Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

God's Day Memo

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak
January 1, 1998

Happy True God's Day

As we welcome the new year of 1998, I wish the hopeful start and the abundant love and protection of God and True Parents to the beloved blessed families and members around the world.

True Parents officiated the celebration of True God's Day and the Day of Victory of Love in the presence of National Messiah Teams from all over the world and the major leaders from Korea, Japan and the United States, who altogether numbers over 650, at Punta del Este, Uruguay.

This event included the fishing and sports tournament to celebrate the victory of 40 million couple Blessing and the start for the 360 million couple Blessing, as well as the International Leader's Conference.

All leaders especially had the opportunity to learn the original harmonious relationship with creation in the midst of beautiful nature and to enjoy the shared happiness beyond national, racial and cultural boundaries.

True Parents declared this year’s motto as:

To be proud of and love True God absolutely is to complete the 360 million couples Blessing and eradicate the blood lineage of the satanic world.

I believe True Father’s basic directions, resolutions and speeches are widely being circulated by the Regional Directors. As I trust you will devote yourself to the actualization of those directions and thus accomplish your responsibilities, I would like to inform you of the practical points and important public directions:

1. The goal of each nation for the 360 million couple Blessing is determined according to the proportion of population for your continent. The date for the First Stage Blessing is set tentatively for June 13, 1998, and the Blessing Ceremony will be held in at least 12 different locations. Also, please concentrate on the effort to increase the number of matching candidates.

2. The Blessing Donation should be offered COMPLETELY for not only the Matching Candidates but also for the Previously Married Couples. Last October I sent out a memo indicating that Previously Married Couples need to offer only 2% of the amount of the Blessing Donation for Matching Candidates of their nation. However, these new directions apply:

The Blessing Donation for a Matching Candidate (one person) and a Previously Married Couple (husband and wife) is the same amount.

Father emphasized that if Blessed Couples go to spirit world without fully offering the Blessing Donation, then they will face a great difficulty. Again, the amount of Blessing Donation for Previously Married Couples is the same as Matching Candidates. National Messiahs and leaders should implement the full donation of the Blessing Donation with urgency and should report to the True Parents the offering schedule plan within a short period of time through the WMD [World Mission Department].

3. True Father appointed new Continental Directors on January 4, 1998, as follows:

1. Asia* Rev. Jin Hee Yu (72 Couple)
2. North America Rev. Dow Soon Yim (72 Couple)
3. South America Rev. Sun Ho Jung (Kisong PMC)
4. Oceania Rev. Zin Moon Kim (430 Couple)
5. Africa** Rev. Bong San Yoo (124 Couple)
6. Middle East Rev. Sik You (124 Couple)
7. Europe Rev. Myung Won Jung (124 Couple)
8. Northeast Rev. Geun Sik Song (72 Couple)
* Rev. Byung Wooh Kim will continue working as Director in Asia for six months.
** Dr. Joon Ho Seuk will work as Advisor overseeing activities in the Northeast.

4. Special Dedication Fund (Donation): The Korean Peninsula, South and North Korea, which stands in the central position in God’s Providence, is experiencing great difficulty on the national level. True Parents want to resolve this difficulty by Heavenly Grace and to accomplish the completion of the dispensation by making the unified fatherland. For this purpose, True Parents directed all Blessed families around the world to offer special dedication (donation) to help support charitable work on the Korean peninsula. Every individual in each Blessed family (husband, wife and each child) should offer this special dedication with wholehearted sacrifice. The amount should include the number 12 (such as 12, 120, 1,200, etc.). Every individual should promise the amount of donation and should send at least 50% of this dedication fund before True Parents’ Birthday on February 2. Further information will be provided regarding where to send the donation.

5. Hoon Dok Hwe will become the precious tradition for Unification families in the future. True Father’s speeches should ideally be read in Korean every morning. However, if not possible, then the translated version should be read. (The translation effort into your national language should be based on the original language, as the already published English version contains some errors.)

6. National Messiahs should reside in their mission country and devote themselves for the restoration of their nation.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak
FFWPU International President 

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