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Members are experiencing Heung Jin Nim's guidance

Chung Hwan Kwak
August 1987

Father has taught us from the beginning that in man's original nature there is an element of heart and mind that is meant to be precisely in tune with Heavenly Father's heart and mind. The doors of our soul should always be open to catch the frequency and direction of God's "heart waves:' so that our actions resonate in harmony with God's desire. When we are pure and not self-centered, it is much easier for us to receive His vibration. If we do, then our level of thinking and feeling is automatically elevated vertically and expanded to encompass Heavenly Father's universal realm of concern. Because God's heart is continually reaching out in every direction, we must connect with His core motivation if we are to become as universal as He is. If our motivation is the same as God's, then our actions will automatically correspond to God's desire and will.

According to the Principle, this heartistic link should have developed quite naturally; thus man's communication with God and the spirit world would have been effortless. But as we know, man fell and broke this relationship. The spiritual and physical worlds lost their mediator and came to exist as separate entities.

Members have heard True Parents speak about the spirit world and about the mission of Heung Jin Nim and its significance, but often without deeply grasping the meaning. Therefore, I am very grateful that all over the world, many members are now experiencing our beloved brother Heung Jin Nim's direct guidance. This kind of personal experience can help strengthen our belief in True Parents, the Principle, and the spirit world, and enhance our understanding of the role and mission of Heung Jin Nim.

I want to deeply thank Heung Jin Nim, as well as Jesus, for their continually warm, loving, and sincere guidance. That our worldwide movement can receive their guidance so directly is a great blessing, and it allows us to appreciate True Parents' worldwide victory and Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice even more. I have heard that Heung Jin Nim has spoken to many, many brothers and sisters in Africa, the Philippines, Europe, Korea, America, and Japan -- on all six continents. We feel shame when we see how busy a schedule he keeps and how hard he works. With kindness and wisdom he gives very real and detailed direction to our members and leaders.

Spiritual phenomena for most people, both in and outside of our movement, are very new and exciting. However, we must be discerning. We can understand that without the Principle, a person would have no idea how to perceive or interpret spiritual phenomena or how to correctly respond. A solid foundation in the Principle and an attitude of purity and clarity on the part of the medium are of prime importance in determining the value of what is received. If the medium's spiritual standard wavers, the quality of what he or she receives is affected,

We as members are very fortunate to be directly under True Parents' guidance. This is a tremendous blessing because True Father is the only person who fully understands the organization and content of the spirit world. He is the only one who can completely and accurately interpret any kind of spiritual phenomena, whether it be through hearing, visions, or dreams. We also have the Principle, which gives us a clear and logical explanation of our spiritual senses, how the spiritual and the physical worlds relate, how to lay good conditions, and so on. Additionally, our elder brothers and sisters in the movement have had many spiritual experiences and can guide us in how to use our experiences most beneficially.

To understand spiritual receptivity, we can use the analogy that a medium's knowledge of the Principle is like a container that holds the spiritual content. The quality of the medium's internal preparation determines the kind of "container" he is -- whether cup, bowl, or vase -- and how much he can hold. Different spirits prefer different containers. The deeper and broader a medium's comprehension of the Principle is, the more attractive he is to high spirits. Even the spirit world must follow Principle rules and regulations. According to the Principle, conditions made on earth are very important in determining what can happen in the spirit world.

Furthermore, since the spirit world is unlimited -- beyond time and space -- one can easily get confused about spiritual phenomena without a very reliable compass and map, which the Principle, in essence, provides. We are accustomed to the three dimensions of the physical world, so the guidance of the Principle is further necessary to help us go beyond our cubic thinking and get an accurate perspective on what is being revealed from the boundless world of spirit.

Along with a strong foundation in the Principle, a spiritual medium must maintain a pure, unselfish, public motivation and purpose. Without this attitude, evil spirits can easily become involved. We must understand that the reason godly spirits desire to work with a person on earth is to further True Parents' dispensational activities. If the medium maintains this pure motivation and a selfless, public mind, whatever he receives will help toward the fulfillment of True Parents' will. But if his motivation wavers, then the direction of the spiritual messages may quickly become evil, without the medium necessarily recognizing a change. If the medium's mind becomes confused or loses a clear sense of public purpose, even if he has a strong foundation of knowledge of the Principle, his reception may be inaccurate or unclear.

Mediums, who lose a pure and public attitude, even though they may have started with a good motivation, bring distorted messages. It doesn't even matter how high the level of spirit world that a medium connects to in the beginning; he must make constant effort to keep his attitude pure -- otherwise he can go off the track.

Sometimes the medium and his audience may become very excited by what is being received, and they will want to enthusiastically take action to follow the direction they feel is being given. This can be good, but I want to emphasize that our first priority under any circumstances should be to follow Father's direction. Why? Because no matter how high the spirit is who is giving the direction, it can never be greater than True Parents' direction. Secondly, the desire of the good spirit world is always to assist and support the True Parents. They don't want us to follow spiritual guidance that is different from Father's direction. If we understand their heart, then we could never interpret something that Heung Jin Nim or Jesus says as going against Father's will. We know their primary purpose is to support True Parents completely.

It is a good practice to report to your central figure what any spiritual medium receives from Heung Jin Nim or Jesus, before taking any action based on it. We should always do our best to make sure there is no distortion due to any impurity or self- centeredness on the part of the medium.

Again, I personally am deeply thankful for all that Heung Jin Nim and Jesus are doing to help the American movement, our foreign missionaries, our ecumenical work, and our projects and organizations all over the world. I can think about the work of Heung Jin Nim and Jesus only with many tears of gratitude. They always emphasize True Parents' love, dedication, and their earnest desire that we create harmony among ourselves centered on true love.

As our leaders and members continue to respond to the guidance from Heung Jin Nim and Jesus, our movement will progress even more. We can gain great confidence from realizing how close the good spirit world is and how incredible our True Parents' understanding and guidance is. This can help us to truly be strong, bold, and unafraid to absolutely follow True Parents' direction.

On behalf of all our members, I want to extend my deepest, heartfelt gratitude to Heung Jin Nim and Jesus for their sacrifice and hard work for Heavenly Father, True Parents, and our movement. 

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