The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Japanese - Philippine Sisterhood Ceremony Address

Chung Hwan Kwak
October 19, 1998

First I would like to extend my sincere congratulations and admiration to all the women who are attending this deeply meaningful Japanese - Philippine Sisterhood Ceremony. Today in this place we will discover again the fact that the future of Asia and of all humankind is by no means only dark.

No doubt it is already a well known fact to everyone attending this Sisterhood Ceremony, but today our world is passing through a long tunnel into the new age of the twenty-first century. The economic collapse which began in Asia is spreading throughout the entire world, and many families are falling into absolute poverty. By husbands losing their jobs, and wives and children being put out into the streets, families are being destroyed, and morality has collapsed. The leaders of society have not been able to provide a moral example, and have become symbols of corruption, immorality, and absurdity.

The profit seeking nations and political and economic leaders stress only their own individual and national positions. No one is concerned about the tragic sufferings that our societies and humankind are going through, nor is anyone taking responsibility for the whole. There have been some efforts to cope with the problems of this age through the enactment of laws and organizational improvement, but they have not provided basic solutions.

I would like to say that unless we understand clearly the origin of the misfortunes and sufferings which Asia and the world and our age are going through, we can not solve the problem fundamentally.

If we analyze the sufferings of this age and the unfortunate history of humankind, we must look for the origin of our history of struggle at the very beginning. Because the ancestors of humankind, Adam and Eve, did not become the True Parents, that is to say the ancestors of true love, true life and true lineage, their descendents, humankind, have lived in sin and strife. The conflicts between individuals and nations, as well as the antagonism between religions and doctrines are all because of the fall. God's providence of salvation is to reestablish True Parents and to realize the good ideal of creation. The founder of this Women's Federation, The Family Federation for World Peace, and the Washington Times, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and President Hak Ja Han Moon early on were called by God to carry out a salvation movement of true love in order to complete the providence of salvation which will liberate humankind from unhappiness and suffering in order to realize the Purpose of Creation of unification and the harmony of all.

So far women have not received proper treatment from men who did not know the original value of creation of women. Women have endured many sufferings in the established order which discriminates between men and women. But now women can greet the age of women which has arrived for the first time in history.

If women who make up one-half of humankind do not have just and proper human rights, can a world of peace come about? Now all the systems which discriminate against women just because they are women, all the false politics, laws, economics and societies which discriminate against women must be corrected in all aspects. The movement which The Women's Federation for World Peace is carrying out is bringing true liberation to women. But it is not a movement just for women. From the viewpoint of the ideal of creation, a woman is not just the man's helper because she is his counterpart which makes him whole. It is the women's mission to properly guide the men who throughout history have thought only about power, and who have lived lives which brought chaos into the order of love. Through your motherly love and your power to influence through love, you should establish the order of love in your families and guide the youth. Women who are united with True Mother should become the motivating force to set your children on the path of heaven, and through the cooperation of mother and children to make the husbands complete people. Through this kind of true love movement, we should realize ideal families. This is a movement to inherit the actual true love, true life and true lineage of the True Parents. Through ideal families which have been renewed like this, we must build ideal societies, nations, and an ideal world. It is only through the hearts of women who are aware by virtue of true love that the hope-filled future of Asia and furthermore the peace of humankind can come into being and that the tradition of True Parents can be connected to the future.

If we think about it we will realize that this place today is the place where the history of Japanese and Philippine relations is being changed. It is not a happy event only for the participants. Your having become sisters today is a sisterhood ceremony which will be an example for all humankind of how to realize an ideal world without national boarders. I am confident that your heartistic exchanges will realize peace in Asia and provide vitality for accomplishing world peace.

I sincerely hope for the peaceful development and promotion of friendship between both nations of Japan and the Philippines, and I hope that God will bless all of the important guests and participants here and grant you happiness.

October 26, 1998
Family Federation for World Peace, World President
Washington Times, Chairman,
Kwak Chung Hwan

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