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Guidance from Chung Hwan Kwak on the Conference with [Black] Heung Jin Nim

November 20, 1987

Rev. C. H. Kwak at the New York conference.

Summarized from speeches at several of [Black] Heung Jin Nim's conferences

Before The Confession

We are gathered here for a very special conference and a most extraordinary historical event. True Father has given his permission for [Black] Heung Jin Nim [Cleophas / Cleopas Kundioni] to hold this conference here for you. Since his Seunghwa, Father has spoken a lot about Heung Jin Nim's position in the spirit world; now those words are becoming a reality.

Through [Black] Heung Jin Nim we are learning about the real meaning of returning resurrection. Although Heung Jin Nim is here now working through one African brother who is completely humble to his direction, he himself has no restriction in the spirit world, and his spirit can be all over the world simultaneously. It may seem confusing, but we know that although True Father and Mother each have one physical body, people all over the world can spiritually receive their spirit in dreams, visions, and other kinds of communication. Heung Jin Nim is in a subjective position; therefore, if someone makes the correct condition as his object, he can relate directly and receive messages from Heung Jin Nim. We can use this metaphor: Although there is just one moon in the sky, its light is reflected wherever there is water.

Why Are We Here?

We must think seriously about why we are here at this conference. There has been much said about confession, yet this isn't the fundamental point of our encounter with [Black] Heung Jin Nim. First we must think about the value of the True Children to God and to us, and of Heung Jin Nim's willingness to sacrifice his life for our True Parents. Heavenly Father never wanted the True Children to step on the satanic earth or breathe satanic air. It was we who did not make the proper environment and did not protect the True Family enough. Therefore, we must repent before Heavenly Father, True Parents, and Heung Jin Nim with deep shame and regret.

[Black] Heung Jin Nim has shared that when he was elevated through his Seunghwa ceremony he was very surprised to see the high position he had in the spirit world. He came to understand True Parents' incredible heart in preparing this place for him. His relationship with us, then, is as one of the True Children, Lord of the spirit world, and our elder brother. The parents' desire is to love, not always scold the children; therefore, our True Parents deeply appreciate the elder brother's helping his younger brothers and sisters to confess and make a new start, because they can then fully receive the Parents' love. Please be completely open and receive [Black] Heung Jin Nim's direction and teaching.

[Black] Heung Jin Nim is completely aware of our mistakes, sins, and unprincipled lifestyle, and he wants to help us reconnect with and fulfill our fundamental desire to gain life elements to become God's sons and daughters.

History teaches us that the people of Jesus' time failed to unite with Jesus because they didn't fully understand and apply the teachings of their own tradition. Many Christians today also fail to recognize True Father because they do not correctly follow Jesus' teachings, heart, and tradition. The same applies to us. Ask yourself: How closely is my daily schedule related with True Parents' heart and tradition? All of us have listened to True Parents so many times, yet we still have only a limited concept about them. We too easily miss the fundamental essence of True Parents' love; we should be most concerned about repenting and reaching for a true, heartistic relationship with them.

[Black] Heung Jin Nim's Heart

In this conference, please focus on these points.

1) Do not try to judge [Black] Heung Jin Nim. He now comes with a very different body, but most important is his spirit, his desire, and his guidance. If you had a relationship with Heung Jin Nim before, don't try to question him about your former experience together. Many small details of our experience on earth are unneeded and forgotten when we go to the spirit world. We should have an open, humble, and penitent mind and accept him 100 percent.

2) Please try to glean from [Black] Heung Jin Nim's words and prayers how close his heart is to True Parents, and how deeply he understands their heart and will. Try to reach that standard. I always notice that when he mentions True Parents' heart, his whole body trembles.

3) All second selves should completely confess to him and make a fundamental determination to change. What others confess or experience is not your concern. Think only about how to link your own eternal life with True Parents.

[Black] Heung Jin Nim never wants to hear your excuses for the sins you committed. He only wants your liberation. Don't try to hide or explain your sins. We want Heavenly Father's and [Black] Heung Jin Nim's view so that we can start a new life.

