The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Celebration of True Parents' Birthday and Special Directions

To: Tribal Messiahs
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March 4, 1999

TO: Regional Directors
FM: Tyler Hendricks

Greetings from New York. We received the following international memo yesterday.

To: Continental Directors, Regional Leaders, National Messiahs, National Leaders
From: Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, FFWPUI International President
Celebration of True Parents' Birthday and Special Directions

As with the victory of the Blessing of 360 million couples, the celebration of True Father's 79th and True Mother's 56th birthday was gracefully and splendidly held in Seoul. Being the birthday celebration held following the great success of the Blessing of 360 million couples, the preciousness and glory of our True Parents shone all the more brilliantly at this event.

The Main Pledge Ceremony was held at Hannam-dong at 7:00 am on February 21 (Jan. 6 by lunar calendar) and was attended by National Messiahs and leaders from around the world including leaders from Korea and Japan. At the morning ceremony, Father emphasized that each leader should live their life with their focus set correctly both vertically and horizontally.

After the Pledge, there was a commemorative service at the Central Training Center at 10:00 a.m. attended by more than 7,000 leaders and Korean members. Father spoke with the title, "Let's Liberate Love Itself." Father emphasized a lot about the center of love that parents' love is formed through children, husband's love is formed through his wife and wife's love is formed through her husband. Next, the congratulatory entertainment held at the Little Angels Art Performing Center became a meaningful one that returned glory and comfort to True Parents through various programs prepared by Korea with special guest appearances from Japan, Taiwan and the USA.

The International Leaders' Conference was held on Feb. 22nd at Hannam-dong attended by National Messiahs and leaders from Korea and Japan. At the morning meeting, Father emphasized a great deal on achieving the victory of the Blessing of 400 million couples of single men and women and the preparation for the World Culture and Sports Festival IV to be held in Seoul surrounding True Parents' Birthday Celebration in the year 2000. I would like you to be fully prepared to carry out the words of guidance and directions given by Father as follows.

… Each nation should develop the world Family Federation campaign, World University Federation movement and media support.

… The Lord of Second Advent in principle gives the Blessing only to unmarried men and women.

… Visit your relatives and tribe to guide and prepare the young people to receive the Blessing with the 400 million couples of single men and women in the year 2000.

… Each nation should engage in the True Parents, True Family and True Blood Lineage rallies day and night and connect young people to the Blessing through this activity.

… One should fulfill the restoration of elder son-ship position by leading the youth to the Blessing. How much you sacrifice for the restoration of elder son-ship position is what matters.

… Do your activities by mobilizing many martyrs in the spirit world.

… Accelerate the development of the Blessing.

… Now that you received the Blessing, you should become a champion of your relatives by restoring your relatives. The sovereignty of the eternal world is connected to this.

… Work to completely get all young people to receive the Blessing.

… For the victory of the Blessing of 400 million couples, you should go with the heart of volunteering to the place where you can offer yourself totally, with a spirit to offer again after rebirth.

… We should restore elder son-ship, parent-ship and kingship of our family.

… Let's be real. If you make the ultimate sacrifice, you will resurrect and God will take the responsibility for that place.

… We have to feel heavenly duty toward the Blessing of 400 million couples.

… Be honest! Honesty is responsive to justice.

Father's Special Directions:

I. The age of harmonious unity of Heaven and Earth

1. The age of harmonious family, politics and religions, nations and ancestor-liberation by the Messiah.
2. The age of blessing of spirit - body liberation.
3. The age of universalizing the Blessing of young people in the physical and spirit worlds.
4. The age of unity of mind and body, families, nations, world and cosmos.
5. Educate relatives with True Parents' photo and flag.

II. Blessing of 400 million young couples

1. Taking care of the sons and daughters of previously married couples that have been blessed.
2. Total application of Heavenly Elder Son-ship, Heavenly Parent-ship and Heavenly Kingship.
3. Principled education for people of all ages.
4. Hoon Dok Hae strengthening of activities among students, parents and communities.
5. Trinity cooperation among school, students and parents for the Blessing of students at least 18 years of age.
6. Thorough education of the Principle and the settlement of the four position foundation family.
7. Fully expanding the Pure Love Movement and campus rallies.

III. Demonstration campaign in each nation of the world

1. Rallies by young people, adults and elderly people.
2. Each nation should conduct 120 rallies centered in 12 cities (and expand it from 12 cities to 24 cities, 36 cities and more).
3. Hold pure love campaigns for all citizens across the whole country for True Parents, True Family and True Blood Lineage.
4. Total breakthrough of community campaign materialization and result of spiritual reality in the Completed Testament Age.

IV. Fulfillment of the Completed Testament Age and the end of liberation age

1. Fulfillment of the victorious realm of family in the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament Ages
2. Completion of the victorious realm of tribe, people and nation.
3. Divine unity and completion of the kingdom of heaven on earth.
4. The age of the kingdom of Heaven on Earth and completion of the kingdom of heaven in heaven that is the ideal of the age of the realm of liberation of the unity of God and man and the unity of God and man in love.

Other Directions

1. Japanese National Messiahs are to raise funds for the Pantanal.
2. National Messiahs in every nation urgently need to expand their headquarters.
3. Intensify the education for religious and other leaders in the nation (inauguration and activities of the Inter-Religious and International Federation for World Peace).
4. Principled economy.
5. Integrate spiritual life with economic activity, even marketing automobiles and fish protein (krill).

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak

FFWPUI International President

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