The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

7 Nations Providence with World Peace Task Force of 120 From Each Nation

Chung Hwan Kwak
September 15, 2003
Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom
Translation by Hee Hun Standard
Notes by Michael Jenkins

You are all to be citizens of the fourth Israel. We must be educated as such and educate the leaders of the world. However, our education and focus should not be on activity but the central focus of our course her must be internal in nature, so that we can make an offering as the founding citizens of the fourth Israel.

The purpose of our time here and the focus of our prayer is to realize the conditions and the heart to be able to be qualified to be "Owners" of the Cheon Il Guk. We must set the conditions that restore all the history to allow the 13 million New Yorkers who represent all nations, peoples, religions and cultures of the world also receive the education that will allow them to become the owners of Cheon Il Guk.

The people of New York include all the top leaders of the world. The Ambassadors from 191 countries are here, many international institutes, universities and influential political and religious leaders.

I will tell you the requirements to become the citizen of the fourth Israel. We must not be restricted or identified as just a member of one nation or faith. To be citizens of the fourth Israel we have to go beyond religious and political barriers to achieve the proper foundation for Godís kingdom. The parable about the false and true olive trees in the Bible applies at this time. How do we transfer ownership from the false owner to the true owner. This has to do with the change of blood lineage. We must break off of the wild olive tree and engraft onto the "True" olive tree. This change of Blood Lineage comes through the Blessing given by our True Parents.

To achieve this a course of indemnity had to be established through Godís dispensation centering on religion. That is the process of separation from the false owner and transferal and grafting onto the true owner. This is the course of the servant of servant, servant, adopted son, step son, true son, true husband, true Father, true king. This is the course of indemnity that applies to each of the various religions.

The qualifications to be citizens of the Fourth Israel are as follows:

1. As members of the fourth Israel, we can no longer be identified as a member of one religions but rather as a true son or daughter of God that loves and embraces all religions.

2. We must be harmonized with the spiritual world. There should be no separation between the spirit world, ancestors, saints and myself. We also must live according to spiritual law without violation or wrong condition.

3. To transcend all barriers the focus of our process to restore and reconcile enemies must be accomplished through the "exchange marriage" process in which the representatives of enemy races, religions and so forth marry one another.

Exchange does not mean to simply exchange one person for another. Why exchange marriage? Father explained this way - "When we consider Satan the fornicator who defiled Godís children and history we must clearly understand. We are descendants from this stained lineage. When we consider the Messiah, True Parents are completely from Godís blood lineage which is unstained and without the condition of the fall (through restoration history). Still from this unstained position True Parents still love us even though the ownership of our beings is not Godís but Satanís. Through the absolute filial piety and overcoming incredible conditions the price was paid that allowed True Parents to purchase us with conditions from the Satanic side. That was possible only because of Fatherís authority. Through the blessing this condition of forgiveness was given. He just exchanged his precious things with us. He cannot bring us from Satanís realm simply. Under King Herod this process was destroyed through the rejection of Jesus by the chosen people. Only a spiritual salvation as a condition could be set through Jesusí sacrifice to connect us with humanity, however the condition of the original sin still resides in our flesh.

Through the course of True Fatherís indemnity condition the blessing could be establish which changes the blood lineage from Satanís side to Godís side.

"Ju Cha marriage is the first step that we must take. Exchange marriage according to Fatherís expression should be done to have relationship to reconcile between enemy nations. It is not just the exchange of enemies and mixing together. We must have a heart of Cho Cha and totally forgive them. Beyond that we must have a heart not only to forgive them but also to take responsibility for their nation, ancestry and history. In other words if Japanís history has bad conditions in history, the enemy person forgives this history and the ancestors and descendants, including their spouse and goes beyond that to take direct responsibility to liberate and restore that enemy nation from the bad conditions that cause it bad fortune. The person takes on the burden of the sin of that nation and resolves it as if it were his own. This is Ju Cha Shimjung. The True Love and heart behind the exchange marriage. This should be done on the individual level to the family level to the national and world level."

If we have anything we are to take pride in, we must have the heart and mind to witness to people, become inlaws and change the history. That is how we can become the citizens of the fourth Israel.

What is the significance of this mobilization. Originally Godís ideal, was to bring oneness between God and all human beings. God and Human Beings were to be one. This is the essence of peace. As I was listening to True Father he always teaches us Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. Father said that God had Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience during the creation. I wondered why God had to have such an attitude in creation. Because God had to create us with the hope, expectation and faith that through unconditional investing of True Love we as his objects would fulfill our responsibility and even become greater than him. With this Absolute Faith, Love and Obedience he set the condition totally believing in us and hoping for the day that we would become greater than him.

