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True Parents In Korea -- A first-hand account of True Parents' activities and Father's guidance during December and January 1986

Chung Hwan Kwak
January 31, 1986

Father and Mother are happy after attending a performance by the Universal Ballet Company.

I'm sure all of you miss True Parents a lot. In Korea True Parents' schedule was very tight, filled with many providential and important occasions. Fortunately, their health is good. Father is, of course, expecting American members to continue to work hard centering on his directions while he is gone.

True Parents arrived in Korea on the morning of December 10. They didn't even have to go through customs. Seven hundred people, including members, eminent scholars, and important guests, came to the airport and gave Father and Mother a very warm and wonderful welcome.

Right away True Parents went to the Holy Ground on Yoido Island and then to Han Nam Dong, a new house constructed in both Korean and Western styles, where True Parents generally stay in Korea. Later the same day they visited Heung Jin Nim's Won Jun, or burial site, north of Seoul, and in the evening they met with major leaders at Han Nam Dong.

Almost every day an important event took place. The two main events, the welcoming banquet on December 11 and the IFVOC Rally on December 16, were of providential significance. As you know, Father's homecoming brought his foundation of victory at Danbury to the world level. True Parents had to link their victory with the central dispensational Adam nation by making a special prayer and other conditions before the end of 1985 in Korea, because Father's 40-year wilderness course started from Korea.

As you know, just after the Second World War God prepared Korea and America, centering on Christianity, to accept the True Parents. Unfortunately Korean Christians, including the American missionaries there, didn't accept Father. So Father had to endure a 40-year worldwide wilderness era. Through Heung Jin Nim's Seunghwa and Father's tremendous sacrificial condition in Danbury, True Parents finally achieved a victory in America, not only on an individual level, but on the family, tribal, national, and world levels.

Most importantly, Father built a victorious horizontal foundation upon which Satan cannot accuse True Parents. Before 1985, Father laid certain conditions, but they were not finked horizontally from the individual to the world level. Repeatedly, because man's portion of responsibility was not fulfilled, what Father had set up was broken down again, and God had to start over at the bottom. But from now on, since Father's worldwide victory, the consequences of individual failure are limited to the circumstances of that individual. That is, if someone with a certain responsibility, at any level, fails, Heavenly Father can easily transfer that responsibility to another person, on the basis of the victorious horizontal foundation that Father's sacrifice has created.

Father and Mother had a chance to relax for a week on Jeju Island. Here they are taking a rest during a hunting trip.

An offering of respect

More than 2000 important Korean guests and a few hundred foreign guests attended the welcoming banquet on December 11. One very important Korean representative was Il Kwon Chung, former prime minister and speaker of the House of Representatives, who had been to Father's first speech in Korea in 1975. He was quite moved listening to the content of the testimonies at the banquet. The guests included leaders from various academic, political, and religious fields, including nine former heads of state. They all gave their sincere congratulations to True Parents. This condition of honor and respect was providentially very, very significant.

Once again the influence of CAUSA was driven home to me. Without AULA (Association for the Unity of Latin America) and the international CAUSA movement, this support for Father would have been impossible. Among the many influential leaders who came to honor Father, the presence of the former heads of state made the biggest impact on the audience. Most of these men had to overcome considerable obstacles to come here. Through participating in this event, they developed an even deeper respect for True Parents, because they saw firsthand the substantial accomplishments of our movement in Korea.

The testimonies to True Parents were the highlight of the banquet. Every speaker presented a different view of Father. Most of the people in the audience knew about Father in only a narrow way, but they certainly learned all about him by the end of the banquet. Though I already know about most of Father's achievements, I was still tremendously impressed as I listened objectively to the speeches.

Father's main speech was very important. Father has spoken to Korean and international representatives many times before, but this time was completely different from the past. Father's speech was very strong, very open and direct. This was no mere formal greeting with polite words. He was directly guiding and teaching them, speaking very strongly. His position was definitely that of leader. Everywhere he went he spoke in this same intense way, whether he was addressing ten thousand people or speaking to just a few people around a table.

How are we to interpret this dramatic change in Father's way of speaking? The Unification Church is entering a new era, starting specifically, we could say, on December 20, 1985. Just as the Israelites, who had followed Moses through the wilderness for 40 years, finally crossed the Jordan River and entered the promised land, so today the Unification Church is entering Canaan. Father said on several occasions that from now on, whoever persecutes the Unification Church will feel very uneasy inside, but whoever supports the Unification Church will feel peaceful and comfortable and joyful inside. Before now, we have had the opposite experience; we often felt pressured by negative power. But from this point it will be different. We now stand on such a strong foundation that, as we testify to the Unification Church or the Principle or Father, we will feel greater and greater confidence. The negative people will become more and more afraid of the Unification Church.

