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Father knows how difficult our CAUSA work is

Chung Hwan Kwak
March 1986

While I was in Korea with Father, I knew that his heart was still with the American members. Father knows how difficult our CAUSA work is, but he wants us to focus more on the 2- day workshops. I also know how difficult it is, and I sometimes think how much easier it is to hold one-day workshops. Of course, it is still important to have one-day seminars, evening seminars and dinner programs, and to try to create a base with the ministers in all kinds of ways; but all of these events should lead to the two-day workshop.

Why has Father emphasized the importance of the two-day workshop? When the ministers spend the night within the atmosphere of the workshop, talking and sharing with members until late at night, a certain spiritual bond of closeness is created. In a one-day seminar, that elusive land is not created. CAUSA itself is not the final goal. Even Principle workshops are not the final goal. The real goal is reaching Father's heart. Father's desire is for the ministers to develop a heartistic and faithful relationship with us.

So Father's goal is actually far beyond CAUSA. A two-day CAUSA workshop is only one step toward the ultimate goal. Next will come something else, then something else. Father is hoping for a deep internal response from the clergy.

Unification Church members must come to understand clearly about Godism, and its importance for the 21st century and the entire future. Eventually all mankind must follow Godism. In Korea, Father shared with many of the leaders that communism will soon decline rapidly -- not only in the areas of economics and technology -- but also in terms of its goals for international conquest. The democratic worldview is also no longer viable. Because they have no religious content, these existing ideologies cannot survive. The communist world and the free world can only survive by adopting a new, revolutionary ideology which can connect God's truth to the whole world.

Father expects the members to understand this deeply so that we can be liberated from existing concepts. We can easily be liberated from communistic concepts, but we also need to be liberated from democratic concepts. Without being liberated from these, we cannot have room internally for new concepts. Heavenly Father is never concerned about the salvation of one nation alone, but of the whole world. So we must quickly overcome nationalism.

If you feel afraid, then of whom are you afraid? God or Satan? Satan is a contemptuous being who always argues about his own situation. In front of God, the best way is not the selfish way, but the public way -- living, loving and sharing for the whole purpose. By making strong spiritual conditions, we do not need to fear Satan, especially if we have already been blessed. Yet if we don't understand the spirit world and can't relate to God personally, it is difficult for us to have any real motivation. True Parents are anxious for us to have a close personal relationship with God and maintain a public way of life. God doesn't just want to relate to us through our belief, our knowledge, or our imagination: He wants to live through us, to relate to us through our daily life. Father emphasizes this so often. So how can we maintain the right attitude and keep living for the sake of others? There is only one practical way -- by developing an unchanging relationship with God.

Once Father spoke very strongly and said that when a person has meaningful spiritual experiences, his vertical relationship with God is strong and he will never grow tired… 

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