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The Purpose of Hyun Jin Nim's World Speaking Tour

Jin Man Kwak
July 20, 2000
Distributed by European Headquarters

(Sources: Hyun Jin Nim's words; official report of Jin Man Kwak on the world tour)

Hyun Jin Nim is the third son of True Parents, born in 1969. He has been living in the USA since the age of four and was educated there. Hyun Jin Nim's educational accomplishments include an MBA from Harvard Business School. He has several successful businesses of his own. Hyun Jin Nim represented Korea at equestrian events in the Olympic Games. He recently became vice-president of FFWPU and was inaugurated World CARP President in March this year. He is now studying at UTS. Hyun Jin Nim's heart and attitude can be summarized in the following quote: I wear many hats, but the title I would cherish most is the title of being your Elder Brother. Hyun Jin Nim is dedicated to ensuring that True Children, the Second Generation, and all Unification members are able to fully inherit the victorious foundation of True Parents. True Parents have successfully established the eternal vertical tradition. With the dawning of the Age of Settlement, that tradition is to produce fruits on the horizontal level as well. In the Settlement Age, both spiritual awareness and practical expertise are called for. Hyun Jin Nim is therefore giving both heartistic and spiritual guidance as well as reforming structures in our movement.

The Settlement Era is the time when the youth are to spearhead God's providence: Now is the time young people should take the mantle of providential calling, to truly put the flesh on the bone, to substantially build God's Kingdom here on earth. For Hyun Jin Nim, Second Generation refers to all people who participate in realizing the ideals of the Age of Settlement, including those belonging to the First Generation. In his wisdom, Hyun Jin Nim sees that only by establishing unity and consensus between the First and Second Generations, between the church and CARP movements, and between the leaders and members that is, as one unified family can we enter victoriously into the Age of Settlement. In working for these goals, Hyun Jin Nim does not simply use his authority as True Father s son, but prefers to use a leadership style of genuine persuasion that moves the hearts and minds of the people. Furthermore, Hyun Jin Nim encourages all members to have the mentality of an owner, striving to enlarge the pie rather than trying to carve out a bigger piece for ourselves. To help along this process, top leaders should give middle-level leaders the authority and accountability through which they can develop and grow. The leader is the one who brings people together, builds coalition, and leads people into the new age.

CARP, representing the Second Generation and the Youth, must stand at the forefront and spearhead this unified family. In order to do that, the CARP movement worldwide must be reformed and re-organized as a semi-autonomous, independent organization that can focus on its mission consistently without interference. Hyun Jin Nim feels that through CARP s growth, the whole movement can grow and develop because CARP will increase the membership base and become the engine that will drive the whole movement forward. CARP must be an evangelical movement, bringing young people into our movement. Secondly, CARP must prepare the future leadership of our movement by re-educating the Second Generation.

Since the Settlement Age is the age of changing the focus from the individual to the family, both the First and Second Generations of the Unification Family should work together to accomplish this historical task. The church stands in the father s position, the WFWP in the mother s position and CARP in the son s position. Mothers -- who have the greatest influence on their children -- should encourage them to go toward the public course, rather than just emphasizing secular education. CARP will provide an opportunity for the second generation to experience their faith on the front line in the field, which will challenge them to come to terms with their identity and faith and enable them to make their faith their own.

The CARP Conventions in Budapest and Frankfurt are part of a world speech tour of Hyun Jin Nim entitled Inheritance and Development. As the title suggests, the issues are how to inherit the victories of the elder generation, but also how to use that foundation and what to add to it in order to develop our movement. Hyun Jin Nim has already visited Korea, Japan and other Asian countries and had tremendously successful conventions there, addressing tens of thousands of blessed families and CARP members. In the words of Jin Man Kwak, Hyun Jin Nim's assistant, Hyun Jin Nim has led the way by persevering with a grueling schedule to bring the message home and his efforts have certainly borne fruits with changed attitude, perspective and atmosphere. There has been a paradigm shift from the restorational age to the settlement age; from past-oriented to future-oriented thinking; from a reactive, judgmental and cynical attitude to a proactive, inclusive and optimistic attitude.

We are very happy that Hyun Jin Nim has accepted our invitation to come to Europe. All our members should be mobilized to come to the Conventions in Budapest and Frankfurt. Blessed families can have a wonderful experience, receiving love and guidance and enjoying entertainment as well. We absolutely need to connect with the heart and spirit of True Parents successor, who is leading us into the Age of Settlement.

A few excerpts from the testimony of Japan CARP President, Eiji Tokuno, on Hyun Jin Nim's speaking tour in Japan, which attracted over 20,000 members:

The tour was very meaningful for the First Generation. Their chief concern at this moment is how True Parents successor would be. Members traveled many hours, desperate to see Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim. Many of them could not enter the hall and had to watch the event through monitor in the lobby. At some events, people started to line up outside several hours or even one day before.

Hyun Jin Nim is the substance of great hope for both the First and Second Generations. Some of the Second Generation are struggling with the Unification Church and their parents as well. Also, they have been alienated by the bad reputation of the Unification Church. However, they were totally changed through attending the event. Some Second Generation testified that they felt hope in the Unification Church for the first time, while parents were moved to see their children shed tears and become aware of their faith.

The entire Unification membership of Japan has been ignited with the spark of great hope. Everyone feels that the future of the Unification Movement is secure and full of hope With greetings and best wishes.

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