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[Black] Heung Jin Nim outlined three major types of sin we need to confess

Chung Hwan Kwak
December 1987

No matter what our mission or situation is, ultimately we are each to become the "second self" of True Parents. This means we have to completely replace our satanic legacy by inheriting True Parents' words, heart, and tradition. God desires that we embrace the identity of "chosen people like that of the Israelites. The Jewish people, based on Jacob's internal victory, were to create the ultimate foundation for the restoration of mankind. When God's purpose wasn't fulfilled, restoration had to continue centered upon Christianity, the Second Israel. Now the Unification movement, the Third Israel, must completely inherit the responsibility of the "chosen people' We must be different from other people, not because we signed membership or have some special attribute, but because we ourselves have deliberately chosen a lifestyle of sacrificial love for the sake of the world -- as second selves of our True Parents.

[Black] Heung Jin Nim [Cleophas / Cleopas Kundioni], through his embodiment, met recently with second selves (missionaries) and their wives in Nairobi, the Ivory Coast, and Athens, Greece. His urgent guidance was that every member must make a confession and repent. In front of [Black] Heung Jin Nim no one can hide anymore. He outlined three major types of sin we need to confess:

1. Violations of the heart.

The root of heart is true love. All of us have been perpetuators of selfish love; before we joined the church, we violated Heavenly Father's heart and True Parents' heart probably millions of times -- in our minds and in our actual lifestyle. However, through the Blessing we can be forgiven; we are offered the incredibly precious opportunity to completely eliminate all our selfish and impure habits, feelings, and actions by being reborn in God's lineage of eternal life and true love. We can come to live as if there had been no fall -- centered entirely on God's Shim Jung tradition. After the Blessing, God expects that we will no longer violate His heart. Thus, all impurities -- sexual sins, masturbation, and indulging in pornography and other temptations -- are unacceptable in God's eyes after the Blessing, and must be confessed. The standard for entering the Kingdom of Heaven is very strict and clear.

2. Violations of the heavenly order.

Originally, Adam and Eve were to have matured in God's love and completed the four position foundation by becoming the True Father and True Mother. Through them all their descendants would naturally learn the right order of subject/object relationships: vertically, the true parent/child relationship and horizontally, the true husband/wife relationship. But because of the fall, no one has achieved the position of God's true son or daughter or perfected husband and wife. In order to reach these positions, we must restore ourselves through proper Cain/Abel relationships.

It was Satan who first violated the original heavenly order; therefore, when there is the least bit of disorder or rebellion in our heart, Satan invades us. To solve this, [Black] Heung Jin Nim very strongly urged the second selves to absolutely observe the proper reporting system in all matters, both public and private. "You must always report your individual situation, as well as everything related to your mission, directly to your central figure," he urged. "Otherwise Satan can easily tempt you." Even though I felt [Black] Heung Jin Nim did not need my approval for his work, he said to me, "No, I must report all my activities with the second selves to headquarters, and through you, my report should reach True Parents." Only by reporting and getting permission through heavenly order can our activities be in heavenly territory, with God at the center.

3) Violations of the proper use of all things.

God created all the things of creation for men and women to use with a public mind, for the public benefit. The misuse of public money is one of the worst conditions we can make.

After we go to the spirit world, we will be judged according to these three points. We cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless we clear up all our violations in these areas, committed both before and after we joined the church. That is why [Black] Heung Jin Nim is repeatedly urging us to confess everything, with no hiding or lying, to our central figure and get everything cleaned up now.

Protecting the heavenly blood lineage, the first point, is most important. Blessed couples have already received this precious lineage, and we must protect it. We need to carefully educate our blessed children in the heavenly tradition and teach them about God's Shim Jung. That is paramount; we need not worry so much about external things such as where we live or what we eat. We must care for our sons and daughters not just as our own children, but as bearers of the eternal heavenly blood lineage, which must never be stained. [Black] Heung Jin Nim was very serious about this point.

Upon receiving this guidance from [Black] Heung Jin Nim, many leaders confessed, and afterwards many shared that they felt much closer to God's and True Parents' heart and understood the value of the Principle more deeply than ever before. Although confessing was very difficult for some of them, everyone felt exhilarated and liberated afterwards. One said he felt better than he had ever felt in his entire life. Why is this? We need to understand the meaning and process of liberation.

Many times, after committing sin, you feel discomfort and shame, so you repent silently to God. Perhaps you also even lay some indemnity condition on your own, but you find that you still struggle. Why? God is almighty and forgiving, isn't He? We must understand that for fallen man, especially after committing sin, there is no way to directly reach God. Through committing sin, Cain breaks his relationship with God and becomes distant. Cain can restore this relationship only through an Abel figure; therefore, to completely solve our sin, our confession must reach God through our central figure. This is why God sent the Messiah. Even a 700-day fasting condition will not help if there is no confession to the central figure, who represents the Messiah.

