The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

FFWP Instructions

Chung Hwan Kwak
President, HSA-UWC International
October 22, 1996

To: All Continental Directors, Regional Leaders, National Messiahs, and National Leaders:

Amid the victory brought by True Mother at the inaugural rallies for this Family Federation for World Peace in 22 nations. many leading dignitaries were deeply inspired by the outpouring of grace. I am continuing a tour of eighteen nations and holding the FFWP inaugural rallies as representative of True Parents. In the following pages, you will find the contents of Fathers directions given in South America. I would like to mention a few points to help you understand these more easily. Please do your utmost to bring good results in each nation according to the directions Father is giving.

1. Father has directed that six different groups of women receive education. You should focus mainly on educating these six groups, but also include wives of leaders from the broader realms of leadership.

2. Centering on 33 persons from each of 1. men, 2. women. 3. young people, and 4. student representative leaders, educate 130 people from each group and expand the membership of the Family Federation for World Peace, Guide them to sign the Blessing application and make effort to enable them to attend the Blessing of 3.6 million couples.

3. In my letter or earlier this month. I mentioned that Father had directed that when you hold the FFWP inaugural rallies in the 195 nations, you should use the Federation to Save the New Nations for World Peace (FSNWP) as a sponsor. Thus, when you hold the inaugural rally of the Family Federation for World Peace in your nation, please hold the Federation to Save the New Nations inaugural ceremony at the same time. Among the participants, choose 33 main leaders, establish membership, and expand your work on this base.

4. The "Application for the Blessing is an example from North-South America for your reference. Many of your nations are already receiving applications for the Blessing according to your own method. Please continue to do so.

5. Lifestyle and Activities of National Messiahs: In principle, you should make effort to follow Father's directions. In case it becomes impossible to practice this due to the mission foundation or due to language difficulties. You may adjust the situation according to your circumstances.

a. For example, if our church foundation is weak in the main city, and it is not easy to organize effective activities even though national messiahs are together, then the country can be divided into East, West, South and North, and the national messiahs can go into these regions and take responsibility for activities there.

b. In places where obtaining a visa is difficult, find ft beat way to open the way to do activities.

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