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Conditions of Our Faith - Part II

Chung Hwan Kwak
February 1981

We are now on the way towards eternal happiness. Yet I think you sometimes feel that some leaders or members don't understand you and how you feel. Sometimes you don't feel good internally. Other times you may feel that members and leaders comprehend you 100 percent, so you are joyful and thankful. But when you feel that your leader or another member doesn't understand you, you become sad. Also, when a person from outside the church is persecuting you, your mind is troubled.

I think this is one very fundamental condition of our faith: the need to develop and keep steadfast our essential relationship with Heavenly Father. Nothing else should worry us.

What is your deepest desire? In one of his speeches, Father spoke to us about man's main desire and said that the ultimate end of desire is "to know God first of all; second, to possess goodness, happiness and the love of God; and third, to possess God Himself."

Why is the Unification Church important and famous? Why are True Parents so important? True Father explains the true nature of God through the Divine Principle and through examples in his own life. Throughout history, mankind's desire was to know God. Think about the history of the many cultures of the world; their main motivation is religious. When we are happy and joyful, we feel that our life can also explain God, through Divine Principle and our True Parents. If we follow the Divine Principle and Father's ideas, then we can naturally know about God. This is the first goal.

Many times we explain God's heartle or His ideal through the Principle, based on our own thinking and the logic of the Principle. Through Divine Principle and through Father's own lifestyle we can learn about God. But if we can't reach God, we become unhappy. To know God is the main goal of all mankind. In other words, we are now going toward the main goal. You and I are not going our individual road. Why be concerned about what the leaders and other members think of us? This is not the essential point.

We are on the way which is not only our own way, but the main and ultimate way for all mankind. We need to stay 100 percent confident that each of us is going our way by following Father and the Principle.

You must realize that what others think about people or situations is often something very different from the reality. If you constantly wonder what other members or your leader or outside people think of you, you are taking one more step towards making a mistake.

We are not all going the same way. If you don't believe Father loves you, then you will have much trouble with many concepts and with going this way of faith. I want to remind you that Father does love us, but his love to each individual is not always expressed in the same style. Yet we often think we want him to love us just the same as he loves all others. We are then apt to think, "Oh, Father loves that person so much. Why doesn't he love me?" Sometimes when you bow to Father, he may seem to pay no attention, but never think he doesn't know your situation or that he isn't paying attention to you.

Do you know Mr. Yo Han Lee? Before he met Father, Mr. Lee had the position of something like a messiah to people. He received many wonderful revelations and was truly a person who thought about God's providence. Then he met Father.

It is very easy for Father to witness to this kind of person. They already know the spiritual world through their many experiences. Father only needs to mention special points about the spiritual world and God's entire providence and then they understand his great perceptions of the world and can believe in him. Nothing else is really necessary. The introduction to the Principle and the Principle of Creation are already clear to them. When he speaks of the spiritual world or various other spiritual phenomena, he asks them to merely answer "Yes" or "No" to his questions. Then, his witness is finished. He tells them,

"You should follow me." This happened many times, not only with Christians but also with Buddhists and other spiritual people whom Father tested in the same way.

So Mr. Lee answered "Yes" to Father's queries about his understanding and perception about the spiritual world. Then Father immediately asked him to go to the market to buy groceries for dinner. In America it is common for men to go to the supermarket to buy groceries. But in the Korean tradition men never go to the market. Usually the woman buys all the groceries and prepares dinner. Yet Father gave an order for Mr. Lee to do the shopping. The market was very far from Father's house, and since there was no car, he could get there only by walking. But when he did that, Mr. Lee became 100 percent objective to Father's desire. It was a very important condition for him to fulfill.

At that time, Father really needed manpower and disciples. There were not so many members then, but Father was so wonderful to each of us and took care of each member from early morning until late at night. He often spoke and gave guidance, love and everything. Yet he sent this wonderful and spiritually attuned man, Mr. Lee, to the market! However, because he went there and obeyed Father's direction, Father could see the strength of his faith.

We are all different. Each of us has different circumstances and distinct foundations. Our ancestry and backgrounds are not the same, so we are not all at the same levels. But now each of us is going towards the same goal. You should never compare yourself with others or be concerned with how outside people think. Then even when there is misunderstanding, hate or persecution, you will not feel that these are real problems.

Sometimes we may feel that a certain leader does not understand us. Sometimes we feel he hates us. But whether he does or not is actually not important. You are now treading the most essential path to come to know God. Eventually each of us wants to possess goodness, happiness and the love of God. Even though you keep God's goodness and happiness and love, you shouldn't feel satisfied. Your ultimate desire should be to possess God Himself. Our original mind tells us this is the ultimate end of our desire. Yet how can a person possess God Himself?

I mentioned before what Father's definition of happiness is: to support and give and then to feel that you want to give still more. To whom? True Parents. If this is the focus of our mind and heartle, then we can possess God Himself. It is not an easy way, but I want to ask if you would like to continue to go this way, despite the fact that it is difficult. This is the path towards happiness. There is absolutely no other way.