After you commit some sin, you may still smile and appear the same externally, but internally you feel uncomfortable and unfree. The sin creates a shadow between you and the light and love of God. To sin means to go away from God, toward Satan. Real confession and repentance involves making a 180-degree change in direction -- back to the original direction of God. A 30-degree change is better than nothing, but you are still in the shadow of sin, still struggling and uncomfortable.

Cut Satan's Lines

What is Satan's reaction when someone tries to turn 180 degrees back toward God? Of course he wants to keep you! Therefore, you must not only change your direction completely but also cut your relationship with Satan. After sin, there are lines binding you to Satan. By confessing to someone whom True Parents recognize as your central figure, you can cut these lines by which Satan tries to pull you back toward him.

The Messiah is infinitely precious to us because he is our eternal Abel, and without True Parents we could never be liberated from Satan. True Parents have already completely conquered Satan, so if our heart is united with our central figure, who in turn is also united with True Parents, then when we confess we automatically cut our links with Satan, and he will have no more hold on us. However, even though we confess and cut off our relationship with Satan, our position is still in Satan's environment. Without quickly elevating ourselves,

Satan can very easily re-invade and attack us. There is no way we can fulfill our portion of responsibility after committing sin, because responsibility exists only within the realm of God. But what we can do under Satan's dominion is lay indemnity conditions, which is the form of responsibility for fallen, sinful man. Perhaps you've experienced repenting but then repeating your mistake, sometimes to a worse degree than before. This is because you didn't lay an indemnity condition quickly. After confession, ask your central figure to suggest an indemnity condition and voluntarily do it.

It's good to feel excitement after your confession, but it should be not only because you feel liberated. You should also be glad and grateful that your liberation is helping Heavenly Father and True Parents' dispensational progress. Your excitement should ideally reach an unchanging level. How many times in your life were you up and then down -- excited and then depressed? This is a result of impurity. Our impurity blocks us from completely uniting with God's and True Parents' unchanging Shim Jung. Our happiness must come from the deep, internal cleansing we experience after this complete three-step process of confession, repentance, and laying indemnity conditions.

True Parents have guided us in this way hundreds of times, but until now we haven't understood 100 percent. Because [Black] Heung Jin Nim can understand True Parents' heart much more deeply and clearly now than ever before, he is helping us to directly apply True Parents' words fundamentally to our daily lives and to achieve a complete internal victory.

[Black] Heung Jin Nim is also encouraging our church leaders to connect more to Jesus. Before the True Parents came, Jesus was the most important central figure in both the spiritual and physical worlds. Now [Black] Heung Jin Nim and Jesus are completely united; their relationship is very close and mutually respectful.

Strengthen Your Identity

No longer should you feel it is enough to merely follow your prescribed daily schedule. You must focus on fulfilling your identity and responsibility as a true follower -- a second self -- of True Parents. Ask yourself, "What is True Parents' (my eternal subject) expectation of me? What must I do to unite with True Parents' Shim Jung, the source of true life?" To reach this level, you need to unite in heart with your Abel figure, sincerely lay indemnity conditions, and constantly go the way of restoration every day of your life.

Too often our concerns are about minor, external matters rather than those of fundamental, eternal significance. You may feel, "My relationship with my central figure is so difficult; we have no communication -- what shall I do?" But don't focus on such things. It is because you are impure that your spirit is burdened. If you become purified and your vertical relationship with God and True Parents is strengthened, your spirit will become much lighter, and external matters will be far more easily taken care of. Don't waste this historical opportunity.

True Parents themselves have had to fulfill their own portion of responsibility from the individual to the worldwide level. The level at which we link with them is very important. We should, even symbolically, follow True Parents' pattern as much as possible; we must advance our level of sacrifice and commitment from the individual to the global level. True Parents' providential timetable is no longer at the individual level. Father's concern is for the world, so he doesn't like to speak to you if you are listening to his speeches only centered on yourself, looking to be excited and to feel good. We have listened to Father's speeches and directions many times, but what has really been our response? If you think, "I want to see True Parents because I get excited when I see them," you are missing the point. We should desire to see True Parents so that after hearing Father's directions, we can follow them exactly-100 percent.

Recently Father again told the leaders to give their sermons based directly on Father's speeches and directions. He knows that your tendency is to be more interested in rumors than in the central figure's direction. Following rumors, which may be the opposite of Father's direction, violates the proper order of relationship, the second point [Black] Heung Jin Nim emphasized. In God's principled world, there are no rumors, only exact directions. Please be careful.

If we purify ourselves fundamentally, overcoming our sins, bad habits, and impure thoughts through sincere confession and repentance, we can greatly ease True Parents' heart and burden. At this time True Parents are entirely focused on fulfilling God's providential goals. We should not only pray for True Parents, the world, and the restoration of the Fatherland; we should also devote ourselves completely to following True Parents' directions and fulfilling our own responsibility in our present missions. 

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