We have to think of the original position of a human being. We have to have Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. God had to invest in with this heart. To become one with God we must set the condition to become one with this kind of heart. Because man failed in this condition the long course of human history of restoration through indemnity had to be endured by God. Father had to walk through all the foundations of restoration through Godís course of history and successfully set the condition to restore each and every element.

Since the early days Father has been teaching about the first, second and third Israel. He never ever mentioned the realm of the fourth Israel. On May 18th the condition was set that the ideal of peace could be secured. The conditions that blocked the first Israel from being accepted into Godís realm was because of their rejection of Jesus. Jesus was crucified and there was a 40 day condition, through that a second Israel was created and finally became represented by America. After WWII America came to the pinnacle of power and had defeated the Axis powers. At that point America, England and France could manifest totally Godís will. This was the time in which Christianity could have received the Messiah and America and the Allied countries could have stood on the foundation of accepting True Parents as the Lord of the Second Advent. America, England and France sent Christian missionaries to Korea. The main source of Christian missionaries was America.

Through the internal Christians (eastern church and inside belly church) the foundation to receive the messiah was set. American Christians were arrogant in thinking they were the only authority of Christianity and they influence Christianity in Korea to turn away from Father because his teaching brought new understanding that they didnít have.

This rejection by Christianity caused the foundation for the Messiah to be destroyed. Father had to go a 40 year wilderness course centered on Father and ended in 1985. From that point Father came out of Danbury prison and on the foundation of Heung Jin Nimís sacrifice Father received the unity of Christians at that time. Then Father began a 7 year course we come to 1992. Individually Father had to suffer unspeakable trials and hardships going to prison. Only through special indemnity conditions was God able to protect his life. Originally the Cheon Il Guk should have come 7 years after WWII and could have been established in 1952. Because of the failure of Christianity, this became an indemnity course. Through the first 7 years the providence of the led to 1952, the second seven year providence led to the Blessing in 1960. This blessing was totally opposed however through great suffering True Parents overcame and set the condition to change the blood lineage.

Father on that foundation went through the 3 seven year course. During the second seven year course Father came to America to expand the foundation to a world wide level. Father began in 1971. He won the victory on the world wide level and expanded Godís providence to all nations of the world.

Centering on Father in 1992 the World Culture and Sports Festival was initiated to bring the blessing to all the world and to all religions. Pal Jung Shik proclamation was very significant in that it signified the restoration of 8 stages. The next day was the Proclamation of Parentism having established the True Parents. Then Father went to Russian and could set the condition of embracing and winning the world wide Esau of Communism represented by Gorbachev.

The forty year course that Father had to endure was incredibly difficult. At the end of the forty year course Satan attacked through the American government which put Father in prison. (His innocence was proclaimed by all major religions in American an the Senate Judiciary Committee.) Another attack was made through Koreanís and the third Israel. In the early days of Fatherís ministry he was personally and directly attacked by Satan. Also latter Satan could directly attack the True Children. Father could not protect them because it would set the condition for Satan to attack them even more. We owe a great debt to True children that we must repay. Heung Jin Nim was the son that came forward with total filial piety. Even when there was total security around Father, Heung Jin Nim would stand to be security. No matter how dangerous it was. American Christians changed their hearts and then changed and began to protect Father. This was an incredible condition.

Then risking his life, Father went to the center of the Communist power in Russia and risked everything. Father didnít show any concern for himself or his safety, and only sought to love, embrace and help Russia. It melted their hearts and the world wide Communist enemy surrendered. Then Father went on to North Korea and did the same with the central representative of Cosmic level Communist world . Father set incredible internal conditions during this course. How, he allowed True Mother to stand on her own representing the Brides position to restore Christianity. Father could have gone on the world wide tour but through this condition Father sacrificed everything and Mother completely united with Father went on the world wide tour risking her life. Father wanted to exalt Mother so that she would have equal standing with Father as the True Parent, then he allowed her to go unprotected to the world. Every night they celebrated victory by telephone.

Based on this foundation, Father could proclaim the complete Testament Age.

We must be grateful.

