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The meaning of the year 1985

Chung Hwan Kwak
December 1985

Last January we celebrated God's Day with a sorry and guilty feeling in our hearts because Father was still in Danbury and had only a restricted amount of time to be with us. Yet Father's God's Day speeches were incredibly bright and encouraging. He talked about many hopeful things, especially in reference to our future. All those who were in attendance will never forget Father's attitude that day. He never once mentioned his difficulties; he did not talk about the terrible conditions in prison. Nor did he seek comfort or sympathy from his followers. Rather, he was constantly sharing, loving, and giving us guidance. We can see that Father's traditional method of teaching is by his own example.

As the year 1985 began, we were in the time period of True Father's modern-day crucifixion. While Father was in prison he laid many historical indemnity conditions, spiritually and physically, and upon this sacrificial foundation he accomplished a great victory. August 20 cannot simply be considered the day of his personal release from prison -- it was the moment of Father's resurrection. The main activities and accomplishments of our movement during the year 1985 were actually the external conditions Father laid in Danbury for his victory. The events to be especially noted are these:

1. Before August 20, more than 7000 Christian ministers were educated in CAUSA seminars centering on Godism. On that foundation, 1700 ministers gathered on August 20 in Washington DC to welcome Father at the God and Freedom Banquet -- conservatives and liberals, whites, blacks, and yellows, and many denominations. We are continuing to educate ministers in the CAUSA worldview, with our goal for 1985 to educate 70,000 ministers.

2. The Second International PWPA Congress was held in Geneva on August 13-17, entitled, "The Fall of Soviet Empire' In order to claim a victory, True Parents had to be able to declare the collapse of the Soviet Empire.

3. The blessed children's 40-day training session was held in Korea, from July 8 to August 15. Centering on Hyo Jin Nim, as representative of the second generation, the blessed children joined heartistically together and internally united with the True Children.

4. This summer Christian ministers from America attended several ICC conferences in Korea. As you know, Korean Christianity originated in the 19th century from the efforts of American missionaries. This year, American Christian ministers went on a pilgrimage to Korea, at their own expense, to learn about True Parents and the origin of the Principle. This phenomenon is heartistically very important to Father.

5. By initiating the International Security Council, Father brought together over one hundred retired military experts from around the free world to discuss the vital issues of future world security.

6. Father also created the Assembly of World Religions for the purpose of bringing about world peace through religious harmony. At the first assembly, on November 15-20, 600 representatives from all world religions gathered together, including clergy, religious scholars, artists, and spiritual seekers. Through this assembly, the International Religious Foundation (IRF) will substantially expand its network into virtually every corner of the globe.

7. Father also created the monthly magazine You and I, an encyclopedia of current scholarly essays and educational materials that will impart and develop a God-centered vision for the future direction of humankind. Scholars connected with the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) will be contributing substantially to the content of You and I.

8. During this year I visited the People's Republic of China twice at the request of Father, Through this Father showed his deep love and concern to the communist countries.

In these and many other ways Father, completely ignoring his own suffering, was reaching out from a small cubicle in a federal prison to the worldwide level, in an intense effort to bring lasting global peace and harmony to suffering mankind.

During this year Father also overcame incredibly internal difficulties. Satan always looks for complaints, but Father never complained. He was always 100 percent grateful for his situation, and he continued to share love with others and forgive them. Father won his victory over Satan internally because of his condition of constant faith. Satan had to release him because there was no more foundation for him to attack on any level whatsoever.

The Messiah is born sinless, already from birth beyond Satan's attack. If the Messiah were not concerned with restoring anyone else, Satan would not bother him. But the Messiah comes to save sinful mankind, so Satan's territory is threatened. The Bible doesn't record this very well, but Jesus wanted to build a certain foundation in the satanic world by carefully making conditions. His goals to save mankind were a threat to Satan's regime. Satan said, "This is mine! Why are you involved here?" He feared losing the territory he once claimed as his own. Jesus was taking what used to be his people, his nation, his world. Although he could not directly attack Jesus, Satan was able to attack him through other people.

In the same way Father was attacked by Satan seriously during the past forty years, but through his 21-year course Father made all the conditions needed for his worldwide victory by 1981. After that he could have stayed at East Garden or gone to Korea or to a tropical island and lived with his family the rest of his life in peace and safety. Satan had no more grounds to attack him. The foundation of the True Children and the blessed couples had been laid and would gradually expand, and sinless children would multiply over the globe. But Father knew that at such a rate it would take hundreds of years for the whole world to be restored; meanwhile, thousands of people were dying and going to hell every day. So Father, out of compassion for fallen mankind, stayed on the front line, even taking responsibility for the children's course.

Because of this, Satan reattacked him and even his children. If all Unification Church members had heartistically united and had not made external conditions for Satan's accusation, then Satan would never have attacked Father. But our hearts were not deep enough. So Satan had Father put in jail. In prison, Father rebuilt all the conditions necessary for victory over Satan. Internally, Father's attitude was to completely love and forgive Cain, never wavering, and to express gratitude to God in every situation. Externally, he reached out in love to all mankind, and to all other religions of the world, centering on the future, by planning and carrying out the historical events that I mentioned. So Satan could find no more conditions to attack Father.

To inherit True Father's victory, we have to make our own minimum condition. Father wanted to pass his victory on to us internally through the Holy Water Ceremony and externally through total mobilization of our members. To share in this means that we must, as he did, offer our pure gratitude to God in any situation and love Cain with God's love.

Because of True Parents' victory, we must be proud that we are following True Parents. If we are absolutely united with our True Parents, then we should be honored to say that we are their sons and daughters. 

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