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Meeting (Black) Heung Jin Nim in Africa

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 1987

I know all of you are interested In Knowing when the matching and Blessing will come. I too want to know. But at this time Father is completely focused on and praying about other major dispensational matters, especially concerning the unification of Korea. Thus far, he has not announced a date either for the Blessing or for the mobilization of blessed couples and matched members to Korea. Until Father's direction comes, I urge each of you to please focus on your present mission. Most important is that we are ready to respond at any time to Father's request, and until then, to do our best wherever we are.

I would like to share some news about my recent experiences with Heung Jin Nim and his guidance to the world membership. I first want to thank him from my heart, because our movement has absolutely needed the kind of personal assistance he has been providing.

Several months ago, Heung Jin Nim started working 24 hours a day through a black African brother [Cleophas Kundioni], who was especially chosen and prepared to become his embodiment. Now we can speak with Heung Jin Nim directly in a physical body! Think about how amazing this is. In 2,000 years of Christianity there have been many faithful saints and martyrs, but only a small number of Christians ever had direct spiritual experiences with Jesus. Whenever they occurred, such phenomena became topics of world news. If the news media were to focus on all the spiritual phenomena presently happening in the Unification Church, we could fill a whole newspaper! Therefore, we can see how very precious is our opportunity to be a part of the Unification Church at this time.

Many members and leaders are having spiritual experiences now. Father's teaching has not only opened the door for us to believe in the spirit world, but we also have a clear and logical understanding of it. If we sincerely and correctly apply our knowledge, we can receive great spiritual assistance in our personal growth and healing and in the accomplishment of our various responsibilities.

Generally, the best attitude we can have toward receiving spiritual guidance is to be open-minded and fully respectful. We need to have a heart of humility, especially in front of Heung Jin Nim. That was my determination when I was recently called to meet with him in Africa.

In anticipating my visit, I realized that if I were only a member and not a leader, it would be relatively easy for me to observe Heung Jin Nim, attend him, and receive guidance from him. But because of my leadership responsibilities in our movement, I knew I had to not only attend him well, but also carefully observe everything I experienced with him so that I could report my experience to Father and correctly interpret it to all members. Therefore, through deep prayer, I carefully prepared my heart to meet with Heung Jin Nim in his embodiment.

Before I left for Africa to meet him, I had a wonderful dream that he was hugging me and speaking to me in Korean, completely sharing his heart. I was to meet him at the airport in Nairobi, Kenya. I had previously asked the missionary who attends him how Heung Jin Nim usually greets people. He answered that he generally shakes hands I thought, "But in my dream he hugged me!" From a picture I had seen of him, I recognized him as soon as he came out of the customs area. Amazingly, Heung Jin Nim came up to me and hugged me exactly as in the dream, but he was speaking in English! I realized this was only natural, because his embodiment is English-speaking and knows no Korean at all. We spoke briefly with each other, and then we met with 20 missionaries from that area.

Heung Jin Nim explained to me that his embodiment was born in a Christian family for a special purpose. Jesus Christ trained him to be very pure, and he worked through him for more than 10 years in reaching out to other Christians. For Jesus, working through this brother was like a re-resurrection. Then 40 days after Heung Jin Nim's Seunghwa, Jesus asked Heung Jin Nim to please use this brother for his Pentecost activities. But Heung Jin Nim wanted to create his own foundation to be able to appear on the earth; he didn't want to use only Jesus' foundation. Meanwhile, this brother served the church humbly and faithfully as a member, fundraising and witnessing. But several months ago, Heung Jin Nim announced that he is now embodied in this brother.

I stayed with Heung Jin Nim for three days. Heung Jin Nim is young with only a high school education (the same as his embodiment), yet Heung Jin Nim's understanding of the Principle and all the books of the Bible is amazing, and his words of guidance are given with the deepest wisdom. In his talks with us, he frequently quoted

experienced. Father reinforced the guidance Heung Jin Nim gave. He said that before a person enters the spirit world, the most important things to strive for are:

1. To never ignore or violate the heart; in other words, to never misuse love. To violate the sanctity of the Blessing and give in to Chapter Two problems is extremely serious. How can these problems be solved on the earth? The most important thing is to center everything on God's heart.

2. To follow heavenly order and establish the foundation of substance. Those in both the Cain and Abel positions are responsible for creating a God-centered relationship based on the Principle.

3. To think of and treat all material things as public. We should give thanks for each thing we personally eat or wear and should always use everything for a selfless, public purpose.

The End of Satan's Regime

Father also explained, "Why is Heung Jin Nim in the highest position in the spirit world? He has two very special elements: True Parents' love and True Parents' lineage, which is true life."

True heart and true life. Because of these two things, his activities can influence even the communist camp. Father explained that from now on, more and more good spirits will come down to us and remain on earth 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Since Heung Jin Nim is now here on this plane, the regime of Satan on earth is being defeated and will not be able to remain much longer, especially if we make the right conditions through our pure and principled attitude and lifestyle.

We must understand how True Parents laid the foundation for these incredible phenomena to occur. Even at the Seunghwa ceremony of his young son, Father did not shed tears. What kind of parent could be like this? He proclaimed and made preparations for Heung Jin Nim's ascension, completely centering on the public purpose and God's providential will. If he had shed tears at that point because of his personal grief, Satan could have accused him. But because Father was totally dedicated to doing everything for God and mankind, Heung Jin Nim's present position, responsibility, and activities are possible.

Father also shared an experience he had in the early days. Once he needed to fulfill a condition for God that cost a certain amount of money. The members were all extremely poor then, but unexpectedly one woman brought the exact amount of money Father needed. Father asked how she knew the exact amount. She said that Heavenly Father appeared to her in a dream and said, "You have a certain piece of jewelry. Rev. Moon urgently needs this amount of money (giving her the exact amount), so take the jewelry to the street and try to sell it. If the store owner offers you the correct amount of money for the jewelry, then you will recognize that I am God. If the store owner tries to give you a different amount, don't accept it, because it is Satan's direction. When you get the right amount, bring it to Rev. Moon. Don't take one penny." So she did exactly that, and Father could fulfill his condition. Many such phenomena happened in those days. Therefore, the lesson is, don't worry if your external circumstances seem less than favorable. Have absolute confidence and follow True Father's directions precisely. That's our personal responsibility. Then we can be assured that God's dispensational goals will be carried out.

Be Faithful to Father

Father also urged all leaders to research and study his speeches and to quote from him directly in their sermons. He explained that although our motivation is to support God and

True Parents, we may not fully understand the correct spiritual direction, so we must have confidence in Father's words, adhere faithfully to them, and absolutely follow True Parents' lifestyle. Only then can we can overcome Satan's subtle but terribly destructive influence.

My conclusion is twofold. All leaders and members should recognize that we have truly entered a new providential era, centering on the spirit world's assistance. Also, all members should seriously check whether their lifestyle, belief, and conviction are centered on the Principle and on True Parents' direction. Heung Jin Nim wants to help us completely renew ourselves and make a new start. The spirit world is ready. It depends on our determination and our willingness to take responsibility. If we check ourselves, we will be able to see how close or how distant our lifestyle is from True Parents' tradition. Our original mind understands.

I hope all of you can make a new determination and a new start. May God bless you. 

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