To open the way for all religions, in 1996 Father took down the sign of the Unification Church and founded the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. In 1997 , Father proclaimed that total opening of the spirit world and at RFK stadium opened the way for the first time for the blessing in the spirit world. In 1998, then at Madison Square Garden Father could marry saints with the most evil people in the spirit world and further open the way. In 1999 Motherís world tour could secure the foundation for True Mother to receive the proclamation of the East West Victory. For Seven years he brought the victory including the spirit world. In 2000, Father proclaimed the second forty year course had begun on the day after Motherís speaking tour. Christianity in America and Korea had to fulfill. If we think of it. We have to understand why we are mobilized at this time. Father made many proclamations concerning the heaven and earth, the realm of the fourth Adam, the proclamation of the four realms of heart and the three great Kingships. After laying all the foundation, he wanted to restore everything. He wanted to restore all the external environment.

The time came for the registration blessing. Our standard was not enough, therefore Father gave a direction to all women to fulfill the indemnity condition of a 21 day workshop in Chung Pyung. Then on that foundation we could receive the holy wine and be forgiven as blessed families.

Before this our blessing was given on the family level. We barely could receive the blessing on True parents family level. In the future we will have to be blessed on the national and World level. That occurred through the registration blessing and the Cheon Il Guk Blessing. Father said we must become citizens of the Fourth Israel. In 2001 based upon his victorious foundation of conditions. We have to think about a more incredible process that occurred. That was the Coronation of Godís Kingship. Why did this occur. God could not stand as King without objects. Who is qualified to stand as Godís object. No one. There was no one qualified. Thatís why Father gave us the holy wine and restored us again to a conditional position in which we could receive the registration blessing and become Godís object. On this foundation Father could coronate God as King.

During the 2002 year of providential Interreligious Blessings Father revealed the Clouds of Witnesses (July 4, 2002) the Resolution of the founders of the five great religions.

Again in preparation for True Parents Coronation Ceremony Ė we had to walk the path of the burning ceremony. In 2003, when Mother received her 60th birthday we could receive two important events. The Coronation of True Parents and the Holy Wedding of our True Parents Opening the Gateway to the Cheon Il Guk. Receiving this blessing on February 6, 2003 we could receive the Cheon Il Guk blessing and receive the registration certificate for our births. We should not only be King of the Blessed Families. That should extend to the nation and to the cosmos all the way. It must include the land, people and sovereignty. Individuals were invaded by Satan through the fall. Under the realm of Satan we were under control. There is no sovereignty under God that is his own. No nation is without stain or Satanís claim. True Parents thus are the King of all Blessed Families.

On March 11, 2003 Father founded the Family Party which is educational. We must have the party that can educate in Godís traditions and Godís ways. Also Father initiated the historic movement to take down the cross in Christianity, 120 Churches complied with Fatherís direction and then they could go to Israel and on that foundation they could reconcile with the Rabbiís and in repentance form the Jerusalem Declaration. Then on that foundation we could bring this spirit to Washington for the Washington Declaration on June 29 and then on August 11 in Seoul forming the Seoul Declaration. The United Nations was founded to receive the Messiah. First Jerusalem, then Washington, then Seoul. In all of those declarations there was the idea of Fatherís expectation for the UN. Then the formation and declaration of the Fourth Israel could occur. First, Second and Third Israel could be reconciled and form the fourth Israel as the realm of the Heung Sang. The Cheon Il Guk is the Seung Sang of the Kingdom of God.

Now the fourth Israel is being established through our work during this condition that you are participating in. The formation of the fourth Israel also has to do with the America as Abel and the UN in the object position. However we should be wise in our activity. We are educating all the people of New York that there must be the cooperation of religious leaders to bring peace and to Kingdom of God.

Letís conclude. Father has walked this path before heaven and earth and has fulfilled all the conditions necessary for the Blessing of the Family and to create the ideal of the Principle of Creation. We have proclaimed the age of women Letís conclude. Father has walked this path before heaven and earth and has fulfilled all the conditions necessary for the Blessing of the Family and to create the ideal of the Principle of Creation. We have proclaimed the age of women Donít be discouraged that God has scolded American women so much. Why, because they play such a key role in the providence of God at this time Actually women are more precious than men when we look from the point of view of the crucial role of women to indemnify all the history of the failure of women

The most critical mistake that America made after WWII was allowing the communist powers to enter in and gain a influential foothold on the UN. This was not Godís will. America compromised. America should have not allowed the communist empires to enter into the security council. America must take responsibility to renew the United Nations.

Now Father has opened a new door and is starting off to achieve a new providence. All nations should have a sense of responsibility for the failure of the past. Now we must make it successful.

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