According to the Principle, we know we have to fulfill our responsibility on the earth, yet we often find it difficult to put our inspiration into practice. [Black] Heung Jin Nim always acts quickly to substantialize his understanding and determination; this is another way he is an excellent example for us. Actually, more and more amazing spiritual phenomena will begin to occur. [Black] Heung Jin Nim's work is just beginning.

After The Conference

Before you entered the confession room, I saw your faces were pale and strained. Everyone was very serious, and rightfully so, because sin is a very serious matter. It has made the destiny of all fallen human beings ultimately the same. Real unification and oneness come only as we solve the fundamental mistake of all mankind, in whatever way it afflicts each of us personally. When we reach God's ideal -- a pure, mature heart -- unification is automatic. So we should look for unity not by way of external things. Even though confession is just the beginning, and our purification and growth aren't fully realized yet, we can still experience a oneness of shared commitment and new start.

We are now able to meet [Black] Heung Jin Nim not because of our own foundation but because of True Parents' love and grace. True Parents sacrificed their own son whom they loved more than their own life. Following this example of true love, we must love God and True Parents more than ourselves and practice true love toward others. If we don't, Satan will pull us back.

Even though we might have prayed a million times to God, asking for forgiveness and confessing directly to Him, still we were not liberated. The descendants of Adam and Eve who commit sin are in the Cain position. Cain, without Abel, can never reach Heavenly Father and True Parents on his own. [Black] Heung Jin Nim, as the Abel child, represents God and True Parents for us. However, he is not our direct central figure. Therefore, during the conference, [Black] Heung Jin Nim always had in the confession room with him a person who is a central figure in our church. For example, I stayed for most of the confessions. Some felt uncomfortable that I heard their sins. But if Heavenly Father, True Parents, and [Black] Heung Jin Nim can forgive you, don't you think I can too? Please don't worry. I am not interested in your sins and mistakes and don't want to remember them. Please clean out any doubt or complaint or worry. The only thing that matters is that you accept the forgiveness, begin to live according to the Principle, and keep your lineage pure.

To Nourish Our Minds

Your confession was only the foundation and preparation for the education [Black] Heung Jin Nim wants to give you. Though we have heard Father's guidance many times, we have been too immature and blocked to sufficiently receive these vital life elements and actually change. [Black] Heung Jin Mm can now speak more directly to us to nourish and stimulate our original minds on the foundation of our confession and indemnity conditions.

There are three main elements of his teaching:

1) [Black] Heung Jin Nim emphasized over and over the importance and preciousness of our Blessing and the heavenly blood lineage. Although Father has already taught us this many times, still we have repeatedly violated the proper Blessing standard. Now we have a second opportunity to apply a strict heavenly standard to our lives. If we not only fail to follow True Parents, but also disregard what the second generation says, we will truly be lost.

2) [Black] Heung Jin Nim continually urged us to be responsible. Many members testified that after confession they now felt hope; however, this hope will become a reality only through our fulfillment of personal responsibility. Through God's, True Parents' and [Black] Heung Jin Nim's grace, the confession cuts the rope that binds us to Satan, and we can change our direction back toward God --180 degrees. But still we must take responsibility to elevate ourselves out of the satanic environment and our bad habits through laying indemnity conditions. If we do not do this, Satan may hook us again, even worse. Perfection cannot be reached overnight.

3) [Black] Heung Jin Nim gave us clear detailed instruction about exactly what the blessed couple's tradition is and is not. Clearly recognize what you must do and not do. Follow the time schedule he gave us. Protect your precious blood lineage and care for your blessed children.

We must show that we are changed. Begin the 5:30 am prayer meetings; keep an urgent schedule. As [Black] Heung Jin Nim said, we have no time to waste. From now on, in our guidance to other members we must repent for the insufficiency of our own leadership and help our members to be released from Satan too. Never think you deserve some special privilege as a leader.

[Black] Heung Jin Nim doesn't like the concept of "spiritual phenomena"; he likes reality. If we receive him and his guidance properly, many of our problems can be solved. We are participants in a historical miracle. We must now digest this and transform it into our real life experience. Our fundamental goal is to live always in oneness with God and True Parents' heart. 

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