The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

The Dispensation for Blessed Wives

Reverend C. H. Kwak
Notes by Mark Bramwell
September, 2000

Heavenly Father lays conditions through a central figure (True Father today) over a certain time period. The year 2000 is the beginning of a new millennium. This is important in the Dispensation. Before 2000 arrived True Father had already laid many conditions and given many proclamations. Now is the start of the 4th Adamís era. Also, the 2nd 40-year course has started Ė the era of the 2nd generation and the True Children and the 4th Adamís era.

The 1st Adam era is the era when Adam reaches the top of the growth stage. The no-principled territory resulted due to the original sin. The 2nd Adam era is the era when activities are linked to the 2nd Adam, when restorational progress is made. But due to disbelief in Jesus, only spiritual salvation has been possible.

In the 3rd Adam era, the mission is both spiritual and physical resurrection until the top of the growth stage, when the Blessing ceremony is held. This providence continued until 1999, during which time True Father and True Mother had to complete their growth in substance.

We have graduated through the Blessing. We should then have a 7-year course and reach the stage where we need no indemnity conditions. But because of our bad environment and our fallen nature, we still need to lay indemnity conditions, even though True Parents had conditionally removed our original sin.

True Father has already explained that we need three stages of Blessing: 1) church level, 2) national level (because the real meaning of Blessing is a restored nation), and 3) world level. Our fallen tendencies and fallen nature are so serious that True Father expects restoration will take three or even seven generations.

True Father explained that in the completed testament era all people must understand the spirit world clearly. The crucial moment was 1998 at Madison Square Garden when spirits from hell were blessed with saints. Before that True Father was laying conditions with prayer and fighting evil spirits in the Pantanal, also under very dangerous external circumstances.

By 1998 True Father had set the conditions to restore a country. He has that land in the spirit world, but not externally on earth. So he bought his own land, which represents restoring a country. Therefore, the declaration in the UN has a very significant meaning.

True Father is now on the world and cosmic levels through the UN and the spirit world. Satan took the individual, so Heavenly Father focused on the family, which includes the individual. The year 2000 is the 4th Adamís era, which represents the restored country. In the 4th Adamís era, there is no accusation from Satan. So then True Father blessed the blessed couples again to link them with the 4th Adamís era and connect them to the restored country.

True Father wants to finish the special training session before the end of September. The reason is that October is the victorious month. I expect True Father will proclaim a new era.

Why did True Father call blessed wives? In front of True Father the perfected object figure is True Mother. Therefore, all people have to connect to True Father through True Mother. In front of her, we are archangels. Blessed wivesí condition is to be one with True Mother. Therefore, in the restoration course, the wife goes ahead of the husband and the husband must become one with the wife. Without the Jardim course, we are still dead, even if we do the 21-day Chung-Pyung course.

To be at the top of the growth stage means that Satan cannot touch us, unless we fail. It is the Blessing stage. But now we have reached the top of the completion stage. However, as blessed couples we are unworthy. Yet through True Fatherís own conditions, he can permit special grace to all blessed couples. Think about the fundamental condition and do not look at the graces in a horizontal way (for example, how many days it takes). Think first of the content of the grace that True Father is giving us.

In the 21 days in Chung-Pyung, we must clear out bad conditions. It is a time of repentance, preparing to receive Godís grace. The wife represents the whole family, thus cleaning the whole family. When True Father looks at the blessed couples, he sees too many unworthy conditions. True Father has to lay the most important conditions on the earth while he is alive.

The 4th Adamís era means that the time has come for the separation between the tree (True Parents) and the fruit (ourselves). Furthermore, the fruit should bear seed. But because we are unworthy to separate, True Father has laid the condition for us and we can inherit that through the 21-day course. For American blessed wives, their 21-day session has been postponed. Without such grace we cannot survive. Blessed wives should focus on their vertical relationship with God and True Parents. They should focus on their own responsibility. This present period is an amazing period of special grace.

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