What happened after the Israelites crossed the Jordan River and entered Canaan? The seven Canaanite tribes were filled with fear at the sight of them; they didn't even want to raise their arms against Israel. The situation was quite different when the Israelites were in the wilderness. When the 12 spies went into Jericho earlier, all but two of them were extremely fearful of the Canaanites. But after they crossed the Jordan, they became courageous and confident. Likewise, we Unification Church members have to recognize that this is a new dispensational era.

Mother and In Jin Nim in the snow.

We must not be fainthearted

Even though we face a Jericho castle that is still very strong and still opposes us, we must not be fainthearted. Father stressed this several times in front of the Korean and international leaders. Remember that at that time the Israelites had no idea whatsoever how they could conquer Jericho. No idea at all! Still God commanded Israel, through Joshua, to "Be strong and of good courage:' What they actually did then was to simply march around the city of Jericho. It made no logical sense. In fact it was ridiculous: Conquer Jericho just by walking around it? But the most important condition for the Israelites was to follow Joshua's direction, which was God's direction. Heavenly Father had n, told them to be strong and of good courage during their wilderness course. But because they had crossed the Jordan, He could now issue direct orders through Joshua. In front of our Jericho, we must make a new start; we have a different challenge. If we keep Father's word, his direction to be brave and bold, we can conquer Jericho.

Father expects us to focus on the CAUSA seminars at this time, and each of us has to be brave and bold and fully follow True Parents' direction. We don't know exactly when we will overthrow Jericho, how we are to digest the seven Canaanite tribes, or who exactly will build the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. But one thing is sure: It depends on how we fulfill our own portion of responsibility.

On the morning of December 12, Father met with Korean IFVOC leaders. At noon, a luncheon banquet was held at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center, where Father specifically addressed representatives from three major areas that are important for the establishment of world peace -- Latin America, the United States, and Japan.

On December 16 a huge IFVOC rally was held at Chamshil Gymnasium; more than 40,000 people attended, basically representing each community and town in Korea. Father also spoke strongly to the audience at this rally about the importance of Korea in the world providence.

December 18 was the second anniversary celebration of the Seoul Declaration of 1983, which was a pledge made in support of Father's goals by international members of PWPA. Father proclaimed December 18 to be the memorial day for the beginning of the New Cultural Revolution. Almost 500 eminent scholars attended this event. Father's speech was again very, very strong. I know well how those scholars felt listening to him speak. On many occasions I myself have been afraid that Father's speech would be too strong. He told the scholars, "You feel proud to be dignified, eminent professors, don't you? But what is God's view? What is the historical view? Your mission is not only to do research, not only to teach your classes. God is expecting you, and I myself am expecting you, to act. You have to actually guide your students to live the proper way of life:'

Because of the unstable political situation in South Korea, there are strong leftist movements on many campuses today, and some of the scholars are afraid to come out too strongly against them. It's a serious matter to be seen opposing the leftists. But Father was adamant: "Don't just spend your time thinking and teaching your knowledge. You have to have the courage to stand on the front line and act"

Mother sits on the rocks near a waterfall on Jeju Island.

Professors' crusade team

On December 20 Father held a special celebration to mark the end of the four-month period after his release from prison designating the end of his 40-year wilderness course [see Today's World, Jan/Feb 86]. The same day Father invited 40 Korean professors and theologians to be on a new Professors' OWC (One World Crusade) Team. Last year, 12 professors who were close to Father created four such teams and lectured in over a hundred cities in Korea, testifying to Father's life and work. This was very effective, because people who won't listen to Moonies could listen quite objectively to these scholars. Now Father wants 40 professors to do the same thing. Father would like to create teams like this in America also.

You know, these professors have their pride. It is not an easy thing for them to testify to Father. And when Father invited them to Han Nam Dong, without one word of greeting such as, "Thank you for your determination;' he started speaking to them intensely. Father explained about the work he has been doing in many diverse areas over the past 40 years. He critiqued communist theory and democratic theory, and told them that neither of these two important existing ideologies can digest the present problems of humankind. History needs a new idea. He focused on the need for a global ideology. "You have to clearly proclaim to the people my idea and the importance of the Unification movement;' he said.

He spoke to them for three and a half hours, and then after lunch he started to speak again. When I had to leave at 5:30 he was still speaking. On this one day I heard Father proclaim himself as the True Parents and the Messiah more than 12 times. He explained everything about the purpose of the Messiah and his role. "What you see now are my worldwide accomplishments, but you have to study the other side of me -- my background, my spiritual foundation, my relationship with God. You may think you understand me fully, but you still have a lot of research to do. You have to realize who I am!"

