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True Father's 40 years of sacrificial effort is becoming visible in Korea

Chung Hwan Kwak
June 1988

In Korea, the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland (CFUF) is continuing to expand its educational outreach. Church centers in 1,500 community districts (called myun) are being created, and almost 3,500 professors, including those who participated in the tours of our movement in the United States, will be assisting these local centers. Already seminars are being offered to citizens in each myun on the theme of Godism, including Unification Thought and Divine Principle. Community service projects and patriotic educational programs are being planned in order to help prepare for the future.

Each of the 1,500 districts will soon have its own newly-built community building, which will be used for church services on Sundays and for educational projects developed by the professors on the other six days. Father is even expecting the professors themselves to give the Sunday sermons. Most of the professors who volunteered to help organize the Citizens' Federation thought they would only be doing research and teaching at their universities, but now their concepts have changed and they are more and more eager to become involved in local CFUF activities.

The development and expansion of the work of the CFUF is vital as the time for the general election including both North and South Korean candidates nears. Through our seminars, community and opinion leaders and the general citizenship can come to clearly understand the dangers of communism and North Korea's strategy. Because the Citizens' Federation is under the leadership of university professors, it is well respected. The Korean people have a higher regard for scholars than for politicians, who are generally working for their country with a less pure motivation.

No one is exactly sure when a general election will come, but after the Olympics this summer, the representatives of all the nations who attend the Games should be able to recognize how false North Korean propaganda about the South really is. They will see that there has been much more progress in economic development in the South than in the North. As this becomes known, I believe the North Korean leaders will become increasingly uncomfortable. Their strategy for holding elections is to appeal to the people's desire for peaceful and democratic unification, but through this election North Korea actually wants to gain total dominion over the South. South Koreans are generally very ignorant about North Korea. On campuses and in the labor unions, radical left-wing groups are quite active, and the North Korean government is relying on the support from these groups to gain influence in the South.

Since we understand Father's view of the providential destiny of the Korean peninsula, we know that the CFUF is extremely important for the sake of Korea. The time for the mobilization of blessed couples has not yet been set and is in large part dependent upon the development of the CFUF.

In South Korea today, True Father's 40 years of sacrificial effort is becoming more and more visible in many different areas -- business, education, industry, and culture. More and more Koreans, especially the leaders in these various fields, have come to respect Father highly.

I pray that the worldwide membership can offer their deepest and most heartfelt support and prayers to these important activities in Korea. This work is being done not only for the sake of Korea -- it has pivotal dispensational meaning for the future of the entire world. 

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