The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Reverend Kwak's Guidance To Washington Area Leaders

Chung Hwan Kwak
June 10, 2004
7:30 PM Meeting
Washington DC, Sheraton National Ballroom
Rev. Kwak's Guidance to DC Leaders
Unofficial Draft Notes: T. Walsh

Good evening.

In early days I joined movement. I became DP lecture. Every evening I always taught DP. I sought to learn from elder leaders so I could guide my members. So whenever I go somewhere I try to introduce something of Father's words and his teachings. I have no special topic. I want to share about Father and Mother, activities of our Korean movement, etc.

Father went to Korea and short time he stayed in Seoul. Most of the time he is in Yeosu. You have to know Yeosu. If you don't know Yeosu, you maybe are not real member, maybe a spy. (laughter). Yeosu is center for ocean development, seaside resort area. He want to develop ocean business, island resorts, sightseeing area. He has invested a great deal there, bought a large amount of land. Natural beauty is wonderful. Father has a very big dream for this area. Father is staying there for a long period, and may stay until just before WCSF.

You know ahn shi il, and sung hop ship sung il. In Judeo-Christian era, history, believers kept holy day or Sabbath. Father's view is that Sabbath is for heavenly Father's holiday and joy. Believers lost original meaning, and became human being's holiday and lost sense of God's heart, situation, feeling. They centered on themselves, and their own resting time and joy. Father wants a new tradition. Not 7-day term, but 8 day term. Ahn is glory. Shi means attendance. We must give glory to God, through attendance. Precondition for establishing this Ahnshiil, Father had to lay indemnity conditions to restore heavenly numbers. Since Fall all numbers lost, from 1-10. Satan took them. Father restored all numbers, before he established ahnshi il. Father restored numbers 1-10. Number 8 is like restart. Future heavenly tradition is 8 number, so now we develop calendar, not centered on 7-day system.

Pledge service is only on ahnshi il, every 8 days. Other days are normal Hoon Dok Hae. Father never misses one day or 5 AM Hoon Dok Hae. We should be so ashamed if we miss one day of 5 AM Hoon Dok Hae. So Sunday we keep 5 AM, but as Hoon Dok Hae. We can also still have Sunday service. Pledge, however, is on ahnshi il.

Song hap ship sung il. Song is like pair of subject and object, yang and hin. Hop is harmony and unification. Shik means ten. Sung means victory and il is day. Always there has been historically struggle and suffering. Subject and object always disharmony. Ten means all number 1-10 are victoriously restored. So on May 5, Father wrote song hop ship sung il. Everything harmonizes. In front of Father there is not more conflict. No more Cain territory. Under any circumstances, Father can digest.

This has been a goal for a long time. Even 1998 he blessed evil spirits. In his mind there are no borders. There used to be sacred and secular divide or good and evil, but for Father there is no border. Evil is digested by true love. TP are complete embodiment of True Love, substantial real God. In front of our movement, since he proclaimed realm sung hop ship sung il, not as a day but as a new realm and territory.

But actually we are not worthy subjects of sung hop ship sung il. We need to embody true love fully and fully inherit TP character. Then we also become a subject of sung hop ship sung il territory.

Always Father laid conditions, and then proclaims. We also have to reach that level. This year, compared with last year, is more significant….and we are at a different stage.

Father will stay Yeosu until 10th ahnshi il. First was May 5, and tenth is July 16th. Then he will stay five more days, a total of 85 days. Same number as his age. He wants to stay in Yeosu, closely linked to God, in prayer for this time. So remember Yeosu. Dispensationally this is very important.

We have so many unique words and declarations, such as cheonil guk, foundation day, peace kingdom, etc. All this terminology is directly related to our dispensational culture and TP culture. We must fully and accurately understand. Otherwise we never reach to his heart.

You know about hebang and sukbang. Hebang is like horizontal, external concept of liberation. Sukbang is more vertical and internal liberation, from Satan….more centered on blood lineage and internal aspect.

While in Korea I am very busy. If Father is at Hanam Dong it is convenient for me to go to HDH and late evening to TP. But in Yeosu, it is a long distance, five hours by car. One day Father scolded me, "why you stay in Seoul….this is the headquarters, in Yeosu." I said, "I had to meet so and so…" and Father said, "they have to come to Yeosoo to meet you."

Literally Father, wherever he is, he has the world in his hands. Once again, link to True Parents. Do not only think common sense, or horizontally. Spiritually, I realize Father's status more and more so important.

In South Korea, there is big difference between Koreans from East and from West side. He suddenly announced a meeting of these two regions….and big rally. He gathered 15,000 for a rally, centering topic of unification. He called many leaders and important figures. Every day for True Parents, after hoon dok hae, which usually ends around 8 AM (usually 3 hours), then breakfast, then to ocean. Sometimes after Father returns from ocean fishing in late evening, he will go lake fishing in the evening. Through this, he sets conditions.

