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The ultimate goal of all Unification Church Members

Chung Hwan Kwak
September 1986

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han March 24, 2012

The ultimate goal of all Unification Church members is not simply to follow True Parents or just believe in them, but to actually become their sons and daughters. We cannot become such true sons and daughters without inheriting the essence of True Parents' tradition. How can we do this?

Tradition is not established merely through speaking or teaching, but through action and substantial accomplishment. Our heavenly, God-centered tradition was not established because True Father wrote a theory down on paper. Rather, it came into being through Father's actual experience centering on the guidance of God. His practice, his example, and his step-by-step accomplishment of the will of God in the physical world form the foundation of our tradition.

The Korean headquarters is now publishing bound volumes of Father's speeches. So far 24 volumes have been completed and 210 volumes are planned all together. Each volume contains many speeches. Why do I mention this? In noting these volumes we can easily say that there is no one in the whole world, past or present, whose ideas can compare with Father's in their depth, breadth, or abundance. That is amazing in itself, but even more, Father's actions have completely coincided with his teachings. Every single word, spanning 360 degrees of human thought, is backed up by action -- without exception. In this respect Father surpasses any philosopher or religious leader that ever was, and that is the unique and profound significance behind the publication of these volumes.

In sum, the essence of True Parents' tradition is: to be absolutely God-centered; to focus sacrificially on the whole purpose, not on the self; and to serve and share true love based on Shim Jung. How deeply we can appreciate this tradition! Its essence is so precious. Father actualized this tradition in an absolutely unwavering and unchanging way throughout his entire life.

We can become like Father by following the same pattern. To do this we must know the essence of his tradition. If possible we should check every day whether we are living or actually carrying out these directives in our daily life or not. It is not an easy task for us. Therefore I urge our worldwide membership to try to realize this in a practical way.

First, we must follow Father's instructions. By doing this we will come to have the same form or pattern, and at least resemble Father externally. That is the bare minimum.

Second, we must respect and attend everyone who is connected to True Parents -- not only our central figures, but all members. We must attend everyone who has been touched by them, and respect the elements of True Parents in their hearts. Also, we must respect and attend all things of creation which are connected to True Parents. We respect East Garden not just because it is a house but because True Parents live there. Everyone wants to go to the Rock of Tears in Pusan because it is holy ground, consecrated by True Parents. If we receive a gift from True Parents, we want to preserve and cherish it.

Third, we must respect and be proud of our own selves, for we are also connected to True Parents. Sometimes because our determination, our preparation and our technique are insufficient to fulfill our responsibility, we become disappointed in ourselves and suffer from guilty feelings. But look on the positive side! We should think, "It is true that I am not enough, but because True Parents blessed me, how precious I am! How precious I am together with my spouse, as a couple blessed by the Messiah! Also my hand, my leg! I served True Parents with this hand, and this leg walked under True Parents' direction. How precious they are! How precious my whole body!" And even though our mind often vacillates, we should still remember and reflect, "How many times could I center my original mind on True Parents? How many times could I meditate deeply, make new determination, and give thanks to True Parents? In this mind I have been able to develop a close, heartistic relationship with them. Therefore, how precious is my mind!"

Many people can't even recognize True Parents; but with our eyes we can see them, with our ears we can hear them, and with our mouths we can shout our thanks to them. We should feel grateful that we have different eyes, ears, and mouths from other people. This is not selfishness or egotism. Our special value derives from our connection to True Parents.

Thus we should follow Father's direction, and in this practical sort of way we should automatically respect ourselves, other people, and all things which are linked to True Parents. The more True Parents are the source of our thinking, our actualizing, and our relationships, the more intimately we can inherit their tradition. 

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