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Prayer at Heung Jin Moon's Seunghwa Ceremony

Chung Hwan Kwak
January 8, 1984
Seoul, Korea

Sung Jin Nim, Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim offering flowers and incense to Heung Jin Nim at the World Seunghwa Ceremony, Little Angels Performing Arts Center in Seoul on January 8, 1984.

Beloved Heavenly Father,

Today, this Seunghwa Ceremony is being held in honor of Heung Jin Nim. In this place, the hearts of our beloved brothers and sisters throughout the world, who respect and love him, are assembled. We believe that the hearts of our True Parents and numerous good spirits and angels in the spirit world are also with us.

Our True Parents established the heavenly law and are leading a public way of life that no one in human history has ever had to do. Nevertheless, they could never freely cry to express the inexplicable circumstances in their souls.

Dear Heavenly Father, please, soothe their aching hearts!

Who among those of us gathered here could ever even imagine that we would attend Heung Jin Nim at his Seunghwa Ceremony? We are aware of the sad, tragic fact that Your providential course of restoration cannot be fulfilled without pure offerings and sacrifices made by righteous people, but we could never dream that, rather than us, Heung Jin Nim would be the very sacrifice which had to be offered on the altar for the restoration of this people and the erection of our Fatherland.

We simply cannot describe in words how precious the life of our Heung Jin Nim is, because he totally offered his own life on behalf of our True Parents. We also do not know how to repent for our inefficiency and disloyalty, which would not allow us to be worthy enough to be sacrificed in his place.

We feel speechless, this moment. But as sinners, we cannot help confessing our regret and guilt to Heung Jin Nim as he leaves this earthly life. We pray that You could guide us in engraving our repenting hearts, not to erase these feelings until we can also fulfill the mission of filial piety and loyalty for the Will, and can be pure offerings before You.

Particularly, Heavenly Father, let all the blessed families of the Unification Church spread throughout the world realize their positions and responsibilities through this Seunghwa Ceremony of Heung Jin Nim. Let each of us repent of our inadequacy, because of which we do not deserve to be offered as a sacrifice for the condition required by You.

Heavenly Father, please receive with pride our Heung Jin Nim, who brought the victory of Heaven and protected our beloved True Parents. Even though his earthly life was short, he dedicated his own life and body in loyalty. Please receive him in the bows of all the sages and saints of history and in the welcoming songs of innumerable angels.

Dear Heung Jin Nim, in the spirit world, where there are no limits of time and space, please help to the fullest extent to lead the current providence with the same filial piety and loyalty you gave towards our True Parents while you were on earth. Please guide all the spirits of the second generation on earth by utilizing the right of dominion possessed as a privilege upon the foundation of our True Parents' victory, and mobilize all the power in the heavenly castle. Above all, lead the hearts and minds of those of the second generation to serve our True Parents. We know you are alive and working in the midst of our spirits, so further let us never forget the offering of your life, which became the example of loyalty and piety for good. Guide us to learn and actualize your pattern in our daily lives with our True Parents, always attending you.

Heavenly Father, please, be present during this entire ceremony. We pray that You alone will guide us to its conclusion. Let this opportunity be the time when Your glory, as well as that of the True Parents, is revealed. Allow new determination as well as Your blessings to flow to the hearts of all brothers and sisters throughout the world who would love to have attended this ceremony.

This prayer is offered with deepest sincerity in the name of our True Parents.


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