The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Special Blessed Wives Workshop for Registration

Chung Hwan Kwak

To: Continental Directors, Regional Leaders, National Messiahs, National Leaders

From: IIFWP International, FFWPU International President

Title: Special Blessed Wives Workshop for Registration

Date: July 10, 2000

As the culmination of the providence, True Parents have directed that a special workshop will be held for blessed couples effecting their registration as the children of heaven. Those couples who are qualified are asked to please make it their first priority, over everything else, to prepare as well as possible for this workshop for the sake of registration.

Title: Special Blessed Wives Workshop for Registration

Place: Jardim Ideal Family Education Center

Workshop Schedule and Designated Participants

First Workshop

Period: July 24 to August 13 (21 days)

Participants: 36 Couples, 72 Couples, 124 Couples, 430 Couples, 777 Couples (only the wives are to attend)

Second Workshop

Period: August 14 to September 3 (21 days)

Participants: 1800 Couples (only the wives are to attend)

Third Workshop

Period: Septmber 14 to October 4 (21 days)

Participants: 6000 Couples, 6500 Couples (only the wives are to attend)

Workshop Fee: $1000.00 US

Conditions for Participation

Families that have completed the blessing of 180 couples

Families that have donated for the Total Living Offering

Families that have not fallen (sexual fall)

Families where, in the case that someone fell, they received the forgiveness ceremony through True Parents, drank the Holy Wine, and received the blessing prayer

It is planned that 2,700 couples will be the first group to register, after receiving this education.

Chung Hwan Kwak, International President, IIFWP

Sun Jo Hwang, International President, FFWPU

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