During this visit I found that all over Korea there were people who respected Father. They all agree that he is a great leader and are amazed that this man, who is not a political figure and has no official position, can influence so many heads of state and other world leaders. There is a different spirit in Korea now. For example, when Father entered the Lotte Hotel, they laid out a red carpet for him. Of course, since True Parents have stayed there many times in the past, they are happy that we always bring a lot of good business for the hotel; but there was much, much more to it than that. I sensed that this gesture was done with real feeling.

One day Father and Mother wanted to go for a walk through the streets of Seoul. They especially wanted to walk along Myong Dong, which is like New York's Broadway. Myong Dong is so busy that people don't pay much attention to each other. But even among such crowds many people recognized Father.

As Father was browsing he commented on how the quality of Korean food and products has risen since he was here two years ago. When we entered one store, the staff exclaimed, "Oh, we are so honored that you have come here." Father and Mother smiled, and they knew they would have to buy something there. This kind of thing happened more than once.

At lunchtime we went to one of the Lotte Hotel restaurants, and the manager, recognizing Father, exclaimed, "Oh, Aboji, Omoni, please come in!" I was shocked. Among ourselves as we move about in the city we are discreet about how we call Father and Mother 'Aboji" and "Omoni," but they spoke it out quite loudly. When Father and Mother went to the Hyatt Hotel on Jeju Island after God's Day the manager rolled out a red carpet there as well, and all the hotel workers also cried out, "Aboji! Aboji!" It sounded so natural. They want to attend Father too, just as we do. Many thinking people in Korea now respect Father.

Struggles of heart

One professor, Dr. Eun Woo Kim, gave me another kind of report. He met the presidents of all the newspapers in Korea, and among these men were seven who completely respected Father; yet they had rarely published anything positive about him. Dr. Kim asked each of them, "Why doesn't your newspaper support Rev. Moon? Your paper is well respected; what could you lose?" One or two of these openly responded: 'Among the established churches in Korea some groups strongly oppose Rev. Moon. If our newspaper reports favorably on some Unification Church activity, we get a tremendous negative reaction from our readers. We really do want to support you. Please increase your membership!

But because many churchgoers, without checking for themselves, oppose you so adamantly, as a business we have to be careful. I confess that we're afraid to be seen supporting you:'

Father explained why the established churches are so strongly negative against Father. It's a historical reason. They themselves don't have any idea why they are so negative. It comes from Cain's historical resentment toward Abel. Within churches, and for many leaders of society generally, there are still struggles of heart going on concerning Father.

At midnight on God's Day Father spoke for two and a half hours to the Korean members gathered at Chung Pa Dong Church. In his speech [see page 4] Father said that, since love in the fallen world is in the fallen elder son's territory, the true right of love belongs to the second son. This must be restored, and there is only one way to do it -- by true love. Fallen love can never be erased by anything but the deepest, most high quality love. Father spoke of how many sacrificial conditions were made throughout the Old and New Testaments to ultimately establish parents, without whom the Kingdom of Heaven can never be achieved.

Father also described how he tried to unite with Syngman Rhee's government and the Christian missionaries after World War II, and how they unfortunately failed to unite with him. Therefore, he had to begin a 40-year world-level wilderness course to restore all the lost conditions. Finally, he said, centering on his sacrificial Danbury condition, he was able to unite American Christianity.

Of course, we know that many American Christians still do not recognize Father, but the true elder son's position has been conditionally restored through the combined success of the Common Suffering Fellowship, the 7,000 ministers' coming to CAUSA, the welcoming party in Washington DC on August 20, and the response to Father's videotapes and materials. Jerry Falwell and Joseph Lowery, in uniting from opposite poles of Christianity to ask for a presidential pardon for Father, symbolize a united Christianity centering, on Father. Without all these conditions it would have been impossible for Father to remain in America.

On December 16, enthusiastic crowds inside Chamshil Gymnasium welcome True Parents.

New unity in the spirit world

At 7 a.m. on God's Day, pledge was held in the main meeting room at Han Nam Dong, and at 8 a.m. the second anniversary celebration of Heung Jin Nim's Seunghwa took place in the same room. Father proclaimed this day to be a special historical occasion. Because of certain conditions made, the 36 Couples and other blessed members in spirit world can now join together with Heung Jin Nim.

