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ICUS Planning Board Meeting

Chung Hwan Kwak
June 1, 1986

From May 28 to June 1, 1986, the ICUS Planning Board met at the Sterling Forest Conference Center just outside New York City. Present were 17 professors of the board as well as the committee chairmen for this year's conference -- ICUS XV. Suggestions were made on how to improve the conference, proposals for next year's conference were reviewed, and seven committees were selected for approval by the ICF Board of Directors. It was also announced that Dr. Alvin N. Weinberg of the Oak Ridge Associated Universities would be the 1987 conference chairman.

The participants discussed the publication of the ICUS books that are generated by each conference, as well as the annual commemorative volume. It is anticipated that Paragon House publishers will produce 16 ICUS books this year. The possibility of starting an ICUS journal to further its outreach into the academic community was also considered.

Rev. C. H. Kwak was able to attend briefly, and he gave a speech in which he introduced the idea of Shim Jung and described his recent meetings with a representative of the Pope and a representative of the Church of England. Dr. Sang Hun Lee also gave two presentations on Unification Thought and presented each participant with his new book The End of Communism. 

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