The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Comments at a Press Conference

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak
February 8, 2000
Seoul, Korea
Foreign Correspondents Club

185 nations are represented at the WCSF 2000

150 nations are represented at the Blessing.

10,000 Matched and Blessed Couples

20,000 Previously Married Couples

Many millions worldwide simultaneously by satellite and internet.

Percentage of failure in our Blessings: 5% failure rate This can happen in two cases: When a spouse loses their faith. When a spouse fails to live up to the commitment to maintain fidelity.

Membership Three Categories

1) Full time missionaries Worldwide 4.5 million Korea 220,000 Japan 50,000

2) Associate members 10s of millions

3) Home Member similar to a Movement of people who are not our Church members, many belonging to another faith, but who hold many common values. 800 million worldwide Nigeria, Philippines, and Brazil have the largest numbers of our members.

Blessing Expenses:

Each Korean matching participant pays 1.2 million won including accommodation and transportation while in Korea.

Japanese matching participants pay 1.2m yen

West European matching participants pay $1400

Finances are raised by the movement for these events:

1) Donations from members worldwide

2) Businesses which support our ideals donate profits

3) The Korean economic crisis is not as bad now as it was in 1998 and 1999. After restructuring the businesses are doing much better.

How does rev moon relate to the both South and North Korea:

The work for unification is ongoing. Rev Moon is a citizen of South Korea. He has worked incredibly hard for the overthrow of communism. But he is also a religious leader who believes in reconciliation.

Rev. Moon talked to Kim Il Sung about God and the error of their ideology when Rev. Moon visited Kim Il Sung. Now there are North Korean young people who are participating in the blessing. They are getting blessed after their photos were brought to NE china. Their photos will go to Manchuria while they remain in NK.

Pyongyang has a Unification Church. We are the only religion that has received permission to build a church in North Korea. We will use it as a home for other religions as well.

We carried out underground missionary activity both in the former Soviet Union and North Korea and the participants are the fruits of this work.

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