Heung Jin Nim is the one person in the spirit world who has understood and digested True Parents' love. He represents the world-level Messiah in the spirit world. But before this time, nobody in spirit world, not even the 36 Couples, had any world-level victorious condition to relate with on the earth. Therefore, spiritually, Heung Jin Nim was not automatically connected with our members there. But now, since Father has completed the worldwide victorious foundation on earth, he was able to set up the condition whereby all Unification leaders in the spirit world are automatically linked with Heung Jin Nim.

Once again, I was amazed to learn this. We have all heard many things about Heung Jin Nim and the spirit world, but still we do not understand very well. I don't think any of us thought about this spiritual situation. I simply took it for granted that since Heung Jin Nim's Seunghwa the members of the 36 Couples there have joyfully followed Heung Jin Nim. But I was wrong. In the spirit world there are certain rules, structures, and principles. Without the proper link, there is no way they can be united.

So please reconsider your view of True Parents. It is easy for us to draw premature conclusions about Father. True Parents are the main body of the Principle, the true root of heart and love. We need to be more serious in evaluating our relationship with True Parents, and more determined to accept True Parents' guidance and direction. We can easily miss the deeper truth behind Father's words, and we can easily underestimate the seriousness of his directions to us. Father rarely shares his heart fully with us, and says little about these spiritual conditions. But it is our eternal task to pursue the ultimate goal of a deep internal relationship of heart with True Parents.

At 10 a.m. on God's Day, Father spoke at Chung Pa Dong Church for three and a half hours. One important point he made in that speech concerns democracy. The system of democracy is a temporary system, not intended for eternity, he said. Democracy is necessary now for the purpose of the elder son's restoration. God has needed a democratic system so that Abel figures can be elected as representatives. But when the True Parents appear, the elder son and the younger son will be restored in the correct order and the Parents' worldwide tradition will be set up. It is very important for us to understand this.

The God's Day evening entertainment was held at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center, and many international performers were invited. The Japanese church members prepared a very special and professional 35-minute program directed by President Osami Kuboki.

Father and Mother pray on December 20, 1985, to commemorate 120 days after Father's release and the end of Father's 40- year wilderness course.

A more aggressive attitude

On January 2, 1986, Father called an international leaders' meeting at Han Nam Dong. At the meeting Father emphasized that from 1986, Unification Church members should freely proclaim Father's role; we should not hide it. It is a sin to be ashamed of Father's position or of the Unification Church. If you are, you obstruct God's dispensation. This is Father's direction in this new era. God is expecting us to have an even more aggressive attitude than before.

Father said strongly that from 1986 he must issue direct orders. Of course, even before 1986 he gave many directions, but those directions were not on the level of a fully established worldwide foundation; that is, certain areas were still under Satan's accusation. Please understand that Father is now at a very different stage in the dispensation.

Father said, "You must obey me 100 percent. Before crossing the Jordan River you had some flexibility. But now, after crossing the Jordan River, there is no more flexibility. In the garden of Eden everything is centered on the Parents. This is no longer the time to make suggestions or give advice to me. You must only obey."

Father also asked the leaders, "How much do you need True Parents?" He said that the importance of True Parents for each of us personally, for the nation, for the world, and for the cosmos, is absolute. To the utmost degree Father is needed, not merely for the sake of any small area he is working in. All mankind and history needs Father. Even God needs him. Because he has absolute value, we cannot criticize him. True Parents are the absolute beginning and the absolute end. Father urged all the leaders to think deeply about this point. He is expecting everybody to draw their own internal conclusions about this.

Father also stressed at the conference that the main mission of the Japanese members and leaders is to embrace America and Germany in the dispensational role of mother. Japan is like a mother pregnant with twin sons, America and Germany. Within the womb restoration must be established, and then delivery can come. The mother must educate the children in the father's tradition, always feeding and taking care of the children.

But the Japanese leaders in the United States are not doing enough, Father said. The Japanese members often gather together and talk only among themselves. But he expects them to act differently, like a real mother, loving and providing for the members. Although he acknowledges that there is much disharmony between American and Japanese leaders, he said that he must stand on the side of the Japanese. It is not that he is prejudiced; he must defend the mother-figure's side.

Father worries about the economic foundation in America but he cannot discuss economics with Western members. The Japanese are the ones that have to feed America. Father has ordered the Japanese to build the economic foundation, and he is expecting the Western members and leaders to respect the Japanese members.

