The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Notes on Rev. Kwak's Speech

Chung Hwan Kwak
April 4, 2003
Notes by J. Mathison

This is the gist of Rev. Kwak's speech on April 5th to the Council of Affiliated Organizations:

What is the Kingdom of God centered on True Parents? It is to be a substantial kingdom. Rev. Kwak said our idea may not be the same as True Parents. So what is True Parents' idea?

The heart, lungs, and stomach do not make policy. Directives (laws) come from the brain (God) to the spinal cord (True Parents) to the nervous system (political parties). That's True Parents' idea, according to Rev. Kwak's speech.

"True Parents must manage or govern the Kingdom of God by heavenly law." This is so because we are not complete yet-- we are not one in heart with True Parents and God. Thus, the day is coming when there is no longer any more grace, and instead they will rule us by heavenly law.

Later, we can come back under the dominion of grace when we accomplish our responsibilities of Blessed Family and tribal level Kingship.

"Father expects us to unite and [to] have full cooperation [from us]." The Kingdom of God over which True Parents have been crowned as rulers is not conceptual, symbolic, or conditional-- their rulership is meant to be substantial.

The nervous system (Blessed Couples) unites in full cooperation with the directives of the brain (God) via on the spinal cord (True Parents). This is the new order True Father wants to create.

[Equating the "nervous system" both with Blessed Couples and political parties seems to indicate that True Parents need feedback from us in order to rule-- just as much they need someone to cooperate with them and follow the directives they issue-- imo.]

We need to keep an attitude and heart of cooperation and harmony centered on trying to understand True Father's idea and plan. In this spirit, I offer this summary of the main points of Rev. Kwak's speech.

Jim M.

P.S. Rev. Kwak also indicates that the True Children [imo: those among them who fulfill their responsibility] will hold positions above blessed couples in this new order in the CIG.

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