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Amazing Developments Relating to the Restoration of the Fatherland

Chung Hwan Kwak
March 1988

Greetings to all leaders and members as you know, our True Parents are in Korea, following a very busy and active schedule. Amazing developments are coming about, relating to the restoration of the Fatherland. In 1988, True Parents will link their worldwide victorious conditions to the substantial dispensation in Korea. Therefore I believe that Father will seriously focus on Korea this year, as well as the United States.

Korea absolutely needs Father's guidance and prayers. Until now, Father has made his major substantial investment and brought the most visible results in America, not in Korea. Thus he has perfectly applied the principle of loving and serving the one in Cain's position at the sacrifice of Abel. The year 1988, however, is the year in which the foundation in America will be brought to Korea, where it will have a substantial, visible impact. And this of course occurs on the basis of True Parents' investment in deep prayer, which has been more serious over the past months than ever before.

In May 1987, Father established an organization very important to the future of Korea: the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland (CFUF). Some 7,000 Korean blessed wives are now working full-time for this movement, all over Korea. On the foundation of their prayer and sacrificial commitment, all aspects of our movement in Korea are supporting the CFUF, including PWPA, IFVOC, CARP, ICSA, and the church itself. Father is educating the Korean nation to understand and fulfill its historical position and responsibility. Our members and organizations are working on the level of province, county, town, and village for the resurrection and practical guidance of the people. In this way, our CFUF is even more effective than the Korean government in preparing the way for the unification of North and South Korea. Naturally, Father's stature in Korea is rising rapidly. Many Koreans respect Father more and more, and they deeply appreciate his concern for the goal of unifying all of Korea.

Members worldwide should naturally be one with True Parents' main dispensational activities. We should support the unification of the Fatherland both spiritually and practically. This is the clear significance of this year's motto: "The Unification of the Fatherland." Related with this most immediately and directly is the ICC providence to bring 7,000 American ministers to Korea to understand and appreciate Father's activities and thought. This has very significant meaning in relationship to the unification of the Fatherland.

The 7,000 ministers are historically parallel to the 7,000 faithful Israelites that God prepared for the prophet Elijah, as the national level foundation to receive the Messiah.

I want to strongly emphasize the importance of the ICC work in America. I urge each member and leader in America to try to send at least one minister to Korea. This is definitely the highest priority for regional coordinators, state leaders, and city leaders. Beyond the ICC itself, the ICC Alumni Association should help develop the seed of the dispensation that was planned through the ministers' experience at the ICC. For the sake of the renewal of America, Christians need to return more and more fervently to Jesus' original lifestyle and spirit.

The themes of the Alumni Association are two. First, openness to others -- especially the ideal of, Christians breaking down denominational barriers and embracing each other, and the world, in love. Second, service. The International Christians for Unity and Social Action (ICUSA) should inspire all ministers to action, not just words. We must concretely practice love, beginning on the local level, and gradually expand outward. Ministers must concern themselves with the problems of American society. ICUSA is the vehicle prepared by Father for this work.

I expect True Parents to focus equally on Korea and America this year. Because of Father's victorious conditions, Satan cannot argue with his directions at all. Satan can never challenge or attack True Parents directly. Therefore, the path of utmost wisdom for all Unification Church leaders and members is to unite perfectly with True Parents and their direction. In particular, I remind the blessed couples in America to prepare for the mobilization to Korea. Gradually make your financial foundation, putting aside a set percentage of your income for this purpose.

Why is absolute unity with True Parents the mark of utmost wisdom? It is because if we are totally united with True Parents, then we automatically stand on their foundation, which is not vulnerable to Satan. Hence we should be confident and brave and above all act with absolute belief. Such a spirit is exemplified to an amazing degree by Heung Jin Nim. Please believe and understand him, and thereby gain for yourself that total freedom and victorious confidence that comes through standing on True Parents' foundation.

Even in the short period of time of Heung Jin Nim's work, we are amazed at what a powerful impact he has had on our lives and our movement. Spiritual reality has now become completely substantial, a reality accessible to our physical senses. That a spirit person can be constantly present on the earth is a result of Father's worldwide victorious foundation. So we expect this year that the spirit persons of our departed church elders and members will also work on the earth. Furthermore, not only our members but religious founders such as Mohammed and Buddha, as well as the forefathers of Christianity, will be able to work directly on earth as well. More and more, the spirit world will closely work with us. So I counsel the worldwide membership: Do not forget your pledge in front of Heung Jin Nim; do not lose your determination in front of Heung Jin Nim.

I pray that all of you, as True Parents' followers, will dedicate 1988 to the achievement of your personal victory, a victory that is your own and centered on the glory of God and True Parents, not on an individualistic level of purpose. 

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