The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Significance Of This Year 2003 And Our Current Position

Chung Hwan Kwak
April 4, 2003

Dear Family,

Here are the notes from Rev. Kwak's historic address to the Council of Affiliated Organizations. Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo presided together over the meeting.

Michael W. Jenkins

Rev. Kwak:

I know that you are concerned about Father's health. Father's schedule was very extreme on the last trip to Korea. From America Father flew to Korea and had an impossible schedule there. The Family movement was set up and there was not even one moment to rest. He flew by helicopter to the south and then back to America.

Father never considered himself.

Rev. Kwak: Significance of this year 2003 and our current position:

On April we celebrated our 44th True Parents Day. This was the first Parents Day after the Holy Blessing on the Cheon Il Guk Third Level.

Heads of state at the Holy Wedding asked, why are they renewing their vows in this way. Father did not focus on the heads of states or religious leaders. His first concern was God's historical dispensation. This must be fulfilled. Parent's Day and God's Day were originally to be the same.

Until the year 1960 was the course of Father's individual dispensational course. Then on the foundation of the Second Israel's acceptance of Father, Christianity was to prepare a bride for Father. Because Christianity failed after WWII Father had to restore this with his own individual conditions.

March 1, 4 am, 1960 Lunar calendar was the moment of their engagement. Then one year later Father proclaimed True Parents Day - in 1961.

In 1994 Father asked that we put the word "True" in front of each of the holidays.

In front of True Father and Mother who are the tribe. Starting with the 36 couples that was his Tribe. Then all the blessed couples. Then all the nations and the world. Father laid so many complex indemnity conditions that secured each and every area under God's dominion. . Then Father even reached in the spirit world through the condition of Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice and his Holy Wedding.

Satan initiated false love, false life, false lineage. The blessing is the restoration of this fallen history. We ultimately received the completion of this reversal through the Opening of the Gate of Cheon Il Guk. This opened the way of True Parents Holy Wedding.

Cheon Il Guk means opening of the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Holy Wedding of Our True Parents. Without True Father and Mother's name, we cannot inherit True Love, True Life True Lineage. Almost like Heavenly Father's original ideal of the True Parents was established. Almost? Almost because Father included us and yet we are not complete yet. So we are still working on Heavenly Father's ideal.

Because True Parents opened Cheon Il Guk we must link and become one in heart with True Parents, then we become the "Owners" of Cheon Il Guk. In front of that gate, all Blessed Couples stand. We must become Cheon Il Guk Juin. Yet we recognize that we are not complete yet. Therefore we must adjust and become one with True Parents. Always, until now, True Father and True Mother always stood before us with grace. Father has warned us that the day would come when there was no longer any grace. There will come a time when everything will be governed by heavenly law. We have always expected True Parents to give us love and grace. We have to consider seriously, Father and Mother's position. They must manage or govern the Kingdom of God by heavenly law. Because of this, the same day, True Parents gave the holy blessing ceremony. Then the second ceremony was the Coronation of the King of all blessed Families.

This has to be done without any accusation before Satan. This has to be done with the Family Kingship before heaven. What is heavenly Father's system. The first stage is the Blessed Family level. Next is the tribal level of Kingship. (this also includes our national home (Korea, Japan, America etc.) Then my whole tribe can receive the grace of heaven.

We all have to guide our members and our followers gratefully. We are still unworthy of True parents parent-child relationship. In front of the government of the Heavenly King, how are we preparing the heavenly law and system. Maybe you heard about the inauguration of the Family organization that will educate elected leaders. Probably your understanding and Father's idea are not the same. Father has such a clear idea. Cheon Il Guk is absolute. Father's ceremony is not conceptual. Now this is the era of the substantial Kingdom of God. We must adopt that kind of attitude. This is not symbolic or conditional. God's Kingdom must be established substantially. God's new sovereignty must have a heavenly party. Already the Divine Principle must be shared there.

Our heart, lungs and stomach. Legislative, Judiciary and Executive. How about the heart lungs and stomach? God is the brain, Christ (Jesus / True Parents) represent the spinal cord and the political parties are the nervous system. This should be represented by the Blessed Couples. God's original idea is that policy would not be made by the three branches. In the human body, the heart, lungs and stomach do not make policy. They are to receive the directives of the brain through the nervous system.