Sometimes members appear to be joyful doing external things -- hiking, picnicking, going to the theater and such activities. When your external lifestyle continues in this manner, even after joining the church, one side of your mind is still dwelling in Satan's grasp. Sometimes we look at people not in the church and compare our lifestyle with theirs. Is this only my perception, or have you actually done this?

Our way to reach God is a fundamental one, but it is not easy. You know from the history of Christianity or other religions that the most wonderful way to develop faith is to cut off our outside relationships. Many devout followers of certain religions went to live in the mountains or in the monasteries. Because our faith is not so strong, we are greatly influenced by things outside us. Yet, our Father's thinking and his goals are so broad. Sometimes we need to sever our relationships. Don't you think so? Even though you talk to others and make good relationships, you may often use the excuse of wanting to create more harmony with someone by going to the movies together. Then afterwards, how do you feel? I think you don't really feel so good about how you are developing your own history f faith.

Father often goes to the movies or to the theater, so you probably think that because he does this, it can also be your pattern. Yet I urge you not to forget Father's history and what he went through to come to this point. He took such great care not to be influenced from the outside. For example, Father began going to the theater only in 1964 or 1965. Until then, he would only go to see some special movies based on the Bible. When he was young he never went to the theater and never even looked at the posters which advertised the movies. To avoid seeing the posters, he always made detours. He followed this pattern until he turned 43 years old. Without researching these conditions of Father's past, we only want to do as Father does at the present time.

His personal rule about prayer service, for instance, was to attend early morning services every day as well as Sunday morning and Wednesday and Friday evening services. He had five general prayer meetings each week. Father attended them all. He listened to our sermons and our lectures. He had received by revelation the material which we used for our lectures and sermons, yet he listened to each of us. Why did he want to listen to our lectures so many times? I know that when anyone gives the lecture on the Principle of Creation, you may feel, "Oh, I already know it. I learned that a long time ago."

Sometimes Father laughed at our lectures. Sometimes we made mistakes, but Father always took time to listen. By this, we can discover that a person of true faith will always be willing to listen to the sermons of others at any time.

Father was so busy thinking about the world level restoration -- even though it is such a far-off goal -- that he actually didn't have much time. Still, he felt the need to establish that tradition of attending services and praying with us.

Yet we often look at Father and judge our situation only by his present life. There is a clear difference between us. Father has graduated from training. Do you think he needs more training? He has graduated, but we are not all on the same level as he. Although I don't know your immediate situation, I feel that I have not yet graduated. Beware of copying only Father's present situation. Please go down the main road in both an external and internal sense. Go step by step.

I have often mentioned how necessary it is to keep an optimistic view; now I would like to mention another aspect of being joyful. Actually, we all have one goal. We desire to reach the goal of Father's heartle. If you can reach the goal of knowing Father's serious heartle you might begin to cry and continue crying daily for three or even five years. Even though you may not be able to explain the reason for your tears, you would be able to cry easily. The motivation begins internally.

The American family is unfortunate in this situation. The early members of Korea knew Father's serious circumstances and because they could experience so much of it with him, they could easily inherit Father's seriousness. During this morning's early pledge service, I am sure you had unison prayer. In your prayers, you no doubt focused on Father and Mother. Yet, I wonder what you focused on? Was it the form of his sermon? What is important? I can't explain exactly, but if you could reach the level where you could perceive the seriousness of Father's historical circumstances and heartle, then every time you thought about Father, it would be in a deeply different way.

I honestly feel that many members of the American family have not reached this goal. If you could reach this goal, then your eyes would be your vehicle for deeply understanding Father through your tears. Without being able to explain why, you would feel moved internally and continue to cry every day. It would not be enough to cry only once. If you continue to cry in this manner for three or four years, then you will be able to control your tears.

Make this one of your goals. This is already the very heart of our determination. Yet, how does our determination compare with St. Peter's? Peter's faith was wonderful. He testified to Jesus, "You are the son of God. You are really the Messiah." Could we testify in the same way? It is very difficult. He had such incredible determination, but when Jesus went to the cross, Peter no longer believed.

If there is some gap between our determination and our belief or if we compromise or change our beliefs as we try to attain the goal, how can we be assured of reaching our destination? We need many conditions. We need to study Divine Principle and research Father's life.

I would like to advise you to develop your faith in an unchanging pattern. Tie a knot as you go along. When you don't mike a knot, things unravel and changes continue to happen. Your motivation begins to be influenced and you have difficulty believing. This has also been my experience.

As we grow in our belief in God, Divine Principle and True Parents, our faith stabilizes more and more. Examine yourself; discover your faith; keep it for eternity. And give it the freedom to keep on growing. Make an unchanging foundation, and then continue to develop your faith.

