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Liberalism and pragmatism in Western culture

Chung Hwan Kwak
March 1985

Today, liberalism and pragmatism are deeply ingrained in Western culture, so deeply that we do not even notice their effect. Yet will such ways of thinking alone lead us out of our present situation into a glorious new era?

The pragmatic way of going about things is often contrary to the way of faith. The pragmatic approach is reasonable, practical, and methodic. It seeks the easiest way to bring results. This serves certain purposes very well. But we are engaged in the momentous effort to overturn satanic dominion and establish God's ideal. The primary quality which the person who is working to bring this about must have is faith. This entails laying indemnity conditions, loving others and sacrificing for them, and following God's direction. If you were to approach problems only with a pragmatic attitude and not with faith, you wouldn't even think of doing seemingly implausible things, and would thereby block God's providence. However, if you put pragmatism secondary, and have faith first, God's Will can be advanced.

At this critical time in history God does not so much need people who have knowledge or technical expertise as He needs people who will hear God's word and actualize it. Father is very concerned about this point.

Our Canaan is not in outer space, nor is it a paradise we enter after death: It is on this earth. In this modern era we don't have to cross the actual Red Sea, but we have to come to some deciding point where we forsake "Egypt" and commit ourselves entirely to the course to Canaan. How many times have we wavered or turned back in our minds to "Egypt"? More and more, God and True Parents are expecting us to follow absolutely. Only God and True Parents know the way through the wilderness and can bring us victoriously into Canaan.

What is a prophet? As Father has explained to me, a prophet first of all is someone who understands the meaning and providence of the age -- the spiritual timetable. A prophet is someone who understands God's Will. Furthermore, he takes the responsibility to proclaim these things, and does not just keep this understanding to himself.

If we look at the prophets in history, they were usually difficult to understand through common sense or logic. But it's not important for what a prophet says to be logical or understandable -- or even reasonable. The most important thing is that he is conveying God's message. We must realize that Father's message is God's message, and that his teachings need not be easy to understand.

Many times Father has spoken about Moses' course and the miracles that occurred then. The Israelites overcame the plague in Egypt and crossed the Red Sea---things that would have been thought impossible. They were to cross the Jordan River into Canaan during the rainy season. The river was swollen and overflowing, but when they obeyed Joshua's order and bore the Ark of the Covenant into the river, the waters parted for them to pass. When they arrived at Jericho, they were told to march around the city one time each day for six days and seven times on the seventh day while the priests blew the trumpets. It sounds ridiculous. But Father has said many times that even though God is almighty, He needs man's immediate response and obedience or His power can never manifest itself.

This year of 1985 marks 40 years since the end of World War II, when Father started his public ministry. This year, therefore, recalls the completion of the 40- year wilderness course centered on Moses. True Parents need strong and brave people who will work decisively to fulfill the Will of God.

As Unification Church members, our responsibility is to urge religious people toward renewal of the Christian spirit, for the sake of this country and the realization of God's ideal. The way we can do this is by sharing our understanding and our lifestyle with fellow Christians. God doesn't want only the Unification Church members to enter Canaan -- we must gather all Christians to go forward together.

Clergy and lay leaders of all denominations should be like a brotherhood under God. We are to bring them together to share with each other and come into harmony. Also, we must effectively convey to them Father's heart and motivation, his tradition of sacrifice for all of humanity.

Many conscientious people in this world seek the leadership of a righteous person. How can we lose this moment? We must do our best to catch it and fulfill God's hope. When Father comes out of prison, it is vital to the progress of God's Will that he be warmly welcomed by both religious and secular leaders around the world. This can only be accomplished upon the foundation of our faith and obedience at this time.


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