The development of this process should be done through the education system. Out of all the educational processes, the most central is that of the Blessing of Marriage. The parties concept is completely different. Father strongly wants our leaders to be very careful at this time. Our members should not run for political office at this time. We have to educate the various parties equally with no bias. They all have their place. They should be loved and educated.

I met some government leaders and conveyed to them not to worry about the Family Organization. It is educational only. Through education we should foster more harmony and understanding and make your way to bring unity much easier.

What is different? Era of HSA-UWC to FFWPU has significant differences. The era before the Family organization and after the Family organization. What is different? Actually we should focus on what is the same. Father doesn't change one fundamental path. That is how to share the truth and lead humanity to the blessing.

Unwavering and unchanging elements, must be secured. God is expecting us to accomplish the same tradition. Just the outward manifestation changes and develops but the essence is the same. Always, we essentially must focus on faith and fundamental blessing values. Even in our grassroots foundation all the fundamentals that we are working toward are the same. Even the most important inner ceremony such as the Cheon Il Guk Blessing opening the Gate to the Cheon Il Guk (Kingdom of God on Earth), he invited all the 150 top world leaders. Father feels perfectly comfortable with the whole world watching. Why - because Satan has no condition to accuse anything. When I compare with the 1960 Holy Wedding. No one could enter. No one was allowed. Even our members were not allowed. Satan was totally focused on destroying this Holy Wedding. Satan had 6000 years of conditions for accusation. Our blessings started like this.

Why could we open the door for the Cheon Il Guk blessing. Because Satan has no condition to accuse. Satan has no power. The Family organization is beyond church or religion. Centering on God's vision, we must work with and educate patriotic and moral leaders of society. This organization has no walls. We view everyone with the same heart and attitude. Our attitude and how we serve all humanity is the key.

In this sense, practically, I want to mention about one point. Then I will ask you, what shall we do. Rev. Kwak is only one person. Why does Father give him so many responsibilities. Please understand. More than you. I myself have seriously thought about this. Dispensational progress itself must not only reach the family level of Parent/ Child relationship. This way must accomplish heavenly law. According to heavenly principle, True Father's basic idea and plan, and central nervous system, then True Children come next, then always there is a "Abel and Cain" order. Then there is a restoration course and placing the Younger and Elder in the proper relationship.

Therefore from this point of view all True Children relate in the Elder Son's position. There must be systematic way of governance. In this sense the 36 couples are the Elder Couples. Meaning is the position of the 36 couples is very important. Their position is to serve and attend True Children. This is a most important issue. Father and Mother chose me to represent the 36 couples is to attend True Children. Then establish the nerve system through all the Blessed Couples. Father mentioned that among the blessed couples there are unworthy conditions. Some are small, some are large. We need to lay more indemnity conditions to restore all these conditions. Under even this condition, Father needs more than an external system. Father needs more than the heart, lungs and stomach. He needs the nervous system. This is most important.

This is why this new Family organization had to come under my own direction. Rev. Hwang, President FFWPUI, Rev. Bong Tae Kim (Youth Federation), Mrs. Lan Young Moon (Women's federation). All these leaders (CARP and many others included) will be Vice Chairman of these organizations. Because of this era our Unification movement in Korea must have total oneness with this Families movement with our blessed families. Father has been unwavering. Father wants our Family Fed. leaders to be the heads of their local Family organization. Then through this they will educate all aspects of leadership in the way of the Blessed Family.

We must keep an attitude and heart of cooperation and every seeking to understand Father's way. Most important from now is how we work together in harmony, to overcome these areas.

Also, related with the World Culture and Sports Festival, is a culture of heart. Main event is the Blessing. For the Younger generation is the sports and CARP convention. Through sports we can make harmony. From this time, the Interreligious Peace Sports Festival. The CARP convention will emphasize, Service For Peace.

I often met Father and reported to him. Then I listened to Father's direction. Father gradually has continued to have a different level of expectation to us. Father expects us to unite and have full cooperation. Before he expected. Now we must do it. Why because of the Cheon Il Guk Blessing and the Coronation of the King a new order must be established.

We must now establish this unwavering direction for the Kingdom of God centering on our True Parents.

If we educate by True Love, then the people in the grass roots will eventually lift up heavenly leaders who are based on the standard of pure love relationships, moral and public standards.

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