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Heavenly Father and True Father established the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity

Chung Hwan Kwak
June 1985

Thirty-one years ago, on May 1, 1954, Heavenly Father and True Father established the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC). Since then HSA-UWC has grown externally to worldwide proportions. However, before we consider this result, we must recognize the core internal element -- or spiritual root -- of our movement. It is important to understand the Sung Sang motivation which is at the source of its Hyung Sang development.

When Father established HSA-UWC in 1954, his vision was not just for a Korean church. Imagine the small, humble, almost miserable house, sheltering a group with an amazing name like the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity! Furthermore, Father not only wanted to unite the physical world of believers, but the spirit world, too. Father established this focus by using "Holy Spirit" in the movement's name.

At that time, Father planted just a tiny, green shoot. However, the root of that plant holds absolute elements which have enabled the little plant to grow into a mighty tree. The process of our growth over the last 31 years has not been a simple one, but the invisible source of power within the root has guided our growth through incredible difficulties.

You know yourselves that despite the focus and dedication of your original mind and your reliance upon the traditional way of faith, you have sometimes lost strength, discovering that your heart and motivation were not enough. Many times you wavered up and down in the face of challenge, experiencing tremendous difficulty.

In its early stages, a tree is always weak and must receive elements from the root. After growing to a certain stage, however, the leaves and branches themselves become stable and unchanging, and they can receive elements from the environment which then return to the root. Thus, if we are leaves of the Unification tree, shouldn't we be able to return something of value to the root, to the True Parents? When we are struggling, we need to reach out to a higher level and ask for support; we need True Parents' assistance. True Father is always researching and analyzing how he can extend his help to all people.

Father had to successfully lay conditions of indemnity on the individual level before 1960; during his 21-year course, from 1960 to 1981, he had to lay the foundation to restore the family, nation, and world. At every level, he had to face Satan's frontal assault. From the family level to the world level, if those who were in positions of responsibility failed, Satan would attack Father through the condition of their failures. If any other providential figures were not successful in front of God, their indemnity reached Father. Satan as a spiritual being has no limitations in terms of time or space, so even through one simple condition he can attack Father.

At every level Satan has used such conditions to attack Father directly or indirectly. Yet Father has never complained -- not even one word. His lifestyle is his defense. The only way to effectively lay indemnity conditions is to receive any given circumstance with total acceptance and gratitude. No matter what kind of failed conditions or bad circumstances have surrounded Father, his attitude has always been, "This is my responsibility, my commitment."

Without the root of Father's unchanging determination, our movement never could have grown. Father's efforts form our foundation. The representative of God is always in front of Satan. For example, think about Jesus facing the challenge of the crucifixion. We may wonder why Jesus did not just try to erect a new foundation with new disciples. Because certain basic conditions were not met, this became impossible. Only he could take responsibility before God and Satan for these grave failures of others, and implant a root for ultimate victory.

Satan's basic accusation of God and man is always, "You never loved me enough. According to the principle of creation, God must love His creation. Man, as my owner, must also love me. Neither of you has ever truly loved me." Father has had to overcome this accusation at every level and win his victory from Satan. Similarly, Jesus, at the last moment before his crucifixion, shared his love with his enemy. He not only forgave the people who were present there, but his love reached beyond them, even to Satan.

It is Father's life purpose to reach every person with God's love and truth. Father is expressing concern and love for other ministers, reaching out to them; it doesn't matter that he is in prison. The ministers are now struggling to correlate the image they have always had of Jesus in their minds with their image of Father. At the recent ICC conference in Korea, 27 ministers who had dedicated their whole lives to Jesus proclaimed Father as their True Father. That was not a simple occasion. Of those who received letters and videotapes, about 10,000 responded. About 30 percent of the responses were negative, but if we study these responses we can learn how to help and educate these ministers. The remaining 290,000 ministers are still thinking, still researching, and this is a good sign. Through activities like the religious liberties movement and the Council for World Religions, Father is reaching out to solve minority, racial, cultural, and religious problems everywhere.

Father has finished his 21-year course and passed responsibility on to us in the children's course. He has told us many times that 1985 is an important year marking the end of the 40-year worldwide course in the wilderness. Now Father's main target is the communist world, so he has already proclaimed the Moscow rally and must plan his strategy for the future. He has linked the children's course to the worldwide struggle between the free world and the communist world. Father told us seven years ago that we have to open mainland China. Last March I finally went there. I had felt it was such a distant land, although it was actually no more distant than any of the other countries I have visited. I thought maybe I had felt this way because I had considered the system and ideas prevalent in China to be too far away from True Parents' ideal. But amazingly, I discovered that China is not a faraway country -- rather, it is very, very close. God has already prepared the foundation. He could do this only because of the efforts of True Parents.

At Danbury, Father is always the first to begin his duties and the last to finish them. He is concerned about the work that needs to be done overall, and if he has time he even cleans the toilet. For many of you, bringing even one spiritual child has been so difficult. Yet while Father has been in jail, with restrictions on his communication, many inmates have expressed the desire to study Principle. This didn't come from Father's preaching or lecturing to them, but from his leading an exemplary life and sharing his love. How then can we find any excuse or complaint? The external or Hyung Sang results of our movement have grown out of Father's heart.

So we have to recognize our mission. We need to become concerned about how we can support the root. We must evaluate whether we are burdening Father or assisting him Even though our power may not be great enough to reach the farthest horizons, we must make effort to reach as far as we can. We must sprout and grow for the sake of others. We must adopt not only the external foundation of our movement, but also the founding spirit. We must emulate and internalize not only the victory of the last 31 years, but the victory of the indemnification of all of human history, and we must understand how Father won conditions of indemnity on the Sung Sang level in front of Satan, one stage after another. Through our daily activities, we must support True Parents in their historical mission.

For the sake of the future and our descendants, our lifestyle during the period of Father's imprisonment is very important. Please remember Father's daily life in Danbury. He doesn't complain, nor does he make excuses. We are responsible to share Father's heart with all his children, and to bequeath his mission to them. Be proud of your position as a disciple and as Father's son or daughter.


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