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Father's Impressive Vision

Chung Hwan Kwak
October 1986

Sun Myung Moon March 25, 2012

In the course of my work I am always meeting with religious leaders and other people of influence, so I have many opportunities to explain what our movement is doing. Naturally, they are very impressed with what they hear about Father's life and work. Internally they are moved for three important reasons. First, Father's idea -- his vision -- is far beyond their own thought. Second, Father's teaching is not mere philosophy. His vision, no matter how high or how incredible, has already been applied and made manifest in the countless projects he has inspired. The profound relevance of his ideas can be seen in their ongoing progress. Third, everything Father has initiated has deep spiritual content; God and spirit world recognize and are assisting all that we do. It is for this reason that his ideas have the power to become reality.

God and the spirit world are very anxious to support us. As Unification Church members we must realize, however, that without laying conditions and fulfilling our own portion of responsibility, they cannot do so. In this sense, everything depends on us.

Think of our missionaries. Without exception, those who have achieved any measure of success in their work have done so on a foundation of great effort and suffering. In the early stages, our missionaries can often do nothing but spiritual work -- deep prayer with sincere commitment and dedication in the face of all kinds of serious barriers.

As you know, we have missionaries in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Can you even imagine what kind of danger and difficulty they face daily? Unless they are very sensitive to God and the spirit world, they will make no significant progress. Even to begin witnessing, they must prepare internally; they cannot open their mouths until they receive some sign or feel absolutely confident from within that they can safely speak to someone. They must make a strong foundation of prayer and follow the promptings of their original mind. Such missionaries must be very focused and alert.

Let me share one example with you in some detail. One brother who has been working quietly for a long time in a communist country felt a strong, internal command one day to go quickly to a particular university campus. Excited to think he was at last receiving specific guidance, he hurried to campus. There he felt further that he should go into a particular classroom. Inside there was nobody except an art student, who ignored him and continued painting. He waited, but felt nothing. He went away for a while, returned to the same classroom, and waited again, but felt nothing. Suddenly someone else opened the door and came in. Immediately our brother felt, "Yes, it's this person!" And this other person, too, almost jumped to see our brother there. Neither said a word, but there was already some kind of eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart communication.

What followed was a simple greeting. They left the classroom and began a conversation. Our brother discovered that the person he had met was someone of considerable importance in the country. Furthermore, this person was well prepared in heart for this encounter because of having repeatedly seen our brother's face in visions -- and in precise detail! The content of such visions as these pertain to eternal life-and-death matters. The first time the vision came had been five years earlier, even though our missionary had been in that country less than three years!

The significance of this incident is that Heavenly Father had been preparing that country and that person long before our missionary arrived. Since the person our brother met is so important, the dispensation for that nation can now move to a higher level.

Also as you know, many ministers have been having strong spiritual experiences when they visit the holy ground in Pusan -- Father's Rock of Tears. Actually, that holy ground can be reached only after a difficult climb. Our guests usually arrive sweating and puffing, only to find nothing but a rock! Still, they usually have meaningful spiritual experiences there. Why? Because that rock represents the extraordinary foundation of Father's suffering upon which our whole international movement has been built.

All those years ago, Father used to go there to pray at night or early in the morning. It used to be a very quiet place surrounded by trees; Father would listen to the sound of the water in a nearby stream. Even now, despite the fact that there are houses not far away, that kind of open, spiritual feeling remains. And it doesn't matter what kind of person comes to visit; he will find spiritual treasures there. The main point is that wherever Father has made a foundation, spiritual phenomena can occur.

God and Father have prepared a great foundation for us, but I want to emphasize once again that without our dedication and the fulfillment of our portion of responsibility, it is impossible to actualize our dream.

Every corner of the world is awaiting guidance through Father's plan. Father's methods are not superficial, temporary, or partial. In a sense, they are radical. They go to the very root of the problem in order to bring the solution. Everywhere it goes the Unification movement works through the Principle to explain God's ideal, the problem of original sin, and the process of salvation -- even the concept of True Parents and the changing of blood lineage. Father's approach is always related to the fundamental problem -- and the fundamental solution. Therefore, we should be very proud of Father and of our work. 

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