On January 3, the Day of Victory of Love, Father spoke to members for six hours, giving a very beautiful message about true love. It was one of the deepest talks I have ever heard him give. [We hope to print this speech in an upcoming issue.] On January 4, True Parents attended a production by the Universal Ballet Company for their first anniversary performance, which was dedicated to Heung Jin Nim. Hoon Sook Nim is the principal ballerina of the company. Father created an inspirational motto for the company, and one for Hoon Sook Nim as well, which he wrote on a banner in Chinese calligraphy.

On January 5 Father and Mother went to Jeju Island for seven days, for a little relaxation. Jeju Island has lots of farmland and wilderness, which provided a wonderful opportunity for True Parents and the children to go pheasant hunting in the mornings. For just this one week they had a somewhat relaxed and flexible schedule.

Father creates a motto in honor of Hoon Sook Nim, the principal ballerina of the Universal Ballet Company.

"Understand my position"

After True Parents returned on January 13, Father attended the 18th anniversary celebration of the Korean IFVOC movement. Almost a thousand community representatives came. Although they are not even Unification Church members, they had been working very hard for the movement. Still Father never once said, "Thank you for your hard work:' Never! He spoke forcefully to them about patriotism. 'A patriot must sacrifice for his nation:' he said. "You must be willing to sacrifice your house, your property, and your money if you want to be a tn. e patriot:" They were surprised!

"Furthermore,' he said, "no matter how much you are respected as an IFVOC leader in your community, and no matter how much you do for IFVOC, if you don't connect to the essence of my teaching, your work has no meaning. My position as founder and leader of the Unification Church is more important than my position as leader of IFVOC. Unless you fully understand me, it will be difficult for you to stay with the IFVOC movement. So from now, you must research me; you must study the Principle. You must come to understand my tradition, my life history, and all the sacrificial conditions I have made. I built this foundation. This is God's idea, and my vision. You must sacrifice for this cause. If you have no confidence to do this, please leave now:' This is exactly the way he spoke to them!

The chairman of IFVOC and the other leaders had all expected that Father would warmly welcome everybody and comfort them with words of gratitude. What happened was entirely different. But the amazing thing is that not one person left! Everybody actually became more determined. They were serious about understanding the meaning of being a real patriot. This was no simple event; before such a meeting could take place, special conditions had already been set up.

After that meeting Father went to Chung Pyung Lake with church leaders for two days. The next day Father spoke with the PWPA chairmen's group. I have always felt a little uneasy with the PWPA professors, unsure of their feelings toward Father. But they are at a deeper stage of relationship with Father now. I have confidence that they understand Father well. Father also met personally with Arnaud de Borchgrave, editor-in-chief of The Washington Times. Father is more confident than ever about The Washington Times and is determined that it will succeed.

On January 20 Father had a meeting with the foreign missionaries, and on January 21 he met with representatives from CARP and ICSA (International Christian Student Association).

No chance for Satan to invade

With Father's incredibly full schedule the Korean church leaders had a tremendous amount of work to do to organize everything, and on extremely short notice. Father had not announced his decision to go to Korea until November 28, at the ICUS conference, and his homecoming banquet was held the very day after he arrived in Korea. Father arranged it that way so that church leaders would not even have time to get negative. He didn't give Satan any chance to invade. But God prepared for Father well. I admired Rev. Jae Suk Lee, the president of the Unification Church of Korea, who focused on True Parents 24 hours a day, always standing loyally by Father's side wherever he went.

Father is also now involved in finding people from within the IFVOC membership who can be educated to be town representatives, one for each of the 3300 townships in South Korea. Through them he wants to link VOC activities, home church, and business, so that a total network can be created.

Why is Father emphasizing these activities? South Korea is gearing up for the 1988 Olympic Games. The Games will be very important for the world providence. North Korea is very upset that the Games will be held in Seoul, because then people will find out that the standard of living of South Koreans is good and substantial. North Korean propaganda is based on the constant lie that South Koreans are destitute.

Father thinks that North Korea may try to seize the opportunity, right after the Games, to pressure South Korea into a combined North- South election. The North Korean government is already organizing to send their own representatives to each town and each small village in South Korea. Father emphasized to the IFVOC leaders the importance of preparing for national elections to preserve the unity of the country.

To see Father's viewpoint and to receive his guidance in this new era is vital. Remember that all this activity and reorganization in Korea is not just for the benefit of one country, but is of dispensational significance for the entire world.

Underlying all of Father's projects is this: Without a foundation of many indemnity conditions, Father could never give the directions he is giving now. From now on, we have to pay more attention than ever before to Father's direction, and we must recognize Father's new spiritual position. And in this new dispensational era, it is vitally important to fulfill Father's expectations.

Do you want to know when Father will come back to America? I don't know! But if you pray powerfully, perhaps Father will return soon. 

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