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by Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Letter to Overseas Missions

by Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

This letter was sent to the overseas missions April 12, 1993.

Dear brothers and sisters in your mission country: My wife and I send our greetings and appreciation to you. I want to share the following words with you of my understanding of the present dispensation:

How a new era begins

The Completed Testament Age started with 1993. This era is very hopeful but at the same time is a very fearful age. Before we think of the Completed Testament era, let us compare this age with the time of transition from the Old Testament era to the New Testament era. The Old Testament era centered on Judaism. The power of Judaism was so strong that even Jesus Christ had to go the way of crucifixion. If we consider this point, then the New Testament era began forty days after Jesus' death at the time of the resurrection when the Holy Spirit appeared and the Pentecost came down. This was the way Christianity began. Therefore, Jesus' spiritual position and the Holy Spirit's spiritual position of True Parents brought about the beginning of the New Testament era. Though not many Jewish people believed Jesus was the Messiah, only a small percentage, it did not matter. Christianity reached the worldwide level because of Jesus' and the Holy Spirit's victorious foundation.

By the same token, as Father and Mother have accomplished victoriously the True Parents' position both in spirit and body, the Completed Testament era has begun. Therefore, it does not matter whether Christianity accepts Father as the Messiah or not because already Unificationism has gone to the worldwide level centering on the True Parents. The transition from the Old Testament era to the New Testament era was the process of restoration. However, from the New Testament to the Completed Testament era is really the end of restoration. Also looking at this from another view Adam and Eve fell at the perfection level of the growth stage meaning that the formation and growth stages were taken by Satan, but not the perfection or completion stage. From this perspective, the Completed Testament era really centers on God's side of the providence. At this time the spirit body can reach the divine spirit position. Therefore many spiritual ancestors and spirits try to come to earth and work with us to accomplish God's will.

Attendance and restoration

A truly different era has started. We should recognize clearly that a different era has started. Another important point is understood when looking at the three stages in the providence of restoration. Restoration was accomplished through sacrificial offerings in the Old Testament era and through faith in the New Testament era. We realize that Completed Testament era is accomplished through attendance to True Parents. This is the key. Also, during this era the mission of blessed couples is to accomplish the mission of tribal messiah. We have to internally inherit the heart of True Parents. As we completely unite centering on True Parents' level of heart, then based on this foundation we have to do tribal messiah activities.

Basically, the activity of tribal messiah is to go to our hometown and restore our tribe. The mission of messiah is salvation, and salvation means restoration through indemnity. Restoration through indemnity means the process of recreation. This is really the basic formula. So, to accomplish our tribal messiah mission is to bring all our tribe to receive the blessing. Then we have finished our tribal messiah mission. The blessing is the final fruit of the providence of restoration. Therefore, this is very, very important.

As you know in less than three years from now, the True Parents have plans for a very large holy wedding. Therefore, I want to urge you, each blessed couple, as a tribal messiah should bring at least twelve families or couples as candidates for the blessing. Therefore, please within this year find twelve candidate families or twenty-four candidate individuals. Then we have to prepare for this huge blessing festival.

In conclusion, we have to accomplish the tribal messiah mission. We have to go to hometown. We also have to know that True Parents have plans for many activities. This is not separate from the nation and church. This kind of witnessing is all connected as everything is basically the same original mission. If someone has a public mission and cannot go to their hometown, then, please write to your relatives and if you have the chance make time to visit your hometown for witnessing. Please focus in this way for witnessing.

Accomplishment versus indemnity

Everyone is thinking that tribal messiah is an independent mission, but that is completely misunderstanding the tribal messiah mission. We have to do this work relating and cooperating with the church structure. Regarding the meaning of the Completed Testament era and tribal messiah we have to have God's viewpoint which means we go through this perfection stage by accomplishing our responsibility instead of paying indemnity.

Therefore this is a new starting point. From Satan's point of view, he cannot accuse individually as we are under God and True Parents. Furthermore, we should become more loyal children. From True Parents' lifestyle we can find examples so we should become exemplary models in God's providence. True Parents set up the tradition for us after receiving the blessing. That is, for three years basically the husband and wife have to be mobilized for witnessing and living a sacrificial way. This is our tradition for beginning life after the blessing. We have to witness every month to bring one spiritual child, hence in three years a total of thirty-six members. This is our basic minimum responsibility now.

True Parents will look at the result of the effort in the CIS and suggest plans for the missionaries after they complete six months there-whether they may return to their mission country, stay in the CIS, or completely return to their hometown. Wives are basically to work centering on Women's Federation for World Peace activities. Please work in your own nation. This is set up by Father, so please try to understand this age and let us bring success in our tribal messiah mission through our serious attendance to True Parents.

God Bless You.


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