The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

37th True God's Day - Pledge Ceremony: The Prayer to Report to God by Rev. and Mrs. Kwak representing True Parents

Chung Hwan Kwak
January 1, 2004 at 7:00 a.m.
37th True God's Day - Pledge Ceremony

The Prayer to Report to God by Rev. and Mrs. Kwak representing True Parents.

Brief notes:

With Heung Jin Nim and True Children, the Five Saints, representatives of all blessed families on earth are gathered here to attend and receive your blessings and grace.

Man was created under your ideal, destined to become your substantial body of love, to create the ideal of creation. But our ancestors betrayed that ideal and instead changed to a stained blood lineage and fell into the false love life and lineage of Satan.

There seems no end to the sin and crime of fallen man, which has driven God into a corner of tribulation and suffering. No man, no Abel figure could understand your heart of pain. But the True Parents are here and have gone through hardship to liberate Your heart. They took responsibility to go the way of suffering to liberate the convolutions of history, alone.

True Parents worked hard to restore the four major holy days. 1968, God's Day consecrated.

They set up many conditions. Suffering course of indemnity. We cannot express our gratitude enough.

Now 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Israels all sorted out.

Reached point of proclaiming Nation of the 4th Israel.

We still have to understand the deep meaning of the suffering in history. True Parents have revealed everything. We have gone beyond the bounds of religion. True Parents overcame all satanic obstacles to be able to proclaim the creation of the 4th Nation of Israel, and to manifest your glory on earth. For this we are grateful.

Honored to celebrate the 37th True God's Day today.

Through the glory of the Coronation ceremony, and through the troubles True Parents have endured, they could restore the kingship of Jesus. True Parents have resolved and liberated resentment of history. They can now be established in heaven and on earth to manifest your glory.

True Parents stand as King of Kings. We are with them on this first day of the year, the start of the era of the Peace Kingdom. We pray we can realize that we have this mission to fulfill.

True Parents have conveyed to us that all blessed families can once again be purified, so that we can purify the universe.

We are unworthy to have been called by you to participate in the providence. We pray we can repent and revive to reach the level of raising the flag of your universal standard.

With the globalization of the blessing we pray we can fulfill our responsibility to connect all people through the blessing.

Those external things we take pride in are nothing.

The blessed families are to be the model in front of religious leaders. Please guide us in this effort. The eternal sovereignty of our True Parents has been established with Cheon Il Guk and the nation of the 4th Israel.

Please guide and push us to reach [a high] standard.

We pray we can march forward to build the nation, sacrificing our lives...

We would like to offer this in the name of Kwak Chung Hwan, a Blessed Central Family. Amen.

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