like? (Father was honored, Father's words given, God was experienced, the religious and political world could unite and we could go to another level.)

As soon as we finished I received Father's phone call. Father asked, did you share the message from the spirit world? Father scolded me. Father wanted to give more. He wants to give a more fundamental point to them. He wants to help them, not only with their work but with their personal lives.

Without linking to this, they can't work in the spirit world. Being a U.S. Senator has no meaning in the spirit world. How often you link to the spirit world and correctly understand is the most essential thing.

If we link with Father's heart and direction we will not fail. Last night, I myself also felt this was an amazing development of victory, however Father's idea is that we must go to a much higher level. Many important things we missed. Father's idea is that we have to guide this country. We can see that America has vast power, yet compared to the spirit world there is no comparison to the power of God and the spirit world.

Now you can see how we have developed. Many key leaders are so close to us. Congressman Danny Davis speech and testimony was so deep. His testified to Father and is so close. We are grateful.

We must become one with God and True Parents in heart. Centering on our internal standard and unity with Father's words, heart and direction as well as the spirit world. Then when you follow Father's direction with action it will take root and grow.

Now I can see such dispensational change. Now we are talking in real terms about helping and working with America and the UN. Why did Father wait until the year 2001 to make a proclamation in the United Nations. Why didn't Father proclaim this in the year 1990, 1980 or 1970. It was impossible. Father had to lay many indemnity conditions to fulfill. Now, when the conditions were set, he could reveal it.

Father loves America, however he loves God's dispensation more. Father decided that Korea was the Fatherland, Japan the motherland, and America was elevated to the elder son position from the archangel. Father also assigned three countries as daughters countries. Philippines, Taiwan and Canada. Here the daughter country is led by a woman whose Father was also president. And America is led by the president who is a man and whose Father was also president.

The dispensation is so crucial this year centering on our activities with Father. Because of America's mission, these American Congressman and senators must stand firm for God's will. Your foundation in your states on the grassroots level with the Ambassadors for Peace is most critical. Father was happy that 200 came from the 50 states and visited the congressmen.

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