Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Pre-Blessing Clarification

Chung Hwan Kwak
August 28, 1998

Thank you for your continuing hard work for God's Providence and your efforts to fulfill the 360 million couple Blessing. It has come to my attention that there is still confusion regarding the minimum standards for giving the pre-blessing. I want to reaffirm the essential content of my Feb. 26, 1998 memo. Please communicate this memo to your leaders and members.

My memo from February 26 contained the following:

Moreover, it has come to my notice that, perhaps due to over-emphasis on the result numbers themselves, some methods are being used which have departed from the standard of the Blessing. I am aware that each of your hearts is loyal and sincere before Heaven. As it is True Father's strong direction that we maintain the Principle standard, please be concerned about this point, and implement the following directions:
1. Regarding the giving of pre-blessings: Candy, chocolate, cookies, etc., may not be used to convey Holy Wine. It is permissible to mix the Holy Wine in juice. In addition, "pure love candy" (or similar) that includes Holy Wine may be used for young, single people only as part of pure love education (i.e. it may not be used for giving them the blessing.)

In addition to the above, please guide your members to understand that valid pre-blessings must:

1. Mention True Parents' name.
2. Mention the four vows.
3. Couple or person must drink Holy Wine or Holy Juice only.

From now all reports of pre-blessing results that are sent to Korea need to be confirmed by the Continental HQ as follows:

I am aware of the official requirements for valid pre-blessing ceremonies, and affirm that the couples reported here were pre-blessed according to these standards.
Name: _______________ Date: _______________

Based on the above content, I anticipate questions and concerns regarding the status of current pre-blessing results which include couples who have been pre-blessed according to different standards. Further clarification regarding the pre-blessing result up to the present is now being considered. Please continue to guide your members to give the pre-blessing according to the Principle standard.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak
FFWPU International President

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