Sometimes you may discover something which you can no longer believe in. Please never let your belief in any truth slip too far away. If you have already made an unchanging foundation and tied knots along the way, make sure you don't untie them.

There are many foundations, no two members will have the same one. Please make your own foundation. Some members begin to doubt and fall into the "basement" of their faith. Usually, this starts from some outside influence or motivation. When this happens, we lose time, power and even our life. Think seriously about it. Even if the whole world changes and doubts, if you have found a point which is unchanging in your faith, then you have made a true foundation.

To live the way of faith is not easy. You have had many such experiences. We must relate with the outside world all the time. Yet, Satan continues to try to guide us in very destructive ways. We are still not perfect. Sometimes our mind questions, changes and doubts. Even if this happens, it is important never to fall down. You need to continue to make a foundation. You need to develop an attitude that will not change. As much as possible, continue in this unchanging state, and you will be able to develop your own very solid way of faith.

By doing this, you have the potential to continue to develop. Just continue to be unchanging in your external actions and conditions. The outside world can recognize that the Unification Church has a certain level of faith. You must feel that you yourself are on that same level. Yet, this can be very changeable.

I advise you to make an unchanging foundation of your own faith through establishing your own internal conditions. When you do, your mind will cease to change and you will be able to continue to be joyful and thankful. Follow Father joyfully. Don't allow your mind to waver.

Let your optimistic and bright spirit shine. Be like a sun to all those you meet.

I want to reiterate how important it is for you to make a solid foundation, Yearn to follow Father joyfully. It is difficult to continue to be honest. Yet, realize how essential it is to make your own unchanging foundation. Make it an honest endeavor. This is essential. If you are honest in your feelings and emotions, the way will become easier.

The last condition by which God can work through us is a peaceful mind which is in harmony with our heart. It is normal to want to find harmony with others and it is natural to desire internal calm and peace. Yet, why is it sometimes difficult?

Sometimes we divide our external relationships in two: one with our physical family or people who have not yet joined our family, and the second with fellow members. If you have a problem uniting with a person who is still under the bondage of Satan, please don't concern yourself with it. When Heavenly Father guided the Israelites, He did not want them to make harmony or form relationships with outside people. In one sense, Heavenly Father asks the same of us. However, He also wants everyone to find salvation. Since we are His representatives, in this sense we need to make relationships with people. But we cannot be consumed with concern about it.

The more serious circumstance regards harmony with other members. Another person in your department may sometimes misunderstand you. Perhaps there is no deep harmony between members, and you feel this is extremely serious. Sometimes you feel things are very difficult. In this case, how do you begin to make harmony with each other?

Internally, you may be concerned about how much you need to unite with a certain person and you may think you can solve it by taking him to the movies or to a restaurant. For a long time, our members have thought that by going to a restaurant or a theater they can form unity, but we really need to shed some light of reality on this.

We are concerned about developing fundamental harmony, not something which is only temporary. We aren't concerned about a situation in which someone hugs another person and exclaims, "I love you!" How can we make true and heartistic harmony among members? It's not by going to a theater or restaurant. Eating together, feeling joy together while sharing an external activity will never make internal harmony. Of course, at the time everyone feels good, but it will not create harmony.

How can you achieve basic harmony among yourselves? First, you should try to make deep harmony between yourself and True Parents and God. If you are closer to True Parents, to God and to other leaders, then you will not have problems. Never go to the theater or a restaurant for the purpose of making harmony. If you have a strong desire to go, then do so, but remember that it actually has nothing to do with establishing unity.

Also, if you feel disharmony with some member or with a leader, then take the time to pray. Don't concentrate on your external prayer style. Try to be close internally to True Parents. Your faith and your mind must develop more -- become closer to God and True Parents -- and then your relationship with members and other leaders will be no problem.

I mention this because I hope that from today you will examine yourself and your situation through your prayers. If you follow my advice but disharmony continues, then you may claim that I have been lying to you. Please examine your personal faith more closely; it is absolutely important for your eternal life. Don't try it just on a temporary basis; continue your prayer and self-examination. You will reach the goal.

External disharmony with outside people or even with other members is not so serious. What is most serious is internal disharmony within yourself. If you are self-motivated, you may not be able to explain something strange within yourself. You know that something happened and that your mind began to be troubled. In this case, what should you do? It may also be difficult for you to pray. Even though you cry out to Heavenly Father, in front of your spiritual eyes you see only darkness; it is difficult to find the true God.

You need to establish a strong and stable condition of faith. We are in desperate need of joy to cleanse us and to fill our spiritual cup. Learn to be grateful -- it will keep up your spiritual defense. When you possess these things, your mind will be free from struggle and burden.

Please never think about how long you have been a member of the church or about your position or mission. These things are only temporary. Forget them. Leave these thoughts behind you. Start from the beginning. Examine the entirety of yourself. Before you can be optimistic or grateful, it is necessary for you to make some conditions of your faith. 

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