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Looking Back At the Year 1986

Chung Hwan Kwak
January 1987

Of the 12 months of 1986, Father spent eight of them in his homeland. This was mainly to connect Father's worldwide victorious foundation to Korea, the central nation of the providence. Most of Father's efforts last year were concerned with this one important aspect. In the past Father has been welcomed on a national level upon arriving in Korea, but this time was different: Father did not arrive alone but with prominent people who could testify to his worldwide victories: eminent scholars, religious leaders, and political and media representatives. Thus Father, together with these representatives of his global foundation, received a welcome from the Korean people on a completely new level.

Because of the importance of connecting his foundation to Korea, Father gave many public speeches there. Father spoke to scholars, professors, student body leaders, ministers, religious leaders, and IFVOC representatives on all levels. Father gave more public speeches in 1986 than he gave in his entire public ministry. This is because he wanted to embrace the leadership of the country with his heart. The main point of Father's message was that Korea needs to deeply connect with its God-given providential purpose.

During his more than eight months in Korea, Father also set up a spiritual foundation through his prayer. At such important moments in the dispensational timetable there is always the potential for attack from Satan's side, so Father was very concerned about building a strong prayer foundation.

World Recognition for Korea

Because of the internal conditions set by Father, the nation of Korea has been receiving much more world recognition and arousing more interest than ever before. On the positive side, Korean economic development, the increase of trade, the athletic excellence displayed by the Koreans at the Asian Games -- such things have made an amazing impression on the world. Un Jin Nim's participation in the Asian Games was very significant. On the negative side, the Korean peninsula was the center of a lot of internal turmoil in 1986. This is inevitable because of Korea's role in restoration history, but in any case, no one in the world can ignore Korea anymore.

In March, Korean PWPA professors held lectures in 166 communities in Korea, and they all testified publicly to Father's value. Such extensive outreach had never been attempted before. Dispensationally this was a very significant condition made by the representatives of Korean academia. On this foundation, 50 American, Japanese, and European professors and theologians connected with PWPA, ICF, and IRF went on a special lecture tour around Korea in July. This also had great impact on the Korean people, who could hear directly from these professors about Father's incredible accomplishments worldwide.

Un Jin Nim's Blessing to Jin Hun Nim and the Blessing of the 36 Couples of the second generation in April were also very significant and historical events. Father's victory and glorious return to Korea was like the entering of Canaan by the second- generation Israelites, and these Blessings officially opened the new era of the second generation. Connected to this was the very successful third World CARP Convention held in New York City in October. Great advancement of the unity of the second generation was accomplished through the strong and spirited leadership of Hyo Jin Nim as World CARP president.

Although it would be impossible to recount all the historical events of 1986, a few significant ones could be mentioned. The Council for the World's Religions held several substantial conferences promoting inter- and intrareligious unity. The Religious Youth Service brought young volunteers from all over the world to impoverished communities in the Philippines in a noble effort towards world peace through religious harmony and service.

Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy (ICC) gave hundreds of American ministers the opportunity to research the roots of Rev. Moon and the Unification Church through direct experience in the central providential nation.

Among annual events, many were noteworthy: the eighth World Media Conference held in September in Washington DC, the third Conference for Koreans Overseas held in November in Chicago; the God Conference held in December in San Diego; and the 15th ICUS held in November in Washington DC, which was very successful.

Ten Million Signatures

In America, the most important event of 1986 providentially was the CAUSA-USA signature campaign, which lasted from September 1 to November 30. After spending six months in Korea, Father returned to this country in June, and at the end of August inspired CAUSA-USA to sponsor a signature campaign. Then Father left for Korea again, encouraging our American movement to take responsibility for the campaign. Ten million signatures were officially reached on November 24.

God-centered morality, freedom, and education about atheistic communism are very important issues facing contemporary America. In achieving 10 million signatures, those Unification Church members who served as CAUSA-USA volunteers probably approached over 40 million Americans about these issues. These volunteers cultivated America's consciousness and heart, and the signatures helped create a God-centered foundation in America. Not only for CAUSA-USA but for the destiny of America and the world, this was a historic event. I really appreciate the hard work of our members. In this achievement we comforted the lonely heart of God and True Parents. Through this amazing campaign the Unification Church members who were CAUSA volunteers can have confidence that they achieved God's expectation. 

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