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The smallest unit of the Heavenly Kingdom is the family

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 1986

Sun Myung Moon March 26, 2012

Throughout history, most religious traditions have emphasized individual salvation. However, our Father has taught us through the Principle that the smallest unit of the Heavenly Kingdom is not the individual but the family.

Two points are related with this concept. First, our lifestyle as an Unificationist is not one of a meditating hermit in the mountains, removed from the world. This will not bring fulfillment because of the inherent responsibility of each member of a family to care for all the others. People need to relate with and serve each other in order to realize happiness.

Secondly, because by living in families we are responsible for others, we are obliged to help create a more God-centered social and material environment in the world around us. A comfortable, harmonious environment is necessary for an ideal family to blossom.

Most of the existing religious traditions focus on a Heavenly Kingdom to be reached after we die. However, equipped with the Principle, we know we have to completely focus on building the Heavenly Kingdom here on the earth first. The role of a religious person is to educate others about the need to substantially build the Heavenly Kingdom and to practice heavenly love in one's daily life.

In other words we, as religious people, have to first educate people about the reality of the Heavenly Kingdom and then we have to show through our exemplary lifestyle that it is indeed possible to achieve. This is our portion of responsibility.

During my recent itinerary work throughout the world, I realized that it is our members' determination and action based on the Unification Church worldview that can solve the problems afflicting our world. This action is especially necessary here in America today, where drug abuse, immorality, racism, teenage pregnancy, atheistic communism, etc., are rampant. The main source of all these problems is the absence of mankind's relationship with God. Our members' help is desperately needed to address and tackle problems by first bringing people back to God.

According to Father's broad view, the American Unification movement should focus at this time not just on the development of the Unification Church itself but on helping guide Americans toward a patriotic, God- centered view of life, a God-centered morality, and a God-centered lifestyle. This is a most urgent issue at this time, and it is absolutely necessary for everyone to support this. I personally believe that the new patriotic movement that is sweeping the country is the most important development in America at this present time. The more Americans relate to and support this patriotic movement, the quicker all these problems can be overcome. In fact, I believe it is the only way to fundamentally solve these problems.

Concerning world affairs, this same pattern can be applied. My message to our worldwide Unification movement at this time is: First, once again we should recognize the profound vision of the Principle, and secondly, we should all become intensely committed to bring people back to a God-centered view of life. Only God-centered societies can solve the monumental problems that plague the world today. 

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