Our movement had the form of a religion. This was era of HSAUWC. This was to show model for era of religion. UC movement is in the form of a religion. It represented ideal of Judeo-Christianity which is to meet the second coming. Unfortunately Jews and Christians have no idea of what messiah is or what is messiah's role. They are ignorant of this content. HSAUWC movement knows clearly who is the messiah. Also principle taught us the role and mission of the messiah.

Since 1996, July 31, TF started FFWPU, and that was conclusion of HSAUWC. Form of religion finished. Era of Family began, centered on TP. HSAUWC was form of religion which is awaiting messiah, LSA. FFWPU era is centered on TP. This era continues until all human beings receive the Blessing. It will continue.

Family is essential to establish heavenly kingdom, but it is on sufficient, so he needs and additional era, centering not on True Parents, but centering on True King. FFWPU era is for restore families.

HF and TP have absolute authority. Restored families become citizens of heavenly kingdom, so HF and TP are King of Kings. We have habit of thinking parent and child relationship, and thinking of asking for help or forgiveness, or expecting parental grace. Actually heavenly kingdom is like family, but under king of kings system it is more than family relationship. Our concept needs to develop. How do we transfer from expecting God's grace to being a citizen under a system. Time has changed. They are TP but now also KoKs. We need to transfer, develop. Our habit for a long time is fixed on Parent-Child relationship, and we approach as a child.

In Moses course there was wandering in the desert, with pillar of fire and cloud guiding them and manna and quail, and then they arrived at Canaan and Jericho, and second generation entered Canaan. HF said no more expect manna and quail. No more pillar and cloud. We must become full citizens. Become tribal messiahs. TP gave us his vision, principle, and TM mission, and all his achievement to inherit. We stand on his foundation. We inherit grace. Still our habit is to expect manna and quail. Always await Father's new direction. We have to change now. In other words era of religion and era of family is no enough. We need to know era of true king. We already inherit messiah position, and Father gave us TP title with our own family and responsibility to restore TP position. If we become messiah and TP, we have to become savior to neighbors, etc., and Cain world. We have to reach that level. We are looking for messiah outside ourselves, without realizing our own position as messiah and true parents.

After enter Canaan, lifestyle is completely different from wilderness. God directed them that they eat the fruit of their own labor and harvest. No more manna and quail. God showed how much he loved Israelites and also showed his power to break down Jericho's walls. But Israelites kept old wilderness habits. Also they made inlaw relationship with Canaanites because easier for them to survive. Actually God hates this situation.

Also among our BCs we are tempted by outside world and external things, and even tempted to make inlaw relationship with non-BC. If we do not keep Blessed blood lineage, big problem. This is very important, to education 2nd generation. We must recognize our own precious position.

Israel must establish heavenly kingdom there. But miserable history of Israel started with breakdown here.

So, from now on, all Blessed couples must understand how establish heavenly kingdom. How do we move from Blessed Couple position to Citizenship position.

Until now our habit is focus on our own way and own vertical relationship. Each has some precious value system with True Parents, but centering on TP. Each is different. Even each department or area, has its own precious view based on Father's guidance and direction. But future, under King of Kings, need to horizontally harmonize to establish heavenly kingdom. Until now we have mainly focus on each area separately to fulfill its mission, so each thinks "my area and my mission is so important," drawing on some aspect or part or fragment of Father's guidance. We need to gradually adapt to new reality. This progress is necessary. All Blessed couple please check yourself and your status. Are you still in era of religion. Or you have one foot in era of religion and one foot in family era. We have to graduate the era of religion. But if we analyze we see we still need repentance and need to lay condition to go over Satan's accusation, so may still need to belong to church. If you have absolutely no mistake and no guilty feeling, and you fully completely graduated, then you have no need for church.

One foot is in church and one foot is at family stage, but already time is for heavenly kingdom and cheonil guk era. We have to practice citizenship, and adapt to heavenly law system. This is like the living principle in the world.

One example, in ahnshi il. How do we use? It is special grace. Ahnshi is to attend God and TP. But also King of Kings. We have to develop. Ahnshi il is practice to serve others, share true love to others, to someone, anyone, to relatives, neighbors,….stranger. This practice is so important.

Muslim practice zakat giving of alms. Also Ramadan fasting. Prayer 5 times a day. One time to Haj. So precious their tradition. Even in airport they pray.

Each ahnshi il we need practice. We have to serve others.

Think of True Parents not at True Parents, but King of Kings.

Recently when I pray, I have a lot of tears because I automatically linked to TP and TP heart. They are seeking person who inherits their heart and who are true object in front of them. Truly he is looking where is my real object. This mean, we have to reach that level as his true object.

