The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

World Wide Focus On Middle East Peace Initiative

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 14, 2003

Dear Leaders,

Here is Rev. Kwak's memo to the world movement concerning the directions for a central focus on the Middle East Peace Initiative.


MWJ (Michael Jenkins)

To: IIFWP Regional Chairs, Secretaries General, National Leaders
From: Rev. Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak, Chairman, IIPC and IIFWP International
Re: Middle East Peace Initiative
Date: November 14, 2003

Greetings on behalf of our True Parents.

On the foundation of the establishment of the Interreligious and International Peace Council, or "Peace UN," and the series of pilgrimages and rallies in the Holy Land, Father has recently given direction for a major, providential mobilization related to the Middle East Peace Initiative. Father has asked that, centering on December 22, as an Interreligious and International Day of Prayer for Peace in the Middle East, 3 million people from around the world gather, primarily in Israel and Palestine, but also in regions and nations around the world, for the sake of peace in the Middle East and the world. To successfully fulfill this direction, we will need a unified effort from our entire movement and all Ambassadors for Peace. Of course, we will also need the support and cooperation from the Israeli government.

The primary sponsor of this event is the IIPC, as the principal project of IIFWP International. Co-sponsors will include the American Clergy Leadership Conference, Women's Federation for World Peace, United Press International Foundation, Youth Federation for World Peace, and many other NGOs from around the world.

Father appointed Rev. Kwak as the Chairman. Under Rev. Kwak there will be an Executive Committee led by Dr. Sun Jo Hwang, Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Mr. D. M. Douglas Joo, with each taking central leadership responsibility for a key aspect of the events. In particular, Dr. Hwang is overall responsible for international mobilization, Dr. Yang for the rally. In addition, all IIFWP Regional Chairs, as well as Dr. Abe, are serving as Senior Advisors.

Dr. Thomas Walsh and Rev. Michael Jenkins will direct the Steering Committee that includes Mr. James Flynn, Mr. Taj Hamad, Dr. Frank Kaufmann, Mrs. Karen Judd Smith, Mr. Shunichiro Yoshida, Mr. Hod Ben Zvi, IIFWP's Secretary General in Israel, and others.

In terms of mobilization, Korea, Japan, America, Europe and the Middle East are each asked to mobilize as many volunteers and participants as possible. In some cases, planes, busses, even boats will need to be chartered, rather than relying on traditional commercial airline schedules. Volunteers from all nations are also invited, as our goal is to have every nation represented. Please do not only think of adult individuals. Encourage married couples and entire families, and especially the youth, to attend this emergency peace effort. The world's future is at stake, and we can make a difference.

In addition to the main rally in Israel, each nation is asked to hold a large rally on December 22, including a candlelight vigil, as part of the Interreligious and International Day of Prayer for Peace in the Middle East. Part of our mission is to gather 3 million signatures from persons who affirm the ideals of the IIPC. Countries will be able to connect to the central rally in Israel through high-speed internet broadcast and satellite downlink.

From December 20-23, in Jerusalem, the IIPC and IIFWP will sponsor a special IIPC Symposium and Consultation to address the root causes of conflict in the Middle East and to outline a path to peace that builds on the vision, strengths and methods of Father's teachings and practice. This Symposium will involve 120 participants, with 80 coming from the Middle East, and an additional 40 from around the world. Details about the conference will be sent to you in a separate communication.

Finally, beginning in the first week of December, an advance team and task force will assemble in Israel to lay the groundwork for the rally. This team will include 120 of our core members and committed Ambassadors for Peace. The advance work will include meeting religious leaders, political leaders, scholars, media, etc., throughout Israel, and promoting the rally and the Middle East Peace Initiative. This team will also focus on all necessary preparations for a successful rally. We are asking that our core members and Ambassadors for Peace apply/volunteer to be a part of this special task force and arrive in Israel by December 1.

In general, we must ask that each nation and region take responsibility for expenses related to this mobilization, including transportation, and living expenses in Israel. We are currently working to arrange inexpensive accommodations, even considering the use of tents, school buildings, places of worship, etc.

Please begin to prepare to support this effort of the newly launched IIPC or Peace UN. This initiative will establish the unique contribution of Father's teaching and movement to bringing practical results to this region of such long-standing heartache for God and humanity.

Please take this direction very seriously. We are in the final stages of God's providence and the resolution of the problems in the Middle East will unlock the way to world peace and will awaken the world to our Father's mission and true value. Please pray, and take action. If you receive any special inspiration, insight or suggestion related to this mobilization, do not hesitate to share this with us. Meanwhile, many updates and follow-up communications will be sent out in the near future as plans are put in place, policies clarified, etc., for the Middle East Peace Initiative.

Thank you.

Rev. Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak
Chairman, IIPC and IIFWP International

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