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Father's Providence with Professors

Chung Hwan Kwak
September 1987

Since the founding of PWPA in the early 1970s, Father has served scholars in many ways His heartfelt concern has always been that scholars be able to use their knowledge for the greatest benefit of the whole. He has worked to encourage them to focus their efforts with wisdom and righteousness on building the future world of peace and happiness. Father's desire is that those university professors who share such ideals not only continue to deepen their knowledge of the Unification movement's vision, but also actively reach out to teach, lead, and guide others. Rather than isolating themselves like hermits in an ivory tower, he hopes they will take positive action to realize the great ideals that they intellectually embrace.

As you know, Father established the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland (CFUF) on May 15 of this year. He expects that much of the work of the Federation will be done by professors. To achieve this great task of unification, the professors need to be able to instill in their university students a true vision of the future and a deeper understanding of God. With the foundation of their understanding of Godism, they can also help guide and inspire civic leaders and citizens, directly or indirectly, to work toward the accomplishment of unity. Father clearly explained his hope to the 144 professors who recently completed the first Korean Professors World Tour and Seminar.

These professors gained confidence and the courage to fulfill Father's desire by seeing the enormous scope of our movement's efforts here in America. In Alaska, they experienced our work in developing the ocean as a resource for the future. In the Washington DC area, they were amazed by our accomplishments in the media field and in other outreach projects. In New York, they came to understand more about the root, or sung sang aspect, underlying our activities through listening to Father speak at East Garden and Belvedere and attending Principle lectures.

When I read some of their reflections on the seminar, I could see that the professors were most impressed by three things:

First, they deeply appreciated the straightforward and unreserved way that our philosophy and all of our projects were presented. Our openness with them about Father, our thinking, and our work helped them understand the amazing depth and breadth of what we are doing.

Secondly, they realized that Father is not just another famous person but is actually a historical person needed by the world for God's providence at this time. Many of the professors wrote that they knew he could never have accomplished what he has without God's help.

Thirdly, the professors were happy to experience how warm and personable True Parents are. Some of them had imagined Father as unapproachable, aloof, perhaps even arrogant. But Father and Mother were completely open and embracing. While fishing with Father, the professors were amazed to see his totally giving personality and lifestyle. Father woke up before them, prepared their equipment for them, and personally taught them fishing techniques. Through then- intimate experience with him, they gained an understanding of his heart and I believe came to profoundly respect and appreciate Father and Mother.

Toward the end of this very meaningful and direct experience with our movement in America, Father asked each professor to take responsibility to actively support the work of the CFUF in their particular communities in Korea -- and they joyfully agreed. Father would like to have a total of 1000 Korean professors come to America to participate in an ongoing series of these seminars.

Another recent project involving professors was a scholars' speaking tour through Korea and Japan sponsored by ACUMI (Advisory Council for the Unification Movement International), held August 10-24. Thirty Western and 30 Japanese professors joined with 60 Korean professors to create 60 teams, and each team spent one week in Korea and six days in Japan, lecturing in a total of 180 places. They spoke about their experiences with the Unification movement centering on the theme "Rev. Moon's Vision and Its Significance for Modern Society."

Most people find it difficult to grasp Father's profound view of our human destiny. Therefore, Father sincerely hopes that as respected scholars all over the world have an opportunity to solidify their understanding of this vision through their own experience and scholarly research, they will become more and more excited to testify about our movement to others. 

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