Often I felt, in Father's mind and heart not always he is looking at position or leadership role of person. One time I brought high level head of state, but he has no border in his thinking. Even he is not looking at Rev. Kwak's position. He no longer has any Cain person, but Abel or object person before him. Blessed couples must hurry up internally.

Of course the heartistic relationship is important. It takes time, but actually many newly joined persons now are quick to have deep relationship with TP. This is real time grace and time benefit.

I don't know, from now on, Father may not spend so much time in America. Even this time I felt Father may go quickly to America, but until WCSF he will stay in Korea. After WCSF probably he will visit here, but I don't know how long they will stay here. Perhaps not like before. So I expect American relationship to develop heartistic relationship and develop heavenly objectivity to King od Kings.

Without detail announcement Father's foundation in Korea is well developed. For example Yongpyeong ski resort area. Very unique site. Average 700 meters elevation. Temperature is so ideal in summer. Biggest ski site in Korea. Father bought. Value is more than 750 million dollars. Amazingly valuable resort.

Yoido Island site is fully resolved and no block to build headquarters. Next year we will begin to develop. Plan is 72 stories. This is our goal, desire. This will be a landmark of Seoul. Highest value of land.

In N Korea we are recognized for our business effort, auto factory. Of course Father never directed SK Pak to focus on money. Father's role is more and more important for unification of N and S Korea.

Father is so amazing. Not for one moment is his relationship with God changeable. Also, externally, he is always planning every second or moment.

Our mission is to think, how do we testify to Father.

Recently I was lecturing to principals of high schools in major cities. They gathered, 300, 400, 500 at a time. I testified to Father, centering on character education or youth, and Peace UN vision. They were very inspired and became Ambassadors for Peace.

How do we accurately testify to TP? My mission is very easy, I thought, because Father's vision and accomplishment is so amazing. Since history began, who has realized such a worldwide foundation. No one on this earth has done this. No one has such a teaching on spiritual world. Recently A. Betancourt reported on a spiritualist who received messages of Kim Il sung with guidance on Korean Unification.

Korean society is so unstable. So many liberals and even communists. I reported to Father how serious the situation. Father said don't be too concerned. Human beings are not in control of history. But do not misinterpret this point. Of course we as human beings still have our portion of responsibility.

Special grace through Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. [incomplete here]

Father is only person who restored religious conflict and disharmony. Pope tried to convene everyone, but so difficult and so poorly carried out in Assisi 10 or 15 years ago. Who has been trying to solve racial and religious problem? Because of Father's effort we can easily testify, so real and so easy.

As leaders, please understand our current position and check and analyze your own status and accurately adopt to current dispensation.

Father's 88th birthday is very important. That ceremony will be very important. I made a special task force for this project. Before 88th birthday, TP need to enter the palace at Chung Pyung. Truly this is TP palace.

Has TF spoken about election in USA? President's family is very important. If they do not fulfill their responsibility, it is very difficult.

Homosexuality is a very serious problem. Of course eventually HF will destroy this sin, but we also need to work to fulfill our responsibility to teach the principle and explain heavenly family tradition and ideal. Teach that for man, what is most precious is true love. Not power, wealth, power, but true love. This is main source of human character. Centering on true love we gain happiness and peace and freedom. Everything is related to true love…..and we gain this through family experience. Four realms or heart. Also animal world does not practice homosexuality.

Day of All Things and July 1st Celebration are in Yeosoo. Father wants one island for each nation, in Yeosoo area.

Originally God created man to become True Parents and second to become True Teacher and then True Owner. TP is family ideal and TT position is to educate true tradition to children and younger generation, as man inherits God's wisdom. True Teacher is teacher of wisdom. Elder teaches centering on cosmic order. Then Adam is to become True Owner and need system, and so King of Kings is a fuller understanding of God and of Father, fuller than parent and child relationship. King of Kings position is fuller and includes more than parents but full governance position.

In spiritual world we are all son and daughter position before God. Integrated in a system.

King of Kings is more complex, horizontal and vertical, as top governing position.

Father wants to develop helicopter for sightseeing, and easier transportation. Helicopter can go from island to island. Father wants to develop this area, as a dealer for helicopters, and eventually include assembly and repair and equipment supply of helicopter.

Now I am thinking of internet broadcasting in Korea, and cable tv broadcasting company. First of all, we develop a film production company. Also, from end of July we will begin internet broadcasting of each ahnshi il pledge with TP worldwide. But you will need to learn Korea, but soon we will have in English and Japanese.

Every month the Korean church distribute one video film for the entire Korean movement, but focused on Korean movement.

In Japan we are educating both NKs in Japan and SKs in Japan, centering on peace and unification and reconciliation ideal.

Also, working again to develop international highway project between Korea and Japan.

End of notes.

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