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Establishing the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland

Chung Hwan Kwak
July 1987

Establishing the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland has been Father's main focus during his stay in Korea. This project is closely related to our 1987 motto: "The Unification of the Fatherland!'

The present situation of Korea is a complicated one; many factors make the unification of the Korean peninsula very difficult to even imagine. On the campuses, radical groups connected with the communists are spreading propaganda from North Korea and are fomenting opposition to the current South Korean government as well as to America. In addition, the tense political environment surrounding Korea -- with America, Japan, China, and the Soviet Union all competing for power and influence -- further heightens the difficulties. Moreover, Kim Il Sung still retains his powerful and total domination over North Korea.

Generally, the older Koreans who experienced the Korean War hate communism, because they directly witnessed and suffered from the North Korean communists' violent and inhumane actions. Even so, many in the older generation have no hope that unification is possible because they feel overwhelmed by the obstacles. They absolutely need a hopeful, realistic vision to inspire them to actively work towards unification. On the other hand, Koreans under 40 years of age have had no direct experience with North Korean communists, and their thinking is dangerously naive. They need to clearly understand the fallacies and dangers of Marxism.

One goal of the Citizens' Federation is to educate all these groups. The purpose, however, is not simply to promote or win favor for the South Korean government or for America, but rather to initiate a genuine movement toward the ultimate unification, through love, of the entire world.

Father knows intimately how North Korea has suffered under Kim Il Sung's leadership. The conflict between North and South Korea is the prime focal point of the conflict between God and Satan at this time. Overcoming all these difficult conditions and finally realizing unification will testify to the victory of the ideals of freedom and truth and to God Himself. Unification of this peninsula would not only be a victory for Korean unity; it would also serve as a beginning point for the true unification of the world.

Therefore, Father is urging the Citizens' Federation to educate people at all levels to work together for unity. Intellectuals and leaders in every field, even those who may not have been very active previously, need to aggressively step forward and reach out, on a grass-roots level, to the people in all the villages and towns as well as to the influential opinion makers. Through Father's work over the years with churches, VOC organizations, and professors' and student organizations, many people are already willing to offer their support for this crucial task.

The Citizens' Federation seeks to inspire people to become actively involved and to embody a serving, sacrificial attitude. Such an approach enables God to assist and protect the movement. Without this kind of heart, a unified nation is impossible to achieve. The key is to inspire the people to voluntarily and enthusiastically work together to build a unified, free, and harmonious society. Each citizen must be individually motivated to sacrifice and serve with true love, In a sense, Father is urging all people to make "unification through loving sacrifice and service" the theme of their personal lives. Without such individual initiative and focus, true unification cannot occur.

Thus, although the unification of the Fatherland will involve much effort, the most important transformation must occur within each person's heart. The Citizens' Federation is working for unification not through weapons or other external means, but through the accomplishment of a fundamental change in attitude and lifestyle. If we can achieve unification of the Fatherland through this process, we can definitely build a universal model of unification.

The events in Korea, then, are not only important for this one country but are actually central to God's dispensation for the world. Therefore, we should all pray sincerely for the accomplishment of Father's historical mission in Korea at this time. 

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